Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Yolé Singapore - New Frozen Yogurt Shop

Without bidding a formal goodbye, llaollao left the stage to make way with Yolé

Abbey bought me a large cup with natural frozen yogurt flavor for $6.90 and it was consisted of two toppings and a syrup. 

So how was it? The taste of yogurt is more natural than the predecessor. You exactly knew that llaollao  twitched their yogurts by putting sweetener and or cream. Yolé? More sour (natural taste of a yogurt) and feels healthier to consume. Of course the biscuit syrup will not leave my cup of frozen yogurt. 

Have you tried their different flavored yogurts offered by Yolé

Yolé Singapore

(A) 83 Punggol Central Waterway Point #01-63

Friday, December 1, 2017

NEM (XEM) Awakening the Giant

Enormous count of people was looking forward for the bursting of the "cryptocurrency bubble". They are comparing it to the dotcom mania that lead many investors into bankruptcy.  So what you should do to avoid this? Look at the intrinsic value of the companies, their projects, and platforms.

I discussed two big coins... Bitcoin and Ether, now let's wake-up the giant, XEM.

The opportunity clock is set-up to ring for NEM this 2018. And before the giant gets off on his bed, Abbey and I is already investing with XEM, greatly (time and money).

So here’s why:
1. As you can see, NEM is consistent in top coin Market Cap.

2. They have this NEM:Helpdesk that you can connect 24/7.

3. They are conditioned in marketing their platform not in marketing their coin. Main reason why XEM was not "hyped". But don't get me wrong that you cannot make money in NEM. If you invested last November, your money gained 4500%+ up to this date.

4. ICOs are now testing NEM's blockchain. Some ICOs built on it this 2017 are LoyalCoin, Bankera, Comsa, Qchain.

5. We all know how Japan is playing a big part in world's future technology and how Korea is doing pumping funds in crypto world. They are the two biggest supporters of NEM. This is a tip. You are welcome.

6. What are the features that some blockchains do not have.
-- Smart Assets. This is like Ethereum's Smart Contract but of course way better. Why? It can be customized. This is to prevent bugs,  hacks or you just want to edit its protocols.

-- Multi-Signature. This is a good service that will benefit the companies or even couples. Imagine, you cannot facilitate any transactions with your spouse keys! Haha!

-- Mijin, a well-known private blockchain in Japan is Nem's sister company. Nem (public) and Mijin (private) can network with no hassles.

-- Do you want to take part in saving the world? Do not mine bitcoin and waste electrical resources. Go on and harvest at NEM blockchain, even your computer is off, your supernodes will do the work for you. Proof of Importance. Means? Well, be a VIP! Instead of buying hardwares to solve puzzles in Bitcoin's blockchain, buy XEM and prove your importance in the community. How important are you? It depends on how many Xem you have, how long you have those, and the number of transactions you have to sustain healthy economy within NEM community.

-- Catapult is already running in Mijin blockchain and do you know catapult can process more than 3,000 transaction per second... it is faster than Visa! :)

-- Do you remember the time when all listed companies can just print and print stocks certificates? It is a free money for companies. Right? Now, it is illegal. Well, don't expect it with NEM. XEMs are all out! So no giving birth of new coin under this blockchain. Expect that your coin is a complete representation of your share with NEM.

-- Their wallet can run voting system. NEM community enjoys this poll. It just like voting in a board meeting. Oh! We as NEMbers really can feel our participation and voice bring heard by NEM frontliners.

Many more projects were lined up to take effect this 2018! That is why all XEM holders are so excited for next year!

Yes! In 2018, the opportunity clock of NEM the Giant is set to alarm and it will be awakened!

Why will I buy and run after bitcoin or ether's expensive coin... I will buy and HODL more xem. :)

You can get XEM here: 

Note: Virtual currencies are very volatile. Study before invest. Invest at your own risk. 

Love my write-up? Here is my NEM Wallet Address: 

Monday, November 20, 2017

How To Start Investing in Philippine Stock Market

The bull ravages the bear in stock market! And of course, investors in stock market, mutual fund, UITF are in glory days. This noise makes other people think how they can join this rally and some friends in facebook asked me for guidance how to start. Then I realized, I still don't have a blogpost explaing how to invest in Philippine Stock Market. Haha!

My Husband's Stock Portfolio

My Stock Portfolio

It is easy, like just opening a bank account. See below illustration from CitisecOnline.

*Click this to download their forms here.
*For the Php5,000 initial minimun funding, don't fret, after confirming your account you can use that same Php5,000 to invest in company of your choice.

Done in registration? What's next? There are different types of investing strategies you can do.
-- FUNDAMENTAL - You will invest based on assests and liabilities of the company, its upcoming projects and future plans.
-- ANALYTICAL - Investing depends on charts 
-- COST AVERAGING - You will put amount monthly even the price rises and falls.
-- INTUITION - Trusting your instinct and emotion.

So what do I use? I do fundamental. How to start, there's a great numbers of companies enlisted in PSE. The answer, be mindful on your surroundings. Are you a big fan of Max's Fried Chicken? Of course you are consumer of Meralco or a depositor of BPI, do you own a condo constructed by SMPH? Go to their website, look for Investors' Corner and read their Balance Sheets and Annual Reports. You need to determine the intrinsic value of the company.

For Trading/Analytical, you can look for seminars on that. I am sorry, I cannot tackle that because I do not know how to read sticks. Sorry. Hey, but no budget to learn from experts? Try to use Investigram.

No time to think? Group like Bo Sanchez' will give you a table of companies what to buy and sell in a certain time. But of course for a fee. You want free? COL also provides this kind of service, click on 'Reasearch Tab' and look for 'Investment Guide' and you can find there the list of BUY-SELL-HOLD.

Have you heard about investing based on intuition? This can be harnessed over time. Rely on your instincts, it will lead you at the right path. Yes! I trust my intuition. I read many companies' annual reports but I still put my money where my instinct points me to. Groups like Traders Apprentice Pilipinas do this. You can find Sir Tony Herbosa and learn from maestro himself.

Here you go! Open up an account and decide what is your goal and exit plan. Are you a long term investor or a trader?

PS: Invest only the money you afford to loose! :)

Do you have another strategy in mind? Comment below. For now, newbies can focus on these. This is to avoid information overload or analysis paralysis.

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by CitisecOnline. 
Study before invest. Invest at your own risk

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Invest in Nutriwealth Cooperative – Build Our Wealth The Cooperative Way

Ang nanay ko ay hindi naniniwala sa patakaran ng bangko. Actually pati tatay ko. Ang paliwanag nila? Ginagamit ng bangko ang pera mo para ipautang sa iba at papatungan ng malaking interest pero ikaw na may-ari ng pera ni hindi man lang kumita. Magkano na nga ba ang interest ng mga bangko ngayon sa mga savings account? It is less than 1% per taon. Hindi ba?

Lagi niyang sinasabi nuon, ang daling magpasok ng pera sa bangko pero mahirap maglabas. Kung sino pa ang mayayaman, sila lang ang nakakautang.

So saan dinadala ng nanay ko ang sobrang pera nila nuon? Sa COOP. Namulat ako na may mga panahon na ginagabi ang nanay ko sa pag-uwi dahil sa meeting ng Birhen ng Lourdes Cooperative. May taktika pa nga ang nanay ko na kakausapin ang mga kumare na miyembro din ng coop para umutang under her account nang sa ganun tutubo ng malaki ang pera niya na nakalagak dun.

Cooperatives help their members. Ang kooperatiba nila nanay nuon ay may listahan ng mga negosyo ng miyembro at tulong-tulong sila para umunlad ang mga negosyo. Kaya nga tinawag na KOOP. Short for KOOPerasyon. :)

Taong 2015 may nakita akong coop na nagtatayo ng mga hotel sa Bicol Area. Dahil sila ay Residential Type of cooperative, hindi sila pwedeng kumuha ng miyembro na malayo sa nasasakupan. Nakakapanghinayang.

Sabi nga, GOD's time is always PERFECT. Naghahanap ako ulit ng mapag-investan ng aming pera, at dumating na si Nutriwealth through Sir Edmund Lao and umattend kami agad ng seminar nila dito sa Singapore.

Ano ang nakita ko kay Nutriwealth:
1. Unang-una, sila ay Associational Coop. Hindi ko na kailangan pumunta or tumira pa ng ilang taon sa lugar ng kanilang main branch to be their member.

2. They are targeting to support the farmers and helping them to put their products into the market. They have a program for OFW para makauwi na for good.

3. Lifetime membership na, FREE pa ang mga sumusunod:
- Php25,000 - Accident Insurance
- Php2,000 - Medical Reimbursement
- Php2,000 - Burial Benefit
- Almost Php1,500 na vitamins (I love Malunggay Capsule)

4.They have the track record in paying cash dividends and interest on members' share capital as below:
- 2012 (12%)
- 2013 (7.3%)
- 2014 (22.3%)
- 2015 (11%)
- 2016 (8%)

5. They have a total asset of 470 Million.

6. They have diversified businesses.

7. Mayroong programa na tulad ng "debt-cancellation" sa kanilang mga miyembro.

8. Nagtuturo ng disiplina sa mga miyembro para makapag-ipon.

9. Nagbibigay ng negosyo/kabuhayan sa mga miyembro.

10. Merong mga bagong proyekto na naka-lineup.

11. Higit sa lahat, nagawaran ng maraming awards ng CDA as one of the outstanding coop.

Ang coop ay hindi sasagana kung hindi masaya at nagtutulong-tulong ang bawat kasapi. Dito makikita ang tunay na bayanihan.

Sa mga gustong mapag-aralan ng maigi o may mga katanungan pwede nyo po kaming makausap sa aming mga facebook page or personal account.

Mapapanood nyo po dito ang iba't-ibang trainings from founder/chairman himself, Sir Jay Galang.

Buo na ang loob mo? At tingin mo nakatulong kami mag-asawa para makita mo ang opportunity na ito.

Just Follow these 3 EASY STEPS:
1. Fill up the online form and hope you will not forget ang aming pangalan (Wilma Lapuz or Abraham Lapuz -- mamili lang po ng isa) na kami ang nakapag-share sa inyo or source of the link.
2.  Send a photo of your signature on a white piece of paper together with a copy of any valid Government issued ID at or send through Abbey's facebook account.
3. Once confirmed and verified, your membership application will be directed how to fund your account.

SHARE this GOOD news to your friends & relatives. Halina't mag-impok, tumulong at kumita! Maging KamayAri.

Ngayon na ang panahon para maumpisahan ng tama ang darating na bagong taon.

These are the benefits you can gain:
1. Php2,500.00 Lifetime membership with FREE
- Php25,000 - Accident Insurance
- Php2,000 - Medical Reimbursement
- Php2,000 - Burial Benefit
- Php1,500 Free Products

2. Initial Share Capital - PhP 2,000.00 
Subject to annual dividends. 

3.  Five Years Time Deposit Plan - up to more than 100% return (see below table)

4. Dividend on Capital Share - You can withdraw it or top it on your existing capital share
5. Great Discounts in their products and other services. Like coffee, health supplements, and services.
6. Bonuses - Share the vision of Nutriwealth - To provide every members the opportunity to start their savings program.
7. Start your own business for FREE. If they saw a potential in you. They will provide a capital to put up a business for you.


For more information about Nutriwealth Multi-Purpose Cooperative you can contact us on whatssap: +6582603871 or you may visit the office at Unit 12 UGF Doña Consolacion Bldg., Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City -- Contact No.: (02)376.0732 / (043)406.5224. Website:

Here are the Legal Documents of Nutriwealth Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Below are the Projects Established and Upcoming Ventures

Schedules of TRAININGS you can attend

Latest Award Received from CDA itself

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by Nutriwealth Cooperative. 
Study before invest. Invest at your own risk

Monday, October 23, 2017

Ang Totoong Dahilan Bakit WALANG IPON ang Karamihan sa OFW

Sa halos lahat ng na-attendan namin about OFW or financial literacy seminars, kapag ang speaker ay magtatanong kung may naipon na ba kami ang malakas na laging sagot ay "OO! RESIBO!", tapos yun ay siguradong susundan ng tawanan.

Pero after ng masayang hagikgikan, talaga bang nakangiti ka pa din pag nakikita mo na ang utang na imbes na nababayaran ay lalong nagpapatong-patong, anytime ba na mawalan ka ng trabaho ay handa ka at mga kamag-anak mo na uuwi ka na?

Sa mga nabasa namin at narinig naming kwento ng mga OFW na tulad ko, ito ang tatlong (3) dahilan bakit imbes na maka-ahon financially eh lalong nababaon:

1. Maling Pag-iisip ~ “Maliit lang sahod ko, paano pa ako makakaipon?”... Maling pag-iisip ito. Bakit? Marami rin malaki ang sahod na tulad mong baon sa utang. Kung totoong maliit na sahod ang dahilan, sana wala ng naka-angat sa buhay na mahirap.

“Ano ba naman ang Php1,000 buwan-buwan? Walang magagawa yung halaga na yun sa kinabukan ko!” MALING PAG-IISIP na naman yan. Isipin nyo na lang kung maka-ipon kayo nun buwan-buwan at nilagay mo sa tamang investment vehicle, pwedeng kumita ka ng Php20,000 mahigit sa loob ng limang taon. San mo mapupulot yung ganun na halaga?

Huwag maliitin ang sahod at ang magagawa ng maliit na perang maitatabi. Tandaan, Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship. Ganun din sa pag-iimpok, baligtarin mo. Ang kaibahan nyan, ang Maliit na ipon ay makakapagpatayo ng malaking barko. Kuha nyo?

2. Disiplina ~ Di natin makaya na disiplinahin ang sarili at mga naiwan natin sa Pinas. Lagi mong iisipin ang totoong dahilan bakit ka nangibang bayan. At yun ang unahin mong atupagin na matupad. Disiplinahin mo ang sarili mo na mag-impok hindi lang para sayo pati sa pamilya mo.

Tandaan mo kapatid na OFW ikaw ang unang-una papasok sa isip ng mga tao sa Pinas sa panahon ng pangangailangan. Gusto mo ba na ang pang-ospital sa pamilya mo eh ipagmamaka-awa mo sa mga kamag-anak mo na nasa Pinas?

3. Yabang ~ May nabasa kaming kwento; ang asawa na naiwan sa Pinas, kumuha ng sangkatutak na loan. Loan ng bahay, loan ng kotse, panay ang kaskas ng credit card at mga bagong devices. Kitang-kita na ang pag-asenso nila ng madaming tao, pero isang araw natanggal ang asawang seaman sa trabaho. Sa tingin mo san sila kukuha ng pangtustos sa mga kinuha nila na hulugan? It is either uutang or bebenta ng palugi ang mga ari-arian.

Turuan natin ang sarili natin sa pag-gastos sa abroad at lalong-lao na ng mga naiwan natin sa Pinas. Huwang natin isipin na mababayaran ng mga gadgets na papadala mo ang oras na wala mo sa piling ng mga anak o asawa mo.

Huwag makipag-kumpetensya sa kapitbahay. Hindi porket bumili sya ng 60-inch na tv eh dapat meron din ang pamilya mo. Huwag na huwag makipag-sabayan kung hindi talaga kaya.

Sana makatulong ang blogpost na ito para maharap ng mga OFW ang katotohan (masakit man) na madami sa atin ay merong MALING PAG-IISIP, WALANG DISIPLINA at NUKNUKAN NG YABANG. Di ako magpapa-sintabi kasi gusto ko talaga kayong matamaan at magising. Nasa sa inyo na nga lang kung tatangapin nyo ito in positive or negative way.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

What is (ETH) Ethereum?

So. Now. We need to talk about the number one competitor of bitcoin. The ETHEREUM.

News Flash! Ether, which is represented by Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency. Yes! It is not a currency that you can use to buy coffee at your favorite cafe or staffs online. It is not use as money or medium of exchange. It is a "gas" (as described by Vitalik).

Ethereum is an "upgraded" blockchain of Bitcoin. They were equipped with Smart Contract.

So what is this Smart Contract? It is an execution and automation of "ifs or trigger". For example, every month you need to pay mortgage of your home, Ethereum blockchain can be set up automatically and will deduct money from your account monthly. And to execute that, you need "gas" which we called ETHER.

Bitcoin will be used by people as a currency. And imagine how big will be the demand for ETH if all in Enterprise Ehthereum Alliance (EEA) deploys its projects. More projects means more smart contract means more gas (ETH) they need.

Below are the big companies who are members of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Members - members of EEA
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Members - members of EEA

Below is the blockchain tech that central banks of the world are working on. Ethereum toppled down Bitcoin because of Smart Contract.

Types of blockchain tech central banks are working with
Types of Blockchain Tech Central Banks are Working With

Big companies and governments are now challenging the Ethereum technology and Vitalik's team do not waste time to upgrade and cater the needs of those companies.

Oh one more thing! You see so many ICOs coming out. Right? Most of their platforms uses Ethereum. And some of those coins are not available worldwide, so why fret and be depressed? Buy the platform they are using. This is a tip! Yes you are welcome!

Do not be late in this big wave of change.

Note: Virtual currencies are very volatile. Study before invest. 
Invest at your own risk. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017


I won’t discuss here the differences between rich and poor people that maybe you heard million times with other financial literacy talks and read on your social media sites. In here, I will talk about on where the rich people uses the word LEVERAGE. 

Let’s get to the point: 
1. TIME - We all have 24 hours in a day but why majority asked themselves why others seem to accomplished many things and why they don’t. Successful people know how to manage their time and priorities. They know the limited time they have in every single day, so they leverage on other people’s time. They knew how valuable their time is and that is the main reason they wisely delegate tasks to the people they hire. They carefully chooses, trains and trusts the people under their wings. They are not wired to micro-manage their business but they are equipped to expand their ventures. 

Time is a very expensive commodity. No one can buy time to have it back or to have more. 

2. TALENT - Ultra successful people admit to the themselves that they DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING and that is the primary cause why they hire people who is wiser, skillful and more experienced than them. 

They leverage other people's talent for the benefit of their companies. They trained themselves to listen to new ideas and suggestions. They are willing to spend huge amount of money just to get the best talents. 

3. MONEY - You will not see successful people on the streets selling their ideas. Investors come to them and demands to take their money and be their partner. They are so well-known to be trusted about money of others and on that, they know how to expand or make their ideas work through other peoples’ money. Oh, and one more thing, if banks phones you offering you a loan, sending you a credit card without credit limit or sending you blank cheque... CELEBRATE! The bank is seeing something in your bank account that most of the people don’t have. 

Build a reputation that everyone will trust and make business with you. TRUST and REPUTATION are the main ingredients for you to maximize the power of other people’s money. A small talk of negativity will risk all the foundation you constructed. Be very careful not to mire the trust of your investors.  

4. SYSTEM - Whenever you set foot at McDonalds or Starbucks ordinary people will see the products but goal oriented people see the SYSTEM behind every successful businesses. And that is why, the franchise was born. We all know that McDonalds do not serve the best burger in the world but why people love them? It is the marketing, the development of their products and quality of staff’s services. It means, the system. Rich people invest on system, people, vision and not entirely on the PRODUCT. 

Franchising is the most effective way to join the company’s achievements. Multi-level marketing too. Why compete with the giants? Join the giants! It saves your time, your energy and the success rate is high. 

Or if you think you are better than them, innovate their system. 🙂 

Hope these four enlightens you as you go through your life and make the most of these things that you need to LEVERAGE. Start step by step. And you will prove that it will fast track to reach your goal. 🙂

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I am not here to educate you about bitcoin; why it was created, who is Satoshi, and how radical the changes it may cause to an economy. Below is the best video I have found for you to understand a deeper perspective what money is today and how bitcoin can totally make difference in the banking system and in our day to day lives.

Before watching this lengthy video, kindly forget first what the mainstream media have propagated now about bitcoin. I bet, they do not want you to know how crooked the fiat money you are holding to. 

I saw a bitcoin atm last 2013 here in Singapore and I just took a glimpse and smirk on the idea but do not get me wrong. My husband and I knew about the quantitative easing and how the government will collapse when they will not bailout the banks but we just do not believe that this bitcoin can be huge enough to smash a thick wall of these two conglomerates (government and banks).  

Fast forward 2017, February, my Uncle Bert from Dubai visited us and talked to my nephews about gaming sites that rewards bitcoin. I just smiled on the idea. Come June, while I am in plane going back here in Singapore I heard about this Infotech and explained what will be happening in this event. 

When I reached our flat, I enthusiastically told to my husband about it. With that, we started to study about blockchain, read white papers, joined groups (like Bitcoin PH) and make our ears wide open on talks that are happening. Then, we smashed the nail in the head big time! We found out a lot and all I can say banks and governments are now into this blockchain. Why? If this radical change of currency will go through, citizens of Earth will not need a bank (who will use bank if interest rate is too low) and will be free in paying some taxes(bloodline of government). 

In addition to that, many companies are now incorporated and affiliated themselves to blockchain companies to build their system on a digital ledgers. Some banks in Switzerland are now compiling legal regulations to tokenized some of their clients assets and equities. (These are clues— you are welcome) 

Abbey and I support this advocacy and that is why we invest in bitcoin. We can’t wait now that this currency to be accepted to most of all stores and used it as medium of trade. :) 

If you want to have a free bitcoin. Yes free! These are the faucets ( [per hour]and moon bitcoin every 5 minutes] ) that I used to get some of bitcoins while I am studying them. As you all know, I have a low tolerance in wasting time. So I am getting some BTC dust (satoshis) than nothing at all.


If you are ready to invest, you can use Coinbase, Bittrex, Coinhako (Singapore/Malaysia) or (Philippines) to buy. Those are exchanges and wallets too. 
If you want to know, if I mine? NO! It is a waste of resources, there are too many huge players now. As in huge! Their properties are so big that they seem to look like they are mining a physical gold.

From here, I do hope that you will dig deeper about bitcoin, its feature and future and stop listening to mainstream media about it. 

Exceed it bitcoin! TO THE MOON!
Next post, wait for our ETHER! :)

Note: Virtual currencies are very volatile. Study before invest. Invest at your own risk. 

For your safety, before registering any site for coins, you please check They compile websites that propagates  BITCOIN SCAMS. 

As of now, with our bitcoin, it already gained 50%+ more. On on our ether, it gained almost 80% as of this date.

Studying this two pays off! :)

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Five Greatest Commandments of Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Selling

Multi-level marketing? Really Wilma? You will discuss this? Well, why not? I saw my sister's bank account proliferate in a way I didn't expect. That time she is a member of Sundance, Avon and even Tupperware.

She became a millionaire! Below, I will tell you how she've done it and I do hope that words, sentences, and paragraphs below will enlighten you that not all MLM or Direct Selling are scams. For all the first timers and people in this kind of business who's not generating much, this post is for you.

MLM is not a Pyramid Scheme. First of all, let's differentiate Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Selling from Pyramid Scam. 

Now that we all know the differences, let's go to our main subject for this blog post. 

The Five Greatest Commandments of Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Selling 
1. Do your homework. Investigate the company. 
It is a non-sense if you will put money to a company you didn’t even know. Research for its legal documents. Does it have a good reputation among multi-level marketers? Interview your upline. Review its program and understand the compensation plan. 

2. Be a customer.. a “LOYAL CUSTOMER” of the product they are offering. 
Find a company with a product you love to use. MLM/Direct Selling companies offers goods (unlike Pyramid Scheme), be the number one fan of their products. 

Your enthusiasm, your life changing story, health benefits you are experiencing is an indirect marketing. Your personal success and relief and fashion in using your product will be an inspiration to others. 

My sister believed in the product she sells and she is so into it. We tried the Sundance sandals and we loved it too! Every one in our family became her customer. Even our relatives, then our community. 

3. Expect rejection and be ridiculed BUT remember why they say NO. 
Here comes why some of MLM marketers / direct sellers were tagged as annoying people. They were trained to pursue people until they get their YES! Oh my! It annoys me too. 

Do not pressure your family and bombard your facebook friends with your private messages to be your downline or get a product from you. Please put some respect and dignity to yourself. 

If you asked them and silence is a response, learn to walk away. You will save a ton of your own effort, time and energy to people that will eventually will not work for the success of your team. 

MLM is a team effort. Greater result will be accomplished when working together hand-in-hand.


4. Don’t show off your cheque or money. 
Let’s face it! Many people in this MLM circle is exaggerating their income. Haha! This is to trick the other people for them to be their new recruits. 

Here is a NEWS FLASH for all of you: MLM is not easy! You need to work your a$$ off to get your target income. 

I remember my older sister carrying too many boxes of shoes and other products. How many is many? That our house looks like a warehouse. If you need a marketer? Look for my sister. Haha! 

There is no reputable company that will pitch a quick-rich scheme. Remember that. 

5. Don't damage your INTEGRITY.
Only tell the truth, do not fabricate success stories just to encourage people to sign-up or buy your products. Be honest and for sure they will make another business with you. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Amber Beila's - 6 SESSIONS: Brazilian IPL with E Frost Machine Treatment and Mask

Going to waxing salon is a must for me and sometimes that routine is quite tiring. While browsing the Groupon (Now Fave) webpage, I stumbled upon a very low and reasonable price of Brazilian IPL at Amber Beila. The location is quite near at my office so I bought a package for 6 sessions for only S$80.00

E Frost Light Machine
Italia Belleza
When me and my colleague arrived, as usual, they are introducing another product...pain is lesser and the effect as they claimed is “instant”. We waived that off and go on as per our voucher. 

To my surprise, there’s no cooling agent applied and directly lasered the area. It was painful at first (unlike the Strip). In less than 10mins our first session is over. 

Only on our second meeting, they put a mask on my sensitive area after the laser session. It stayed on for 10mins. It smoothens the skin. 

On 5th session, the attendant is very pushy for me to get another 10 sessions. Frankly, I told her that I am not satisfied with my 6 months of stay there.

Amber Beila's IPL with E Frost Machine Treatment and Mask
1. The inner part hair didn’t receded. It grew back as normal. The texture seems no difference. 
2. I am not sure if they changed the towels used inside their cubicle for each customer. 
3. In my first time with them, they charged me off $20++ for not shaving off. That is insane amount! 
4. The attendant is kind but they are as I said pretty expressive in selling their products.

You can check their packages at their website or at FAVE.  

Amber Beila
(A) One Raffles Place #05-19A

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Boss G Ventures: YES! We INVEST in here!

We met Kuya Michael. The brain and founder of Boss G Ventures.

Boss G Ventures comprises of Boss G Grocery & Rice, R.C. Tolosa Builders, Gallus Farm, Shiyomi, the newest is Boss G on Wheels, and the coming soon venture is Boss G PisoNet.

Firstly, we invested a meager amount at Gallus Farm. To my surprise, the payout deposited to our account days before the actual. Abbey and I re-invested and put the money into his other businesses. Now we have a total of hundreds of thousands under Michael's wings. He never fails to deposit our payout on time.

Now Abbey and I are celebrating more than a year in partnership in his endeavours. Trust and friendships were founded deeply over time. More ventures to come Kuya Michael!

If you wish to know more and invest with Boss G you can directly message him at his facebook account.


Oh! One more thing. Most of his investment platforms were sold out in a day. So keep an eye for RC Tolosa project. The team is on the verge of closing the deal for more than 100 houses to establish the roofing needs. :)

Happy Investing!

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by Boss G Ventures. Study before invest. Invest at your own risk

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile, Chicago

It was 3 years ago when Abbey confessed that he is into a big surprise for me. He wanted to buy me lingeries from Victoria's Secret. And he was shocked when he saw the tremendous array of brassieres and panties to choose from. He surrendered that idea immediately and just laughed it out.

My husband doesn't forget. When we went to Magnificent Mile of Chicago, he reminded me to check out Victoria's Secret.

When we entered the store, Nikeisha smilingly greeted us. She asked me about my size and I told her that I am 10B and she looked me into my eye and told me that I better be checked. Haha.

Victoria's Secret - Bra Recommendation Sheet 
My NEW Victoria's Secret Bra

Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Bra Salon

Victoria's Secret - Fitting Room Aisle 
Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Fitting Room and Shirt

Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Perfumes 
Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Waiting Area 
While on our way to their exquisite fitting rooms she handed me a pink card and set of bras to try on. Hesitantly, I told her that cup "C" may be way too big for me. She shook her head and explained me that most of the girls assumes and uses a wrong size of underwear.

To my delight it is more comfortable and well cover my boobs. Nikeisha knocked to my door, and yes she barged in and taught me how to tighten up the strap. She asked me from where I am from, because my body is too slim. Gosh! It feels that I am a child and that was my first time to wear a bra! Hahaha!

After getting the perfect size for me, we roamed around at Victoria's Secret store to get the design I want. I chose nude and black for US$50+ each. Abbey with a lustful smile glanced at me and told me to get what I want and it will be on his tab. Naks!

I ended up buying 2 bras and one perfume. I got a free bag, lotion and lipgloss. :)

Thanks Victoria's Secret for making us look and feel sexy and thank you Nikeisha for treating me not just a customer but a queen. :)

Victoria's Secret Magnificent Mile
(A) 734 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA
(P) +1 312-280-1050
(H) 10AM – 9PM