Monday, April 1, 2019

NEM Blockchain on International Trade Business

In shipping a cargo there are many people involve to send your shipment from point A to point B. And when I say many, it means a lot. From supplier, common carriers, insurance companies, banks, governments, and do not negate the power of force majeure. 

The more parties getting their hand on your documents, the more it is prone to unforseen mishaps. 

Although World Customs Organization is pushing to be paperless, it is inevitable to use papers. And until now, shipping business is still not fully implementing it. Why? This is to provide authenticity on the original documents. And going digital can’t solve it until now. 

Blockchain technology is one of the answer to this. Actually not only on that tons of authenticity problem but also on payments and automation. 

For me that can’t write a single code, I will imply my idea to NEM Technology. Why NEM? Because it has built-in features in its wallet. Built-in!

Here’s the problem we will be solving. 
1. Authenticity of your Documents 
2. Tracking of your shipment
3. Payments

Steps how to solve that: 
1. Download your NEM Wallet here! And announce on your website that all NEM authenticated documents will only be from that NEM account/address. 
2. Apostille(notarize) documents that you will release for the shipment (Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoices, Packing List, Insurance Certificate, or even Certificate of Origin)
3. Create your own coin to serve as a payment on that transaction. This can replace your Letter of Credit. 
4. Create a multisignature account for every key people involved and every step you want to track. 
-for example: the haulier picked-up the cargo from the supplier’s warehouse. The supplier will sign on the multisignature account and it will signal the movement of the cargo. 

NEM Blockchain on International Trade Business
NEM Blockchain on International Trade Business 

NEM Blockchain on International Trade Business
Security of Multisignature

When the last signatory signed on the account and it showed as the job was done, all payments will automatically be released to the different accounts to be paid off. 

If you want to expound more about this, please do message the NEM Foundation at NEM Helpdesk

NEM Blockchain is a good technology! Take advantage of it. Be Wise! Use NEM! Buy XEM! 
And Happy 4th Birthday NEM :)

Saturday, March 30, 2019

What is a Freight Forwarder? Yes! You Needed One!

Millions of tons and billions of value of goods are transported each DAY! Yes each day! That is how the international trade has increased since then. On that massive spike of cargoes moving around the globe, freight forwarders plays a big role. 

So what is a freight forwarder?
Freight forwarder is a company who doesn’t own a ship or a plane, or a train but is one of the trusted companies to do shipping. 

Best Freight Forwarder Singapore Real Time Forwarding Pte Ltd.JPG

Freight Forwarder is the intermediary company that builds good reputation and relationship in all corners of logistics process. It provides the full range of shipping services that logistics need. They can get the cheapest rate and fastest sailing schedule for you. You can compare them to be like the “skyscanner” or your favourite travel agency for your cargo. 

They mitigate all the hassles and pressures of international trade. Freight Forwarders are experts and are updated about the new laws and memorandums of each and every country in which they can give free advices on what is the best for your shipment. It is like you employed a whole team and all you can hear is the good news. 

Now, you will not wonder why a lot of people is availing their services.

They can move your goods from a small box to as huge as a whole ship or plane. Oh, even for your whole personal household, they can manage to do it for you. Now you know when you buy online, you can get a free or in a minimal shipping fee. 🤗

Best Freight Forwarder Singapore Real Time Forwarding Pte Ltd.JPG
Real Time Forwarding Pte Ltd
Need a freight forwarding service? Please reach out to Real Time Forwarding Pte Ltd at (+65 6224 3346).  

Save Time. Save Money. Give yourself a peace of mind. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019

Ms Krissy Domingo, a good friend, a philanthropist, a trader, an investor, entrepreneur, atbp, reached out and inquired if I can be a contributor on Idea School’s 2019 Planner. Who am I to reject it? What they have featured on me? Of course it is NEM Blockchain. 

Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019 - NEM Blockchain XEM
Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019
NEM Blockchain XEM 

I am not using a planner for quite sometime and due to a new page of my life starting January 2, well, i needed a new one. Haha. Coincidence? Nah! There’s no such thing as coincidence. This was destined! Thanks Legendary Krissy for this opportunity. 

Let’s go through the design:
I am attracted, what I can say? It is green! My favourite color and MILLIONS are in bold letter! Totally in love! 

Me and Abbey are goal diggers:
Yeap! Guilty of that! And this planner reserved spaces for your goals such as faith, relationship, money, health, career, travel, charity. 

They do have pages for the 52-week money challenge and an ipon (savings) goals. 

Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019 - Savings Goals - 52Week Challenge
Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019
Savings Goals | 52Week Challenge 
Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019 - Travel Goals
Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019
Travel Goals and Budget
Articles such as mine will teach you to determine different ways to achieve your MILLIONS, how to invest on yourself, different vehicles for you to invest with and different ways to be grateful and happy. 

Weekly Layout:
It gives you space to doodle around your schedule. Remind yourself what things to be thankful for, priorities and yololist! Haha. At the bottom there are spaces for extra brain activity. Write down what your brain tells you. It may be a million-dollar-idea! 

Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019 - Weekly Layout
Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019
Weekly Layout
It is more than just a planner: 
For every planner you buy, there will be a tree to be planted. 

Order your planner here: 

And because it is holiday season! We will be giving away not 1 but 4 planners for four (4) blessed person. 

Just go to our Facebook page ( for more details! 

Let’s all be a MULTIMILLIONAIRE this 2019! 

Dreams To Millions Financial Planner 2019