Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FarmOn Philippines: Best Crop or Livestock to Invest In

After my family, friends and readers read our blog post about investing in, without hesitation they adhere on the crusade to flourish again the industry of farming in the Philippines. Anyways, who will not join this kind of campaign? They will help the farmers by providing money and they will get a beautiful pay-out from their investments.

Registration was done and then the usual second question we are getting is "What is the best crop/livestock should I invest in?" Frankly, I am pretty obsessive in many things I do. I want things to be handy. And on that, we made an excel file of Farmon's crop and livestock. Each has corresponding best month to invest and its season. Duration is the amount you need to shell-out per plot and ROI given last time by FarmOn was also stated in below chart.

We are now sharing this file to all of our readers. We do hope that this will help you make a decision on what will be the best crop/livestock to invest your hard earned money.

Best Crop or Livestock to Invest in FarmOn Philippines

How to use this chart? Always eye for the green highlighted data. Those will give you the fastest return. Once you have chosen, look on the Season and Best Month to Invest this may give you a hefty profit (but I am not guaranteeing it..ok? hehe!).

 (Now FarmOn is accepting new accounts even without referrer) 

If you have questions, you can message Farmon at their facebook page :).

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by Study before invest. Invest at your own risk

Let the money work for us :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informations you share! God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to invest as well but they aren't accepting anymore until the next cycle however they don't know when exactly it's going to be. Now that I am earning money of my own I'd really like some passive income that could help me a little bit. Any other alternative for

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info! :)

Just one question though, if for example you get the ROI low which in this case a 40%, would the FarmOn get the half of it?

lets say i invested P1500 then the ROI is 40%, will i profit the whole 40% (P600) or just the 20% (P300)?

Thanks in advance! :)

A and W said...

Profit sharing is half. In that case FarmOn and you will get both Php300.00 each.

Mr. Mach. said...

Much thanks for this chart! Werpa and Godbless! :)