Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bubblews - My Online Sanctuary (CLOSED)

I stumbled upon one of a blogpost that listed of a scam-free website that you can swag some cash. Bubblews caught my attention and I instantly join the site. 

My first account was flagged as a spam for just 2 days. I know! It is my fault! I just ticked the term and conditions and don't bothered to read the rules and regulations. Charged it to experience. Luckily, they accepted me back. 

On my second account under @WillOfAbbey, I read and reread all the things that I must learn. I am back with more cautious postings. I created connections and relationships with other "Bubblers". They always help and guide me. 

One of my key goal beside earning some cash is to be "featured". My deadline for me to attain that is before my first anniversary. But hey! I was awarded before I hit my first month. I am on a cloud nine when I saw that "FEATURED" letters pasted below my post. 

I love Bubblews. It is a sanctuary of positive data and information. You will learn a lot from different people. I love Bubblews! This is my bubble online. Join us! Earn money with us!

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