Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: On HIS Grace

Me: Why is your face like that?
Colleague: Because I am sad.
Me: Why are you sad?
Colleague: You know, sometimes you will wake up and feel unhappy.
Me: Why?
Colleague: Don't tell me it didn't happened to you before.
Me: It happens to me. But not a lot. And whenever it occurs, I asked my husband to sing. Oh! I'll call my husband, I will ask him to sing for you.

Then she smiled. And every time I see her she always tells me that she's happy and no need to call my hubby. Haha.


This 2014 many hurdles were set on our way. We were tested financially, emotionally and our trust to ALMIGHTY.

Some were the events that can break me and my husband but we chose to cling more to each other and jumped together these hurdles.

--> This year my mother-in-law won her battle with cancer. No more pain, she's in the hands of the LORD.

You can see how wrecked he is inside. He still hopes for her to heal but all the medical facts shows the opposite. "Do you have any regrets that's why you can't let her go", I asked Abbey. He replied back "No". 
Then after that he woke up from reality that we need to accept the fact about Mama's case. Abbey flew back and forth to Manila to spend more time with Mama. We Skype-d, call and sms Mama everyday. We want her to feel how much we love her. We always asked her "Mama love mo kami? Hanggang saan? Proud ka ba sa amin?" She will answer back with a snobbish tone. Malamanng nakukulitan na yun sa amin. Haha! 

My mother-in-law proved how easy to deal with this infamous disease if you all give all your worries to HIM.

--> My father hit by a mild stroke and this made our family bond stronger. Every family member had done their part. My sister and Kuya Laleng gave their time to be with father while he is on ICU and Kuya Ric took care of the medical bill through the help of Philhealth. Me? I flew back home to clean my dad's 4-storey house. Haha! Mission accomplished.

--> ALMIGHTY's grace shone on us again when the lymphoma of my sister-in-law was detected in an early stage. HE again proved that HE owns the richness in this world. From first session up to the eighth, Ate Rizbeth's chemotherapy was finished. THE ALMIGHTY provided it with no hesitation.
Blessings poured to Ate Riz. From siblings, relatives, churchmates, friends, government organizations and even private companies helped financially. "Kahit kailan ang DIOS ko ay hindi nagkulang". 

Despite of her condition, Abbey and I got a good chance to spend with Ate Rizbeth and her family here in Singapore not only once but twice!!! :)

--> My grandmother passed away. I am happy. All sufferings were done and she left wonderful memories for me to reminisce.

The day that I went to visit her and she asked if she can have my earrings. When I handed the pair of gold to her she eyed for my ring. I refused to give it to her. Why? "Lola, wedding ring po namin ito ni Abbey." She looked to my husband and gave a hilarious laugh. Haha! Everytime I phoned Lola, she always say a simple "Salamat sa lahat. Buti ka pa di mo ako nalilimutan". (Shocks I wanna cry).

I do not regret anything as I know I have done and gave the best I could as her granddaughter. And I know she is proud of me and my husband.

Happiness is a choice as also your sadness. You can't totally avoid problems to come your way but you can choose the problem to be a blessing rather an obstacle.

Everything happens for a reason and I hope this post help you to see more light than darkness in every challenge we encountered.

Choose to be happy. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Kiyosaki's Cash Flow : The Missing Sector

A lot of people know the famous cash flow quadrant illustrated and made popular by Robert Kiyosaki. But if you do not know what is the meaning of the diagram above I will explain to you in the most simple way I can do.

Let’s start with the left side of the quadrant.. The Poor Side

E = Employee
We were trained in our schools to be a good employee. Am I right? I know I am right. Parents always tell their children to go to school, get high grades and you will land in a good job with high pay. I do not despise being an employee. I am also an employee until now. I love being in this sector. With ups and downs of the business I am still here and getting my monthly salary. But I need to sit in the office for 200 hours a month; take the commands of my boss, please the customers, cooperate with colleagues, beat deadlines, etc.. etc.. For me this is a challenge to conquer every day. And I am happy for the current company I am with.

But in this quadrant the earnings are restricted. Almost all time of your day was occupied by your job. You must work so you can earn.

What if you cannot work anymore?

S = Self-employed
This is where my siblings were trained for. They have their businesses. They are their own boss. Their income depends on how hard they work.

Multi-Level Marketing is definitely in this sector.

I tried to be like them and because I saw there is a lot of money to be harvested in there but in 6 months I surrendered. I had my own computer shop back then and even it is generating money I chose to close it down because I am not happy to be in there; totally tied up and doing all the necessary paper works and thinking how to get the business going. Stressful!

I will repeat my question from employee's group. What if you cannot work anymore?

Now, let's jump to the right side... To Rich and Financially Free Side

B = Business Owner
So what's the difference between self-employed and Business Owner? You are a self-employed if your business cannot run without you. Business Owner is a person whose business keeps going even without his direct supervision.

Sounds relaxing right? It is not hard to jump from the left side to this quadrant. It is so easy. You just need the proper knowledge in the business and get the most trusted people you know. Utilize their time and pay them for the work they have done for you and your industry.

How do I know it is simple. Me and my husband have rental apartment business in the Philippines. I asked my dad to work for me and pay him for every project we build. He supervises the construction and thinks how to lessen the expenses building them. My sister does the necessary paperworks in city hall, Meralco and Maynilad. My sister-in-law is hands-on when choosing the tenants, checking their monthly rentals, and getting all the problems that arises in the compound. All we do is sit here and wait for their monthly rental report. No stress! You help to give a living for others. Nice, right? To own a system?

I = Investor
In this sector, money is working for you. The best! Isn’t it? These are the people where compound interest is their best friend. Today it is easier to invest in real estate, stock market and bonds. Nowadays, many companies also offer mutual funds. But please be careful as a lot of scams ride the hype of investing. In this quadrant, you have more time to spend with your family. This is definitely a freedom we are looking for.

The cash flow quadrant is not just representing the flow of money coming in and out from the person, it also represents someone’s financial status. So I learned that there is a sector that Kiyosaki might missed out or just totally ignored it. Haha. It is the “U”.

U = Unemployed
Maybe Kiyosaki never include this sector because there is no inflow of money in this ring. But I want to highlight this status. Some are really unlucky and picky to land a job and some are very lazy to have one. And as my father always tells, if the people really wants to earn a living, there will always be a way. Unemployment is equal to laziness.

So please people! Wake up and work your a$$ off! Do not be a big liability to others.

Before the year ends, take some time to think over and start looking for opportunities for you and your family to go to the right side of the quadrant!  We can all do this! Pray and work hard!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Love SMRT (Singapore's MRT System)

If you can see the  situation of citizens of other countries when riding their trains you will surely give thanks to Singapore government and SMRT for the service they are doing for the public. But good performance is not enough for this people behind SMRT, they are aiming for excellence that is why even LTA and NUS entered the scene in studying how to de-congest the trains on peak hours.

NUS announced a behavioral study on public who uses mrt  in their way to work. And I am a so lucky registrant to be picked as a participant. So how this does work? 
1. $15 voucher or ezlink top-up. It seems that this is a welcome treat for participants
2. $40 -- and everytime you tap-out from mrt at 8:15 a 20cents will be deducted to that. 
3. $25 full participation incentive after the study. 

Why I chose to join? Well, I want to go to office 30 minutes earlier to increase more my points on my clients' grading system. Yes! My clients have DLV that I need to key-in as early as possible to get a high grade. Second to lessen the stress for me; less people in the train, lesser stress. A fantastic way for me to discipline myself. Third to help in decongesting the train and lastly to avail the 2 privileges that was promoted by LTA (Travel Early, Travel Free & INSINC). 

Now it ends, I only failed once and was deducted a 20cents on my $40. For sure I will continue what I have begin. It is more refreshing and more fulfilling to travel early in the morning. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Have You Asked Your Parents If They Are Proud Of You?

I'm always longing for a conversation with my mom. She can talk all day and night about her past. The past that holds her darkest time, my mom and dad's struggles, and how they mapped it to success.

My mom never got a chance to be in college. She really wants to finish studies and be an employee but she needs to assist my grandmother in everything they are in to. She told me that she even walked a mile selling fish to their neighbourhood. 

She went on to many hardships. She and her friends sold cooked food at employees in Philippines' Central Business District. She envied the staffs at first, the uniforms and well-groomed hair, high heels and the scents of their perfumes but when she befriend them and know how much they earn, a spark of hope lighted on her head. She earns more than the employees and inculcated in her mind that business will get you successful, financially, and not being an employee. 

Business after business until she settled for a second-hand lumber firm. When I was born all was okay. Mom and dad have spare money for all our the needs and wants. Mom provided insurances with mutual fund to dad and my two brothers. I had educational plan. When Ate reached her 18th birthday, a 4-storey building was built to be our new home. She bought parcels of land in different places for us to build our future houses when we got married. Would you imagine she even got a land for our final resting place or if we want to be cremated she got also lockers for our urns?

My mom have an Alzheimer and that disease is faster than it seems. Every time I call home, I always ask her, if she still knows me, if she still knew her past, if she knew what's happening around, if she knew my pains and my husband's success. And before hanging up the phone, I never forget to ask her if she is proud of me and my siblings. She always answers me back "Oo naman!" and one by one she will enumerate the reasons why.

After reciting her reasons she will next remind me of her golden rule. "Di baleng ikaw ang masaktan kesa ikaw ang makapanakit, di baleng ikaw ang niloko kesa ikaw manloko, di baleng ikaw ang nakawan wag lng ikaw ang magnakaw." When I was a child I always answered back "oo na, paulit-ulit naman" but now I really appreciate her rule. That made me and my siblings better persons.

That's how our talk goes every time I call. I love how satisfied she is when she remembers all her experiences and saw the fruit of her labour. 

Thanks Nanay for all the sacrifices, we are reaping the benefits today.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dolly Wink: Guinness World Record "Most Number of People Applying False Eyelashes!" Event

Tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu Dolly Wink!

In celebrating Dolly Wink’s 5th year anniversary in business of beautifying the girls around the globe, they go for an extra mile to get it more memorable... They were there to break a Guinness World Record in Most People Applying False Eyelashes.

The invitation spread like a virus and most of the bloggers get to know about this event. I will confess I want to help Dolly Wink to grab the new record; this is for saying my thanks to them for great eyelashes and for all the events they held for the bloggers like me. Dolly Wink gave back by donating also at Breast Cancer Foundation by purchasing a pink ribbon for every registrant and they will donate a $2 for every selected Dolly Wink product that will be sold in 50 Watson’s branches island wide.

Let’s go and discuss this great experience. Well, this is my first time to participate in a World Guinness Book of Records. One of my mom/blogger-friend told me that I can slashed-out one item off my bucket list, good point right?! This event was held at Scape The Ground Theatre. They have the policy “once in, never out” that even an urgent thing to go to washroom is not an excuse.

We went in and about 30 minutes the program started. I was shocked that in front of the stage there is a boy participating in putting fake eyelashes. Well he is not the only one, I think there were also 3 more boys on the floor doing the same thing. Aren’t they cute? Haha!

There was a practice session and on first attempt I got it right but on actual and for the Guinness World Record, I got giddy and nervous and sought for assistance. Haha! When I saw the lashes on me, my colleague told me that they were really nice on my eyes. Haha! After Ms Fortuna confirmed all the participants, she handed the plaque to the President of the Dolly Wink. Champagne popped and the party confetti were all over the place.

Thanks Dolly Wink for this great celebration and the goodie bag.

Sunday, June 29, 2014 Singapore

Aren't you tired of buying a product and in once or second attempt in using it seems not affective or worst gave you allergies? Aren't you wishing a sample first for any thing that we buy? Well..well..well..Sample Store is a blessing from above! 

We signed-up for this platform.. Success!!! We are receiving samples of different merchandise. We already got some from Hada Labo, Hiruscar Post Acne, Nip and Fab. Guess what? Nando's gave vouchers for 1/4 chicken also. 

How it works? Sign-up, activate your account,  check the products you want for sampling and viola! Wait for 2-5 days for them to deliver the said order. You read it right it right, they will mail it for you. 

Check your cart summary ok? Some products need to deduct from your points (free when signed-up), or will bill you handling charge, and some are totally free. Accumulating points is so easy, just say something what do you think about the product. Every review will give 2 points. 

So what are you staring on this screen? Click the icon below, register now and get to try new products. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Holler "BUY-BUY!" to Great Singapore Sale 2014!

Great Singapore Sale or widely known as GSS is a yearly event. This is waited not just by Singaporeans but also all races in or out of the city state. Now 2014, it started last 30th of May and stretched until 27th of July. 

As always, I am excited for this. Why? Here I can shop guilt-free. Almost all of the boutiques raising their red "SALE" flag and dropping the prices for almost 80% off. Imagine that? Big savings right? 

I shop not only to refill my stocks of toiletries but also I do it to check-off the list for my holiday gifts. My husband and I are Filipino-expat, in this time we also buy some things that we can send to our relatives back in the Philippines.

Oh, do you know that some of the commodities in on-line shops were came from this great great sale? 

What are you waiting for? Fly in to Singapore and indulge in this event. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Are You Really Saving in Buying Coupons/Vouchers?

I will confess that I am voucher-dependent. Yes, I really saved a lot from purchasing those than paying the actual price. To tell you frankly, I subscribed to almost all of it from Groupon, Alldeals, and the list goes on. If you are following my facebook account and our couple's blog you can see from there the activities, salon, out of the country tours, and spa services we availed. 

If I am saving a lot from it, I also saw some of friends, colleagues and even acquaintances wasting money and their precious time in this platfrorm.

I cannot say that I am an expert but here are the tips that maybe can help you how to really saved money in buying those coupons. 

1. Ask your self first. Do you really need that item? When is your last manicure/pedicure/hair cut/hair color? Does your stress exceeds your limits that your muscles shouting for some massage? Is that buffet a good excuse to skip your diet?
Ask those questions and believe in your intution. The voice within will tell you that "Hey! You better not buy that."

2. Check the reputation of the merchant. This is a must! In getting some services and products we always wanted it to be a good one right? So ask from people who already availed it or read some blogs/reviews. 

3. Really? You are buying gadgets there? Why not at the IT show? Great discounts and more freebies.

4. Take a good look on these. Some deals are valid only to some group of people. Look on the list below.
a. Valid for first time customers only. 
b. Valid for male/female only.
c. They have specific IC holder that they want to serve.
d. Does your age qualify?

5. Going for a hair cut/color/perm/straightening? Is there any length limitation? Is the chemical they will be using okay with you? 

Massage? Is that the kind of massage you want them to do on your body? Any additional
payment if you will use their amenities?

6. Holiday trips! Yahoo! Check if the taxes, breakfast or even flights are included or not.

7. Of course, this is a great marketing strategy for all the merchants. Learn to say "No" if they present  some bundles of products and services. 

All you need is read, read and re-read all the terms and conditions. 

Oh, as I told you before, I am coupon enthusiast and above are the tips for you not to commit some of the mistakes I had gone with.

Below are the sites I really trusted and offers a great merchants for their deals. Happy shopping!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

To Shift or Not "Two" Shifts? That is the Question.

Just recently, we faced a battle and we succumbed by the fact that Abbey can't sustain the 1week rotating schedule. Officially announced this month the 2-week shifting for my husband. After almost 5 years staying in his company, the change came. I was shocked and the gloomy cloud of reality get in to my bubble of comfort. As always, I need to check the brighter side of this event. 

Good points I pondered:
1. As I hate my husband having a 10-day night shift, it is an extra money for us.. Hello to night differential. Kaching-kaching!

2. I called it dreaded EMEA shift. Why? I will go to office while Abbey is sleeping and he will be coming home too late and all he can see is me.. In my deep slumber. Brighter side? I can do a "me time".  Clean the room, kitchen, cabinets, etc. Oh, hello to Saturday dates.

3. For APAC, we will be going to office together and dinner date at nights. :) 

4. "I miss you" sms flooding both of our inboxes. 

If you will delve in all negative thoughts that succumbing life gives us there will be no good outcome we can treasure. Accept the facts, always look at the brighter side and focus more on the things you can control. You'll see life is more easier and more fun to handle with.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Buying Speculative Stocks Is Dangerous To Your Wealth

"Nay bumili ako ng URC stocks." - "Maganda yan nak".

Social media hyped the investing in the Philippine Stock Market and that caused a lot of people jumped into it in the first quarter of January. The result? A bull run that caused a lot of people to invest more in a wrong way.

What were the mistakes they had taken? (These are the rants that my husband and I read from the different forums)
1. They invested money that they know they will need in a very near future. 
2. They invested on stocks via hearsays.
3. Had never read any books or attended seminars on how to create a margin of safety.
4. And the most hurtful to read was, they loaned money from a bank to ride the bull.

And now... many people are now cursing PSE. Many people swore that they will not enter any transaction in stock market.

My mom bought stocks back then, so I have some ideas on how to manage and make money from it. Until now they are encashing dividends.
I hope that when the bear knock-out the bull last May 2013, many investors and newbies learned from others' failures.

As per saying by  "Buying speculative stocks is dangerous to your wealth". 

Please let me know if you have good book to read for investing or I can share some of the books that my hubby and I already read, just drop as an email, we will check if we have that ebook for you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Amazing Race: All Stars

Heart-stopping, hand-numbing episode. 

I am great fan of Amazing Race and now the tv series brought back the past participants that came too short on grabbing the US$1,000,000. And they tagged it "Amazing Race All-Stars".

When I saw Dave and Connor, I rooted on them from the start. I like their father-son team, as it reminds me of my father. They self-evicted themselves on last world race when Dave tore his Achilles tendon. "The Cowboys and Brenchel". This is a very good team, as in really good.

One by one teams were eliminated, until the final 3. Amazed that there is no such thing like a quiz on the last run which was held in Las Vegas. But having David Copperfield on that leg is awesome. 

Nice race guys! Congrats to the first father and son team and oldest man to win the Amazing Race. 

Waiting for another season. Please keep on surprising us. Please visit Singapore again. :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Paul Mitchell SolarVeil Complex Sun Set (Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo, After-Sun Repleneshing Masque, and Sun Shield Conditioning Spray)

Hello to Singapore Navy Open House. Hello to Singapore Night Race 2013. Hello to Phi Phi Island Tour. Hello Paul Mitchell's Sun Collection.

2013 was packed by activities for me and my husband. Sun's harmful rays are everywhere and to enjoy those events, we need to be out and bath with sunlight. Skin is not only the issue here, but of course, the hair also needs protection.

We used Sunplay with spf 130 for our body and face. My hubby and I is not fond of caps or hats so we use our umbrellas as much as we can to lessen the direct hit of light. For added defense on our hair, we always use Paul Mitchell's Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo, After-Sun Repleneshing Masque, and Sun Shield Conditioning Spray.

This hair collection really prevents the hair from damage and dryness. It even gives extra brilliance and softness even we were soaked up for whole day on a seawater and sunshine.

Thanks TLN for this free products. It really helps us to savour more the activities under the sun. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rexona Spray Deodorant Shower Clean For Women

Do you remember the time when a news broke-out that told the people in the cyberworld that primary cause of breast cancer is the anti-perspirant? I will divulge a secret here in my post, haha, I do not use any deodorant for my armpit.  Since when? Since birth I think? My closest friends and of course my family knew that.

Why? I am not comfortable of the sticky feeling, I think roll-ons are unhygienic, and I have this belief that I need to perspire to that area so the toxin from my body will be flushed out. Do I worry about a map of perspiration under my sleeves, well, yes. I perspire a lot in that area and I tried every product that seems to be effective but all failed to the first test. So I stop trying and wear things that will give me less stress!

I wore a red dress last Rejoice's D&D. Yes I want to be a sweat free on that time and remembered that Rexona send me a trial pack for its new spray deodorant . After shower, shake it and sprayed it on, after my make-up, I check if with my fingertips if it is sticky, well, good to say it is not and has no strong smell that will indicate that I used that product. 2 good points. After the party, I am still sweat-free. Rexona Shower Clean will never bring you down. Haha!

I will continue to use this product on a very important occasion. Try for your self or maybe you have a nicer product than this, please let me know, send me email or just leave a comment below.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Money Can't Buy

Yes money can buy happiness. Now money can buy almost everything. Oh, even falling in love can be influenced by money.

But after my insanely awesome mother-in-law died, I just realized that time is one of the things money can't buy.

Do you know the feeling that your back is against the wall. No space to move, no other options to take but to wait and pray? In Mama Vangie's last minute I am just wishing that I bought a ticket back to Philippines a day earlier. In that my husband can hug and kiss her until her last breath. That we have more time to spend with her.

I know she understands us why we work here in Singapore but our heart is still longing for her, that we wish we can spend more minutes with her.

And on that event, we decided to work hard and invest harder. We want to go back in Philippines earlier than our targeted year of retirement. We want to see all our loved ones, we want to maximize all the seconds with them. We are hoping this plan will prosper... In His time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gift of Death

Once I was astounded when the most sensible preacher I known told us while he is on the pulpit that death is a gift. All I know from my childhood it's a curse due to non-compliance of Adam and Eve. But Bro. Eli explains that its a gift from above, for the Almighty cut the suffering of the imperfect flesh. Flesh once perfect to be in Paradise forever.

Mama Sweet was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer last 2007 and doctor told them that maybe she can only live for a couple of years. Hey, she was given more time to spend with her family!

Last May 2013 the cancer attacked with a greater force. She was in California that time and received all the possible treatment she can get. After all the radiation and intravenous meds, again the doctor pronounced that maybe she can't make it going back to Bulacan.

She was picked up by an ambulance at Mommy's home. Thanks to PAL for accommodating out the request for my mom-in-law to travel on stretcher. Plane arrived at NAIA 2 and ambulance was there to transport her to Meycauayan.

Mama Sweet is back with glow of hope in her eyes. We spend days and nights looking after her. Taking care of her needs. We know its not that far, we must stretch all our time to be with her.

Feb 7, after 3 months of battle against the pain, she bid goodbye.

When Ate Rizbeth broke the news all I can do is sob. Even though I know it will come.. but there's still a pain that struck me. I pat my tears dry and Abbey hold my hand for a prayer.

As I told my husband, we need to let go of her. This is just the beginning of forever for her. There is no pain, no suffering, no cancer in the hands of Almighty.

Til we meet again, to the sweetest mama in law in the whole wide world.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not a Very Good Liar

I would be a hypocrite to say if I will say that I never tell lies, ha, I am telling that I am not good at it. If you are one of my closest you will know the differences when I tell the truth and when I tell the untruth.

Here are some of the reasons why I do not want to tell a lie and you shouldn't too.

1. When I was a child, it was inculcated in my heart that telling a lie is a big sin. Well it was proved when I read it in the bible. (Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.)

2. I lied about something and the product?.. Well another lie to conform the first fabrication. Very tiring. The truth will set you free, that's a proven fact. So when I grew up, its either you love me or you hate me because of transparency. This will explain why I only have few friends. Well, they are just the same like me. What you see is what you get.

3. When I say yes, it will be yes and no is no. I gain respect not only from the younger ones but from my father and mother.

4. Earning trust not only from family and friends but with my clients is big achievement for me. Lesser stress on their work when they are dealing with me. I am happy when they request for me to handle their shipments. Hey this is not only in Philippines but also clients here in Singapore.

5. I gain Abbey's heart. My job is a world full of men. In our 5 years of relationship he never went berserk caused by jealousy. Anytime he can use my phone, anytime he can go to my office unannounced and he is very confident in me.

This is a good trait that my parents passed to me and my siblings. We gain a good reputation in our place, achieved respect and trust. I am so thankful that they planted a seed on us, all things are more clear and the life is more easy to carry on.

I can see the people living in the darkness of lies, if only their parents be a good sample for them, maybe they are living an easier life today.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Constipated? Well, I am!

I will confess that I am stressed out, I am pretty agitated about the things happened last October until November. I have sleepless nights and I am constipated. But when I saw personally Mama Sweet, all the worries were gone. I say hello to an 8 hour sleep but mu bowel movement is still irregular. 

I went to see a doctor and advised me to drink prune juice. Well, hard headed, when I smelled it, I totally denied to gulp it, instead I keep on eating fruits and leafy vegetables and my bowel movement went on its track.

Hello to holidays! All meaty and oily food is on the table and very enticing to eat and really can't resist and gluttony strikes, haha. The result I am so bloated. Tea and vegetable is ineffective and the only refuge is to drink the prune juice or I will be taking synthetic drugs to be the answer on my problem. So I sided on taking the juice.

WARNING: Drink and plan to stay at home...whole day. 

My anxiety was  gone, I felt cleansed and very well renewed.  Try it and experience it for yourself.