Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Difference of Successful and Unsuccessful People's Crying Behaviour

Successful people cry too but... inevitable action due to an overwhelming emotion that people is experiencing. 

Successful people do cry. A lot of times, I bet. Along the path of success they surely meet failures, unforeseen events and all kinds of people. People that may cost them failure, debt or worst...bankruptcy. Imagine, how hard it is that you and your company failed not because of you but because of the people around you. Whose tears will not drop to this kind of situation? 

So what's the difference? Successful and unsuccessful crying pattern. 

Successful people cry and wipe their tears. They create new opportunities for themselves and build another road armoured with the lessons from the past failures and problems. They attract new team consisted of right people with right attitude and same goal that they have. 

While the unsuccessful ones keeps on crying. They do drama in front of people who have the same wavelength they have, to venture out pity from them. They inculcate in their brain that they do not have a mistake and it was all other's fault. They play the blame game. Yes, they have a team too! A team that the main goal is to remain on the situation they are currently in. They will keep you comfortable staying in that circle and will keep on telling you that people are bad and you are the good one. They celebrate a "pity party". 

And on that, they are willingly not taking a chance to change themselves for betterment. They just stay at the mud that keeps on swallowing their whole being. 

While the successful people already moved-on on their crying moments, here they are miring people who have goals in life. While the successful people already working on their way up, this losers are working to spread gossips. While these successful people envisions how to help others, these unsuccessful group thinks what is in it for me. While the successful people are eyeing for a prosperous future, here they are still staring at the past and keeps murmuring to themselves how poor, unlucky and how tough life is. Oooh! They are fond of getting negative vibes. 

Difference of Successful and Unsuccessful People

STOP THE DRAMA! You are not paid nor your life can't be better when you cry! STOP crying just to get sympathy from others. STOP IT AND MOVE ON! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rabadaba: Scam or Legit?

Rabadaba is an app (now caters desktop usage too) that revolutionize the social media. Imagine, you are slaying so much time (precious time) in Facebook, twitter and Instagram and we all get nothing! Argh! Why not we all hugged our friends to join at Rabada, there at least owners shares some of their profits! Kaching-Kaching! How generous! :)

How we earn at Rabadaba?
In Rabadaba you can earn by voting (upvote or downvote) other people’s post! You can earn Rab points too if someone upvotes your contents or your comments. Do not be afraid of downvoting posts that is not appealing for you, it will not affect their points.

You want a win-win thing? Press the star (favourite button) and the person will be alerted that you have visited their site. In most of the time we return favor by checking your wall too..

Do not feel sharing something but still want to join? You can still earn, just "redab" (sharing) some of the contents you really fell in love with and if someone upvote for it, you will earn Rab Points from that. 

One more thing, if you really generous and kind, you can tip other members. Just press the “jar” icon and key in your desired points to tip off.

RabaDaba Social Media Rewards Program Do's and Don'ts
How to add your content at Rabada? What should I post?
Press the “+” button, from there you can choose what you want to share to Rabadaba world. Text, photo, audio or video are welcome! Just make it sure that is all from you and not from internet. You could be banned for life! Hehe! Just make it clean guys!

Rab Points to Money Ratio:
1 = $0.0001
100 = $0.01 
1,000 = $0.10 
10,000 = $1.00
100,000 = $10.00

How will I be paid at Rabadaba?
You can choose your minimum payout and the least amount is $10.00. Just go to Menu and look for Payment Settings and key-in your paypal account in there.

Does Rabadada a SCAM?
Nope! Here is my #paymentproof
Payment Proof

See you at RABADABA guys! Love to check out your photos, videos and updates in your life! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

ShopBack Singapore - Make Money While Shopping Online

What are the reasons for me not to go directly to physical stores for my needs.

1. Congestion.
2. It takes a lot of time to go through each garments/products the establishments are offering.
3. There is more discounts in online shops. (Like Groupon and Zalora)
4. Free delivery.
5. Cashback. Yes! Cashback!

I am sucker in purchasing online, so you will not see me in malls unless I am there to eat or there is emergency things to buy like gifts. I am so envy with my friends that are availing Swagbucks in US. Now, ShopBack Singapore is here to stop my enviousness. Whew!

ShopBack Singapore - Participating Merchants
ShopBack Singapore - Participating Merchants

Lazada, Groupon, Guardian and more merchants are joining the squad. Now I am looking to ShopBack with my travels through

Below are the payment proof made ShopBack Singapore made on our account.
So what are you waiting for? Join ShopBack crowd and get some real money while you are buying your stuffs online! Happy shopping!

ShopBack Singapore - Payment Proof
ShopBack Singapore - Payment Proof

Thursday, October 6, 2016

FREE (WordPress vs Blogger) or PAID Web Hosting

We were instructed to buy a domain name and register for a hosting site before we step our foot to Peng Joon's Internet Income Intensive seminar last January 2016 here in Singapore. And after that 3-day event, I am ready to grind, but my inner me is yanking that I do not need paid hosting sites to build up a new blog. I keep on thinking about it for days..and days. My husband is in full support and even my friends who have their own sites agreeing what Peng Joon taught us that we need a paid hosing site. BUT I cannot shake off the fact the mission I am in. The mission to help people in getting their own site for few bucks or no cost at all.

Then, I talked to my very close friend who have no idea about building sites, SEO and whatever. I talked to an outsider of the business. And truth slapped me to the face when she stated insights about blogging. And on that, I decided to dig deeper. While in limbo of this immensely complex world wide web, I cannot suddenly log-in on my HostJill account, send them email about it but took for almost one day for them to acknowledge my case. I take it as a sign, instantly e-mailed HostJill to refund the hosting I have paid and decided to stick to Blogger.

Why? Many well-known people in blogging world that will recommend or push you to get a hosting site, that is in fact they are affiliated with. Yes! They are earning from every signup. They will drag you the issues about uncertainty on security, reliability, storage, support and assistance and many more. And to repel those problems that may occur, go for the best companies that hosting sites, Blogger (by Google) and WordPress.

Do you think Google will allow to breach your security? Do you think Google will leave behind their own Blogger in search engine ranking? Do you think Google will compromise its name because you are not paying them? Well, think again!

And that made me decide to stick to blogger. Yes, I am talking about our blogspot accounts. Not WordPress. Why? Below are their differences:

Blogger vs WordPress.Org
We are more inclined to help people via the reviews were are taking. My husband and I, maybe like you, have been victim of a hype done by some paid bloggers to advertise/promote some businesses. (Do not get us wrong, we are not resentful towards them, we do also have offers for paid blogging and conjugally we refused) In truth, we believe more on the reviews of non-celebrity blogs than the famous bloggers.

I hope this insight will somewhat open up new ideas whenever you have the plan to build your own site.

Have a great day ahead guys!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why We Do Not Buy/Invest Condo/House & Lot in Philippines For Our Own ?

Eh bakit nga ba?

2007 pa lang, I am on a hunt to buy a piece of property. Nag-scout ako ng bahay at lupa and condo, kaya masasabi ko na medyo exposed na ako to this kind of matters.

On viewing day of a certain condo sa may Taguig area. Tinanong ko yung ahente. "Paano kung nasunog, lumindol, or kung ano pa man ang mangyari at bumagsak ang building. Paano yung property? Itatayo nyo ba ulit?" She answered me back with a shocking truth about condominiums. "Nope. Ibebenta ang lupa at paghahati-hatian ng mga owners and pinagbentahan." Ang swerte mo na nun kung mag-breakeven kayo sa pagkakabili mo ng condo + association fees + yung pagkakabili mo sa kakarampot na space for garahe ng sasakyan mo + obligatory insurance + real property tax ng unit mo at common area. Oo, isama mo na ang halos kulang na Php25,000 sa installation ng Meralco and Maynilad. Meron pa! Ang transfer of title (arghhh). So from that day, nawala na sa vocabulary ko ang salitang "condo".

At isa pang tumanim sa utak ko na sinabi ng nanay ko ay "Ma, lupa. Lupa ang bilhin mo." Kaya nag-hello ako sa idea na House & Lot. Tama House and Lot. Hindi lot lang. Bakit kamo? May mga kakilala/kaibigan ako na napasubo sa mahal ng gastos nila sa pagpapatayo ng sarili nilang bahay at binalasubas pa sila ng architect and contractor nila. Andyan crack agad ang sahig at dingding, tumutulo agad ang mga pipes, at iba, after matayo yung pundasyon, iniwan na lang ng contractor. May sahig, may bubong, may dingding pero walang finishing. Kaya talaga yung iba, mababaon sa utang mapatapos lang ang "dream house" nila. Pero hindi sumagi sa isip nila na yung dream house nila ang magbibigay ng bangungot sa kanila sa walang hanggang pagbabayad ng mga nautang nilang pang-pondo.

Ngayon na alam ko na matagal na gusto ko ay bahay at lupa. Bakit di pa nga ba ako nakakabili? Ang totoo nyan...wala pa kaming budget na mag-asawa para dyan. Pero do not get me wrong. Naka-pagscout na kami and nakita na namin ang gusto naming bahay. Alam na namin ang presyo and based sa computation namin sayang ang pera. Haha.

Bakit sayang eh para sa amin naman yun? Kasi pag binili namin yun, wala na kaming pang-fund sa mga investments namin. Ayaw namin na nakatira nga kami dun sa pangarap namin na bahay pero kailangan namin magtrabaho ng 20 years just to pay it off. Ayaw nmin matulad sa iba na nung nawalan na ng trabaho eh nahinto na sa pagbabayad ng bahay..ayun na-remata ng bangko ang bahay at lupa na tanging pinag-ukulan nila ng pagod.

As of now, we are focusing on our cashcows. Investments that will work for us to fund our dream home.

Para makatulong sa inyo makapag-decide kung kaya nyo na ba bumili ng property ngayon, tanungin nyo ang sarili nyo ng ganito:
   --> Sa bahay/condo ba na gusto ko ay may ipon na ako worth 30% ng ng kabuang value property, Bakit 30% ito ay sasagot sa downpayment at may pang-buffer pa kayo kung may singilin man sa inyo na miscellaneous cost.
   --> Yung monthly na hulog ninyo ay hindi lalampas sa 30% na take-home pay po. Bakit? Di pwede na halos buong sahod mo ay pangbayad mo lang buwan-buwan. Paano ang pangkain mo? Pambayad sa bills at pamasahe mo papunta sa opsina? Sige nga?
   --> Kaya mo ba magbayad kahit mawalan ka ng trabaho bukas?(Huwag naman sana) Paano kapag nangyari yun? Bebenta mo ng palugi?

Mag-isip mabuti tayo mga kababayan kung kaya na ba bumili ng condominium/house & lot. Ito ba totong maging "dream come true" sa inyo or magbabaon sa inyo sa utang.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mga pagbabago sa Bagong Barrio (Caloocan City)

"Ma, hindi sa tinataboy ko kayo. Wag na kayo umuwi dito sa bahay kung gagabihin kayo." Yan! Yan! Ang sabi ni tatay nung nagbakasyon kami nung nakaraang April ngayong taon. Bakit nya nasabi yun? Sobrang gulo na sa lugar namin.

Ang tatay at nanay ko ay masasabing isa sa mga 'pioneer' sa bagong barrio. Nagsimula silang manirahan duon ng wala pang tubig, walang ilaw at walang sementadong kalsada. Naalala ko pa ang kwento ng nanay ko, naglalako daw sya ng isda at kulay pula ang putik pag umuulan. Sila ang mga sinaunang tao ng Bagong Barrio. Kaya talagang masasabi ko na nakita nila ang lahat ng pagbabago. Mga di kanais-nais na mga pagbabago. Ako?, dun ako pinanganak at lumaki. Nakita ko ang pag-unlad hindi lng ng aming iskinita kundi kabuan ng lugar. Pati pag-usbong masasamang bisyo.

Oo, droga ang tinutukoy ko. Madaming nabiktima yan. Di lang mga kababata ko kundi pati mismong mga kalahi ko.

Nanakawan kami ng kamag-anak namin na gumagamit para lang sa droga. Sapatos ang  unang natira nuon. Tapos cellphone. Naalala ko nung binitbit ng tatay ko ang isa kong pinsan papuntang baranggay dahil kinuha nya ang cellphone ng ate ko. Sa amin na yung gamit, pero dahil kailangan mo yuon, hahanapin mo ung pinagbenthan at bibilhin mo pabalik. Ang saklap diba? Kung kami nakukuhanan ng gamit what more ang mismong sambahay nila?

May masaklap pa dyan. Ung mga sobrang lulong at mga taong nakapaltos ng mga pinagbentahan. Magugulat ka na lng sa mga takbuhan sa kalye at putok ng baril. May nakabulagta na ng duguan. At ano ang sasabihin ng mga taong nakapaligid? "Malamang hindi nakapag-remit ng pera kaya tinumba." Halos nasanay na nga ang mga taga 'New Village' sa linggo-linggo barilan at saksakan. Mismong nga pulis takot sa mga gang. Di makaalma. Naku lalo sa may Mariano Ponce. As young as 13, sangkot na sa droga.

Nung nanalo pa lang si Duterte ang mga kilala namin na lantaran na nagtutulak biglang nagtago na. Araw-araw ang raid sa mga isknita. Wala ng sugalan at inuman sa bawat kanto. Yung mga padisplay-display na 'wanted' ng batas, ayun nakakulong na. Alas-diyes ng gabi wala ng batang paslit ang nagiingay sa labas. Wala ng balahaw ng maiingay na videoke na hanggang umaga.

Ito pa pala! Nung si Pres. Arroyo ang nakaupo, ang mga drug addicts nun ay biglang naging alcholic na lang, haha! Bakit? Ang reklamo nila sobra na daw mahal ng shabu. Ewan ko bat nung si NoyNoy na eh pati highschool ay biglang naging mga addict. Parang candy na lang sya na nabibili. Tama lng na pagtuunan ng pansin muna ang demand side. Kung walang demand, bakit nga ba sila mag-susupply? Nice tactic Pres Digong!

Nakita namin ang pagbabago, simula pagkapanalo hanggang ngayon sa pagupo ni Duterte.

Kaya sa mga media at mayayaman na nakatira sa condominium at de-guardia na subdivision, try nyo manirahan sa lugar namin para ma-appreciate nyo ang mga nagagawa ng bagong Presidente. Tignan nyo mabuti yung sinasabi nyong extra-judicial killings ngayon. Marami ng napapatay nuon pa dahil sa droga dahil once in dyan, wala ng labasan.

From ThinkingPinoy.Net Facebook Page
Dito namin nasabi na "Pwede pa pala magbago". Na pinagtutunan din pala ng gobyerno ang problema ng mga mahihirap na lugar. Na may pag-asa pa pala ang bansang Pilipinas at ang mga Pilipino. Ngayon wala ng for "publicity sake". Lahat nagtatrabaho ang bawat sector ng gobyerno para sa tunay na pagbabago.

We are writing a history in here. Be part of it! (Imbes na ngawa kayo ng ngawa.) For a drug free, corrupt free and self-sustainable Philippines! Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Sama-sama tayo na maiahon ang ating bansa!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bilib Ako Sa Tatay Ko

"Huwag kang makulit!", "Ikaw lang pumasok sa kwarto Wilma, nagkulang ng piso ang pera ko, nagiba pa ayos ng wallet ko.", "Matuto ka mag-ayos ng sarili mong cabinet ng damit", "Ayaw ko ng makalat bunso.", "Nakakainis si tatay. Hanggang 6pm lang ako pwede maglaro sa labas!", "Kainis si tatay, ayaw nya daw ako makikita na magsusugal kahit pa-piso-piso.", "Huwag daw ako manigarilyo, ang kill joy talaga ni tatay", "Wilma, kaibigan mo yang mga pumunta dito? Ni hindi marunong mag-magandang hapon? Siguro ganyan ka din sa kanila! Mamili ka ng ibang kaibigan.", "Umiinom ka na daw Ma?". "Gusto mo rin ng meron sila? Pagtrabahuhan mo!". Nung nagta-trabaho na ako, "Ma, asan ka na? 9pm na uwi na. La-lock ko na itong pinto."

Yan ang mga tumanim sa isip ko. Kung gaano ka-strikto si tatay. Naku! Naku! Naku! Sinong di maiinis na ang mga kalaro mo eh pakalat-kalat pa sa labas at naglalaro at kwentuhan samantalang ikaw nasa bahay nakikitingin n lng sa knila? Sinong di maiinis na bawal ka ng any form ng kahit na anong in kahit ano, even alog-tantyan na ang taya nyo ay balat ng candy or goma? Eh yung isa sa sya sa mga factor na ico-consider mo sa pagpili ng kaibigan? Nung bata ako 6pm ang curfew ng tumanda na ako 9pm tumatawag na yan sa cellphone. Pag lumampas ka sa 9 maghanap ka n ng tutulugan mo at isipin mo na isasagot mo paguwi ng bahay ninyo kinabukasan. 

Takot mga kalaro even mga pinsan ko sa tatay ko. Kasi pag sinabi nya, sinabi nya. Kasi pag ginawa nyang batas sa loob ng bahay, alam mo na yun ay para sa ikabubuti ninyong lahat. Susunod at susunod ka. Iisipin mo lagi kung tama ba at ano kaya ang opinyon nya sa gagawin mo. Minsan nga nung bata ako, sabi ko sana iba na lang tatay ko, ung tatay na lahat ng sasabihin ko at gustong gawin eh papayagan ako. Yun ang akala ko. Until...

Until one day, nagsipagtandaan na kami, ung mga babae na buntis na! Yung mga lalake addict na! Bihira sa kasing-edad ko na laging nasa labas ng bahay ng dis-oras na ng gabi na nakatapos ng pag-aaral. Nuon ko napagtanto... salamat sa kamay na bakal ni tatay. 

Salamat dahil sa mga tamang pangaral at tamang panunupil sa aking layaw eh naging maayos kaming magka-kapatid. Walang nabuntis ng hindi kasal at walang nakabuntis. Walang nging addict sa droga o alak man o naging kriminal. 

Nakita ko naman ang ibang tatay na madami ring bawal sa ibang anak pero napariwara pa din. May batas nga sa loob ng bahay, di nmn sinusunod ng mga anak. Bakit? Kasi hindi napapatupad ng maayos at ng may paninindigan. Kasi mismong magulang ang sumusuway sa batas. Hello! Pati nanay ko pag lumampas ng 10pm sigurado away yun hanggang kinabukasan. Pati nanay ko kaya sinasbihan ni tatay tungkol sa mga kumare/kumpare nya. Haha. Walang ligtas ni isa sa amin hanggat nasa puder ka nya. 

Kaya bilib ako sa taong may paninindigan at walang pakialam sa sasabihin ng ibang tao basta alam nyang nasa tama sya. Bilib ako sa tatay ko. Muli, salamat Tay sa kamay na bakal.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Make Money Online: myLot - Make Money. Make Friends. Have Fun!

myLot  Make Money Make Friends Have Fun - Review - Not Scam
myLot Payout - September 2016
Do you admittedly soaking yourself too much in facebook, twitter or instagram and blatantly cursing yourself why you have wasted so much time browsing non-sense? Are you looking for something like those social media sites that you can post your thoughts, or your photos, or even some quotation that really touched your heart? Are you looking for a new set of friends that will not bash you online? Or you are just searching for an extra income with less effort? Try myLot! Make Friends. Make Money. Have Fun!

I discovered this site when I am at Bubblews. Because Bubblews is in the verge of closing, almost all of the Bubblers were decided to migrate to old but improved myLot. So let’s cut the chase. Please see below the FAQs for you to be more familiarize in this paying site.

myLot  Make Money Make Friends Have Fun - Review - Not Scam
March 2016 Payout 

How do I start? Create your account at After you verify your account, go to Settings ( and key-in your Paypal account. What? You do not have yet paypal account? Get one in here. Do not fret! It is free. You can edit your profile data and add some of your photo too.

How do I earn money exactly? Simple. Just make friends! Do not get me wrong, it is not because you are following too many users you will be extra rich, haha! So how do you have friends? Talk to the users, participate in a very good manner. Remember bashing and CURSING words are not tolerated in the site. Keep it clean and keep the site full of positivity.

How much can I earn with each discussion, response or comment? It all depends in you. The more people participate in your posts and responds well on your comments, the more you will for sure earn. myLot uses a special algorithm in computing your money in your myLot bank.

Where can I see how much money I have earned? Your up-to-date money can be seen on your upper right side of your screen. You saw the dollar sign? Yes that is it! ***Earnings from Discussions are updated approximately once every hour. Earnings from completed Offers are updated once the transaction has been posted by the advertiser (oftentimes this is immediate). The transaction posting time is displayed next to each offer.***

How much money do I have to earn before myLot will pay me? $10.00 is the minimum payment. You must reach this amount before every month end.

When can I expect to receive payment? Payments will reach your PayPal account on or before 15th of the following month.

myLot  Make Money Make Friends Have Fun - Review - Not Scam
November 2015 Payout

Are you ready to make friends and earn money? What are you waiting for? Sign-up and keep the brain juices flowing! Add me up! Look for me my username is Willmah

Happy myLotting! See you soon! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hindi si DUTERTE ang Sagot

Tama ang sinasabi na paulit-ulit ni Mayor Duterte sa kanyang mga speech na kahit na umupo sya ng 10 taon sa pagka-presidente at walang naniniwala at susunod sa kanya eh walang mangyayari padin sa bansang Pilipinas.

Ano-ano ba ang mga dapat baguhin sa ating mga Pilipino?
1. Sense of entitlement. Ito yung dapat iahon ako sa kahirapan ng binoto kong presidente HABANG ikaw eh nakaupo lamang at ni ayaw maghanap ng pwedeng pagkakakitaan. Ikaw na BATUGAN.

2. Pag-galang sa batas. Sus, wala namang pulis pwede na dyan tumawid o i-beat mo ang red light wala naman nanghuhuli. Alamin at sundin ang batas.

3. Mahalin ang kapaligiran. Ang simpleng pagtapon na lng ng balat ng kendi. Susmio! Pwede bang ibulsa nyo na muna kung walang makitang basurahan, sa mga lalake pwede bang wag iinom ng madami kung alam mong walang kang cr na pwede datnan..tapos iihi sa pader ng may pader (not cool bro), sa mga dura ng dura, sa mga naninigarilyo pakiusap ayaw po nmin malanghap ang usok na binubuga ninyo.

4. Respeto sa ibang tao. Nawala na sa atin ung pagiging magalang sa babae at matanda. Bakit nawala ang malasakit natin sa mga kabataan?

5. Ibigin ang ating bansa. Tumutugtog na ang pambansang awit, sige pa din ang lakad. Ano ba ang turo sa atin sa GMRC nuon? Diba?!

Nung unang salta ko sa customs. Sabi ko ako ang simula ng pagbabago. Di ako maglalagay. Ayun! Ang import documents ko, nakatunganga sa Port of Manila simula umaga hanggang lunchbreak dahil walang nakaipit na P20.00. Ang sabi ko trabaho nman nila yun, bakit kailangan pa silang lagyan para mabilis ang proseso. Walang nangyari at naglagay pa din ako. Nilamon ako ng sistema at nawalan na ako ng pag-asa sa pagbabago na pangarap ko.

Ngayon, andito ako sa "pangarap" kong sistema ng Customs. Walang lagayan, walang anomalya. Pangarap kong maging tulad ng Sinagpore Customs ang Bureau of Customs ng Pinas.

Nakausap ko ang ibang mga kaibigan. Takot at ayaw ng mga taga-Customs kay Duterte. Alam nyo na kung bakit.

Dapat talaga hindi ito ang title ng blogpost na ito, hehe! Para lang makuha ang attention ninyo. (Effective naman diba?)

Di natin kailangan ng isang senador o senadora na magaling gumawa ng batas. Kailangan natin ng tagapag-patupad ng batas. Ang totoong kailangan na natin ay isang leader na may kamay na bakal na magpapasunod simula sa maliit hanggang sa malakaking tao sa Pilipinas. Di natin kailangan ang isang tao na anak/apo ng dating presidente na di mapaliwang san napunta ang mga pondo ng gobyerno. Nasubukan na natin halos lahat ng klase ng tao bilang mamuno sa atin. Andyan na ang may bahay, abogado, militar, ekonomista, anak ng dating presidente at pati artista pinatos na natin. Ngayon, subukan naman natin ang isang tao na naghahangad ng kapayapaan at susubok na maghilom ng sugat sa hidwaan ng gobyerno at NPA at mga kapatid natin sa Mindanao.

Pag nahalal si Manong Digong, humanda tayong lahat sa isang malaking pagbabago. Maraming aaray dahil sa mga itutuwid na baluktot na daan at sistema na ang akala natin ay "pwede na". Suportahan natin sya sa mga panukala nya. Gawin muna natin bago magreklamo.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!! Halina't sama-sama tayo sa inaasam nating pagbabago!!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Make Money Online: FarmOn - Virtual Farming in the Philippines

 ***To confirm your status with FarmOn: Drop us a message at our facebook page. TIA!***

My journey to financial freedom is not a secret. My husband and I started to look for other ways where to put our money aside from saving it in a bank. Year 2012, little by little we learned how to deal with Philippine Stock Exchange. Yes! We are now holding shares of big companies and I am proud to say that despite of the low business economy around the globe my portfolio is still green. Bonds, International Fund of Funds, angel investments, and more. They are asking me how to do those but the usual reply I am getting are "Ang hirap pala." or "Naku wala akong oras para mag-aral."

So when FarmOn opened up to public, my friends jumped in and tried if it is real or scam. After 6 cycles, I joined at 7th. I waited until I saw some progress..some earnings. And after I experienced that FarmOn is profitable indeed, I called my family to join.

Early this year, I logged-in to my account to invest on the 10th cycle. Lo and behold, I was astounded that friends I referred is gaining that time! I am so ecstatic to see the digits and I posted it to my facebook account. That week, my message box is always popping up for inquiries on how to join. I am happy considering that I will not only help them to earn some extra bucks but to help also the dying agricultural industry of Philippines.

How to join? Sorry for a very long introduction. Hehe. If there is a new cycle, you can register at

Below are list of crops or livestock you can invest in and the projected profit percentage on each.
Click to Enlarge 
How the profit were divided?
- FarmOner and FarmOn's farmers will receive a 50-50 profit sharing.

These are the first crops I have invested. The planting is last September 2015 and got the following return by February 2016.

Cycle 7 Investment

FarmOn Philippines
FarmOn Philippines Referral Profits
On my referrals, I am so glad I helped them to start investing. I am deeply grateful to them because I earned too out of their profits. (Now FarmOn is accepting new accounts without referrer. .) 

You do not need to be great to start on FarmOn you just need to start to be great..naks! As low as Php100.00 (1 chicken) you can start investing and helping the farmers.

If you have questions, you can message them at their facebook page :).

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by Study before invest. Invest at your own risk

Let the money work for us :)

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

5 Years Down --- FOREVER To Go!

Since the day I said "I do.", I could not help but to imagine that I was carrying a life in me. A life of the future. OUR LIFE that can be dearly in love or may hold a deep grudge and hate to each other. 

I am grateful that everyday in our lives we chose to be a two-man team to track the road to happiness, wisdom, respect and love. I am so blessed that I am together with a man that eyes the same horizon with me..the same goals. I am thankful that we knew where the lines are and to know our limits and potentials. I appreciate that I know I could trust him in guarding his own eyes and heart to any girls. My heart is joyful because he is patient, slow-angered and no vice man. 

For 5 years, my heart is jumping with joy each morning that I wake up. For 5 years, I still can't sleep without his arms around me. For 5 years I have no doubt in intensity of his love and passion to me. For 5 years, there is no jealousy, there is no hatred or encountered big fights. 

I will for sure re-marry this man again and again without second thought. 

To infinity and beyond baby! Cheers on our 5th! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Peng Joon's Internet Income Intensive Singapore 2016 - Frankly Speaking

Peng Joon
Here ye! Here ye! Yes! I attended the Internet Income Intensive of Peng Joon that costs S$2136.72 in a three-day event that started January 2.

I never heard of him until I attended the Masters of Wealth last 2015. But because of Peng Joon's story (yes that captivate story) I was enticed to sign-up.

Let's cut to the chase. What I have learned and my comments on each.
* Peng Joon will teach you what niche market you need to tackle. <This is why some people stop before even starting because they do not know the niche they will be making>
* He will teach you what is the "pyramid" in creating your information product. <Good thing you can copy his blueprint>
* You will learn how to build a website, how to put an eBook and receive your first sale. <Too many tutorials now in YouTube will teach you how to do that for free>.
* On-Line Marketing  <To use free and paid marketing sites>
* Being confident on yourself specially in front of the camera. <I needed this>
* How to earn online? By your own product and by selling other's. <Be an affiliate>
* The workshop will mainly teach you and give you mindset that you need to be out there and HELP people. Yes! HELP! Not chase money.

Elisha Hong
So? Is the workshop worthy? Yes and no. Yes, if you are really cut-out to do an online selling. And you are eyeing to work your a$$ off in front of your laptop screen.

When the seminar ends, I realized that I am just a small speck of particle floating in a World Wide Web. Never opened our 90-day workbook and sent an email to my hosting site to cut-off the billing and refunded the full amount. Specially when I saw my cousin's website. She built it from the ground up just by watching YouTube. No. If you are a negative thinker. (D@mN! I'm overwhelmed with negative thoughts).  No, if you are already a pro.

After 3 months of battling with my mind that I can't do it and nobody will stumble on my website, the positive part of my mind kicked-in and ideas and good thoughts were produced. Now I am running things step by step and I know my own story and experiences can help people in sense of their relationships, money and traveling on budget in Singapore.

In conclusion, thanks Peng Joon! One day...

For those who want to attend his seminar but because of monetary constraints, you can register here for 2016 Online Money Making Program for the fraction I paid for III Program. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FREE 4-Day Singapore & Indonesia Itinerary

Hello Everybody!

You want to go to Singapore and decided to also have a side trip in Batam, Indonesia but do not know where to start the planning? Fret not guys. Our team who produced the eBook titled "The Ultimate Singapore Traveller's Freebie Guide" decided to do something just for the readers of this site. :)
We created a FREE 4-Day Singapore/Indonesia Itinerary just for your.

So what you will get?
** Detailed plan for 4 days (Hotels, Plane Ticket, MRT Stations and more)
** How much will be the approximate cost of your travel
** The PDF file is only not an itinerary.. it is a planner.

Go ahead! Download it. We are assuring you that there is no strings attached on this. We do not even want your email addresses(we do not want to spam emails). All we want from you is to share this site page to your friends who have plans in exploring Singapore too.

Thank you guys and have a great day! 

4-Day Singapore & Indonesia Itinerary