Wednesday, December 25, 2013

There's Always a Reason Why You Love Someone

You probably can't fathom why you love a person, why you always want him beside you despite of the differences and hurt that he had given you. Am I so foolish to say that if you love someone there should be a reason behind it?

I am on a flight to Manila, an hour delayed. Damn it!  Abbey and I were apart for one week. I succeeded to live but that 7 days, I know from my heart I am incomplete.

1. I stayed for half an hour and so to office, why? Nothing to do at home. I remember myself when I was a single, now I know why I work literally for whole day back then and just go back home for a shower.

2. Eating alone. Dining out alone is bearable, but i miss eating Filipino cuisine every night, which Abbey cooked for me.

3. Watching. I was doing this thing for 27 years... but when Abbey and I moved in, watching tv series and movies with my husband is better than hugging a bag of chips while laughing at comedy shows alone

4. Packed lunch is Abbey's forte. I miss it a lot, great thing my colleagues were there to buy food
for me at hawkers.

5. Nothing beats a strong arms around me while I am on sleep. Oh baby I miss the breathtaking hug.

6. As almost all the gals is saying, guys hate it when girls were on shopping. Abbey loves to go with me, walk around the mall and look for the thingy I am hunting for. The best part is, he pays for it. 

7. I was always showered by compliments by my husband but it will be more appreciated if it comes with a peck on my forehead  or a slap on my butt.. Haha.

8. Surprises! Oh darling! 

I really miss my guy. But being apart is a blessing, it made me realize what are things I should be thankful for.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why I Bid Goodbye in Purchasing Belle de Jour Power Planner or Acquiring a Free Starbucks Planner

I am a great great fan of planners ever since I set my foot in the corporate world. From that time my boss gave me a Guess planner, I am really hooked up to the help it gave me for my day-to-day life.

Am I addicted to always have this kind of notebook? Yes! I feel so incomplete if I do not have a planner. I can't live without it but mid-year of 2013, I decided to shake off that feeling of emptiness and left my 2013 BDJ planner at home.  

Here are the reasons why I do not buy any planners from now on:
1. I realized that the Starbucks or coffee cafe free planner really costs me a lot of money, yes it is free but for me who is not fan of their coffees, it will take me about a thousand pesos to have that for free.

2. BDJ Planners is a very cute planner and a lot of vouchers inside. I saw the 2013 issue and I am really disappointed. Dati sa Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Ace Water Spa bawi mo na yung almost Php600.00 mo. Ngayon, di na ganun kaganda and valuable ang mga vouchers inside. 

3. Planners are so heavy inside my bag, taking it out made a big difference on the weight. Now, I just use the S Note for my doodles or save the links I need to remember in my phone.

4. The ultimate "why" I bid goodbye ay, now that I am already married, its my duty to let my husband know my schedules and vise versa. So instead to buy a pocket planner for him, I went back to my college days where I do not have money to buy those planner and yet need to have an organise myself to finish all my projects before the target date.
From June 2013, we use my own version of calendar. I usually use recycled paper  then use excel to create a table. No fuss, just spend for a small amount of ink in the printer and tadahhhhh! Two persons, in one piece of paper, can see all the events. We can give way to each other and not compromise any schedules.

Maybe this will help the couples out there. 

Oh, this is just above our light switch so we can see all the must-to-do before facing a new day!. :) 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Wish Came True

I have seen few countries here in Asia and I am very awed on the their differences. I think back then when can my siblings experience what I have felt being a tourist in a foreign land.

So when I landed a job, married and pretty stable, Abbey and I planned to bring all our siblings to be a tourist here in Singapore... for free.

Usapan namin, each year one kapatid plus one, its up to them who they will choose. That will be an all-expense paid, I will be in-charge in all even for their pasalubongs for our parents and other siblings. Personal things and pasalubong to other people, that one they must bear.

Before they go here, I asked them what are the main sights they want to see or events they want to attend, well, this proved that we, every child of my parents, have different interests in life. Read on and see for yourself, haha! 

My first visitors: Ate Sol and Baste. This is the luckiest pair, why?, because I do not have work back then, so I am with them, see how lucky they were! Haha! 3 days in total of jam-packed schedule. 

They experience The Flyer, Night Safari, Universal Studios, Fountain of Wealth, of course the Merlion Park, Orchard Road, The Marina Bay SkyPark and The Songs of the Sea.

Second: Our eldest, Kuya Ric with his only son Joshua P. Mangila, (buong-buo diba?) haha! As per request, Kuya want to stay for a week.. granted! He wants to see the parks, granted! So they visited to Istana and Jurong Bird Park, MacRitchie Reservoir, My Waterways @ Punggol, Punggol Promenade, Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre, Punggol Reservoir, Marina Barrage, Mt. Faber National Park. 

We even went out Singapore to see Melaka Malaysia, Singapore Flyer and  got the chance to visit the Singapore's National Library. They ate at Lau Pa Sat. They also have the opportunity to buy our weekly grocery at Sheng Siong. One day of USS, saw a movie at the newly built JCube back then, and visited IKEA.

The last but not the least, Kuya Laleng with his wife. F1 race even outside the fence was all he wants. He told me he just like to hear the revving engines, well, his wish was given to him and upgraded it to BayStand ticket. 

They saw the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Bukit Batok Nature Park, a tour at Marina Barrage, they check-out the Ulu Pandan Connector Park, experienced the Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure, we raced on Luge and went up, up and away with Skyride. 

They walked at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes and even experienced a free movie premiere of The Rush. They dined at hawkers and had a lunch buffet at Bay Hotel.

Actually, this is my wish... my wish for my siblings. Wish that came true. I am so thankful to The Almighty One for giving me this opportunity to share the blessings with my siblings! 

Love you mga Kuya and Ate ko! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strip Singapore: Ministry of Waxing - IPL Brazilian @ $58

I tried hot and cold wax and even the soft one for my brazilian and it was my first time to have an IPL down there. 
First time indeed, I don't know the process but I know that they will use a machine that will emits laser.. :) haha! Oh dear, I do not even know that IPL stands for Intensed Pulse Light. 
So the process:
1. They will shave all the hair and they definitely left it bare. OMG, I am quite furious that time, because I know that the hair will grow back 2-3 days once shaved off. 
2. They will put a gel, actually a cooling gel to mimimize the heat that will emit by the machine.
3. The light was applied by the attendant using a wand-like device, its soothing as it warms the cold gel.

The result.
1. 3 days after my session, the hair starts to grow and because it was shaved it made me feel the irritating itchiness. 
2. One week aftet the treatment,  whenever I take a shower, using my gloves to exfoliate the IPLed part, the hair starts to come-off. And now it is bare again.

My anxiety grew and heard the voice of attendant that I will regret that I don't take their 50% off offer for 5 sessions. 

Yeah regret it.. Haha! Anyways, I still have package from other beauty salon for brazilian wax, after that sessions, maybe I will rethink if I should pursue to have some IPL with Strip ;)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Yes! I am a monster.

I am a strict and all-must-know girlfriend. He do not have any privacy on me and I have the "I am the only right attitude". I nagged him, even our neighbors heard I am cursing him.

No-secrets policy. Before he does anything he must ask for my permission. If I cannot go to an event or place he should stay home too. I want phone calls before he sleeps and a ring before he could open his eyes from slumber. I want a date weekly, monthsary letters and surprises. I am super sensitive. 

I am not a touchy person, public display of affection is a big NO. I am not a pleaser. I want all my commands will be executed in a second. Everything should be done for me and only me.. I want to be his center of love and attention.. No other people must penetrate our space. 

...And I met Abbey, again. A self-made monster!.. A sensitive, "us" policy person, must know all, he wants all of my attention and time, loves surprises, missives are overflowing, respect is a must. He never went to a place or event without me, communication is compulsory, pleaser, fond of PDA, he wants to be always prioritized. A commander. 

Yes we are both monsters... monsters united in love.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Card ... Our Best Friend

I know guys that you know that credit cards really create magic. Just a simple swipe all things you want will be instantly yours. But do you know many people now suffer because of using of those plastics and many are maximizing and enjoying having it? 

I am BDO credit card holder for I think almost 8 years but my credit limit never increased. I can feel their fury on me and I am loving it  haha. Every time I swipe my card, I see to it that I have already the money in my bank account. Why? I want the amount to stay there until end of month to increase the deposit and could make more savings interest. Then I
will pay it in full. No balances is equal to no interest, no extra charges and fees. I also demanded to waive off their annual fee, and they agreed. 

Here in Singapore, my husband have Citibank SMRT card. Since it is his first time to use one, I educate him how to manage it. With a good credit background many banks now offering him to get a loan which we always refused. We also received great points that we can redeemed for dining and grocery vouchers.

I treat my card as my best friend. Never borrow money unless really necessary and always pay all your debt or else the friendship will be torn and wasted. 

You? How do you treat your credit cards? If you don't want your life a living nightmare do not use your credit card to spend today your tomorrow's money.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Insanely Awesome Mother-in-Law

Its very hard to please everbody... most specially mothers-in-law. If you will search the internet about MIL, you will see how many rants the daughters-in-law to their second mothers. And ang tanging bilin sa akin ng nanay ko ay ibuhos ko na sa kanya ang kamalditahan ko at wag sa magiging byenan ko.  My mom felt the pure love of her parents-in-law to her and vice-versa and of course I want to be like that on my byenan.

When I met Mrs. Lapuz, I felt how she loves Abbey. She always asked back then if I really love her son. She frankly told me that my looks were deceiving, and she don't like me because I look so snob. 

First meeting, she cried in front of me and I listened to tales. In one meeting, Tita Sweet got my attention, my care and my heart. I told to myself, this is the mother-in-law I want to be with for the rest of my life. 

Well, I call her "Sweet", why? Should I further explain it to you? For almost 5 years of relationship with Abbey I never saw her shout in anger, she always hugs me when I go to their home as if I was gone for years, she kisses me a lot, she treats me as her own daughter, she buys me stuffs... Hey! I even have my own set of clothes in their home in Bulacan. Mama Sweet is always there for me if I need somebody to be with sa aming pampering sessions, she always explains why Abbey acted weird sometimes. And the unforgettable, when I got sick in their home, she took care of me, she even massages me and gave a breakfast in bed. 

Yeah, yeah, jealous I got this kind of mother-in-law? She is really an awesome person. A total package, a mother and a girl friend in one. 

Thanks Mama for everyting lalo na sa pagpapalaki at pag-aalaga mo ng maayos kay Abbey hanggat 'di pa ako dumarating sa buhay nya. I love you so much Mama Sweet. You are one in a million. Mama ako pa rin ang number 1 mo na manugang ha? Haha! 

We miss you Ma! Hope to see you sa 1st birthday ni DomDom. Let's go for some manicure and pedicure ;) 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wedding Invitations from Zazzle

We were quite amazed that our posts in our wedding blog touched thousand of people's lives around the globe. As the mission of that blog is to show the whole wide world our love to each other and also to help some of couple out there to plan their wedding.

Few weeks ago, we received an email about some paid photo posting at our wedding invite post

To tell you frankly, that would be our first time to accept that kind of offer. As we checked the site Chris send to us, Abbey and I agreed to post the photo and post the link. 

Honestly, we don't expect if Chris will not send to us the payment, but he did.. ;) 

Thanks Chris.. Please check it caters a lot of things not only affordable invitations.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

AVEDA Singapore - Damage Remedy™ Restructuring Collection

One sunny Sunday, Abbey, my husband told me that he really loves my red hair, and he took a photo of it while he is walking behind me. He showed the photo and I realized that my curled and colored hair is quite dry.

So on that same day, I sat down on my freebies/sample drawer and looked for a hair product that I can use and I found Aveda shampoo, conditioner and daily hair repair tubes from the Damage Remedy line. After the planned activities, I straight away went for some lovely "me time" and on my hand are the Aveda samples.

As the shampoo touched my wet scalp, the aroma immediately filled our bathroom, and it really relaxes me. Washing off the shampoo I felt the extra cleanliness of my hair. Time for conditioner, I squeezed the extra water, applied and left it for about 5 minutes. As I ran my fingers through my hair to wash off the conditioner, I felt instantly the effect, (I am not over-reacting here), then its time for the treatment vial its seems an expert from a salon touched and cured my hair!

How much I love the result of the product? After I bathe, I immediately go to Aveda's online store and asked my husband to buy it for me. After I woke, that Monday, I never showered my hair way to maintain that fullness and smoothness of my hair! Really love that product!

Go and try it for yourself, check out their online store now!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canon Get A Grip - Powershot N Camera‎

In the era where photo editing is a must, still many drab pictures are lurking the social media sites.

Well, am I the only one anxious when someone from your facebook friends keep uploading  same shots, same angle, on a boring background over and over again? Well, Canon Singapore proved that I am not alone.

Recently,  GET A GRIP was launched and I pledged for a change. Pledged to be more creative on snaping a photo and filter first before uploading it in facebook or our blogs.
Are you one of us in this vision? Come, join, and pledge in! 

Thanks Canon for this shirt :) 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Target Achieved

This May was really a mind-blowing month for me and my hubby.

When 2013 stepped up on our lives, I told my husband that on this year we must focus more on our careers and money matters. Last two years of our marriage, we promised to enjoy and spend time with each other's company. We traveled, explore different kinds of foods and attended events, and this year we agreed to focus on our jobs and investments.

I really thought that it will take us a year to achieve our career target, but only 5 months, Almighty One blessed and granted the desires of our heart. Abbey was promoted as team lead in UBS, I am so happy, I know he deserved it...I am envy of him, while I received a salary increment and Abbey is so envious of that. Haha!

In investments, Abbey now religiously buying shares of his choice, while I am still torn between two companies to complete my "Power of Five" firms. I received dividends and Abbey may received his second on last week of June. Another investment is now materializing, we are expecting that to be finished before October. :)

Our hopes were blessed. I am so lucky to have Abbey.... to have him on my side while placing each piece of our puzzle for our target retirement age.

Thanks to our employers and colleagues who believed on us. Thanks to the community that keeps us informed, well educated and updated. And most specially, gratitude to our family & friends for continuous prayers and support on our plans.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

NIP + FAB Singapore - Cellulite Fix

Are you sure that you do not have cellulite? To check it for yourself, look onto your thigh, the more prone area in developing this cellulite, do you see dimple-like on your skin?, no?, try to pinch it.

As I examined last month I was at the stage grade 2 ( No visible cellulite when lying down or standing.  An orange peel texture can be seen when the skin is pinched.) and the reaction from my family was, you are so slim to have that, well even thin women are not exempted to this.

Gladly, Abbey won and received a package from Nip & Fab Cellulite Fix. I used it daily after my bath in the morning. The gel is not sticky and no irritating or hot feeling once I applied. The tube lasts for a month, it costs $29.90 and available on their website and Watsons.

In a very busy day, I do not need to workout so much to lessen the fatty bumps. ;) Thanks Nip + Fab Singapore.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Power of Giving

Do you want to receive more?, then give more. I am not saying that you must only give to people you wish to receive something, well where is the wisdom and holiness in that?

You want to be loved? Learned to give more love unto others?

You want to receive a ton of blessings? Be a blessings to others.

You want your business to be successful? Give the right benefits for your employees.

You want to acquire a great knowledge? Teach what you already know.

You want to be respected? Respect even a child.

You want to be happy? Be happy for your enemy's achievements.

You want to be successful in every aspect of life? Pray to Holy Above and take care of your parents.

Be a generous giver and you will be a great receiver.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paulo Lapuz Design

Do you need logo for your blog, company, wedding or birthday?Do you need people who will design your articles in magazines or newspapers?

Well many of our readers astounded when we decided to create a facebook page for our blogs, they are not shocked by the idea of creating a fb page but the logo I posted as a display photo.

As they were really happy to see the new logo as Abbey and I called it, inquiries also poured in. Maybe they are thinking that me or hubby designed it, haha. Well they are all wrong, we both do not have an imaginative mind to think about that and also we do not have an artistic hand to portray it.

It was designed by Paulo of Paulo Lapuz Design. He is one of Abbey's cousin based in Long Beach, CA. Some people asked how much we pay him, well he crafted this logo for us free.

Please do send this kind guy an email at Hmm, maybe he can give also free service. Haha!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Girls, girls, girls!

Once hormones kicked-in we are craving for some kind of taste, right? So last April, I am craving for ice cream and cheesecake.

When we are doing our weekly grocery at FairPrice at Clementi Mall, I saw a non-familiar flavor of Ben Jerry's in its fridge, its the Strawberry Cheesecake. So lucky, it's on a promotion $19.90 for two.

I am quite hesitant for this will be my first time to get into it. But, OMG! This really excites my taste buds. It is my favorite taste of strawberry gelato bind by the cheesecake crust.

After I finished it all, I ask Abbey to buy one more, but this time for both of us.

Thanks to Ben & Jerry's for this concoction.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Treatment Total Care

When I announced my intention to curl my hair, many were approved it but many also were worried. The issues that was pointed out by my siblings and friends were... what if the curls will not be look so nice for me, what if my beautiful crowning glory will end up dry after I decided to go back to my natural wavy hair, what if frizziness and split-ends will start to build up, and on and on.. but I still continued my plan.

We went to New Station Salon beside the Clementi Mall, sat down there until my phone ran out of battery, they cut, shampooed, treated, and the last is curled it up using an alien like machine. Almost 3 hours of sitting my butt there, then they took out the rod of perming machine. Upon cooling down, they washed again my hair. Then the beautiful locks appeared.

Now, its on my hands to take care of my permed hair. I never stopped doing my "me-time" habit, every week I keep on using my trusted hair products to nourished my crowning glory.

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Treatment Total Care is my best ally to prove that I can flaunt my permed hair beautifully. I easily get-along with my new hair-do! This product helps me to prevent the signs of damaged hair.

I bought this when Watsons held a bargain in Singapore Expo. This only costs me $5 and it lasted for more than a month of weekly usage.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Let's Count the Blessings!

I am 30 and I know it. I am old, yeah I admit it and I am happy. Since January 2013, I keep on thinking what achievements that I had done with the past 3 decades. So here are some to summarize..

Family: My parents, nobody can replace them in my heart. They're the best parents for me; they know how to spoil and how to teach me a lesson. They know what makes me happy and what makes me really mad. My father taught me the importance of inner scorecard, to choose friends wisely and how to be frugal in money. My mom is always there for me. I know I got her style in dressing and the thinking that wife must not be totally dependent to their husbands on finances. She also taught us how important to own your own house and lot.
            My siblings are the best! Even they want to choke me to death because of brat attitude, they are always there to be my guide and be my models. We grew up in different generations and believe in different religions but in relation to our different manners, we understand each other.
            In-Laws: Abbey came from a well-intact and very sweet family. I am so thankful to be part of their growing family. So thankful to have a very kind and very sweet new set of parents and siblings.
            Friends: They proved to all of the people that are around us that they are not after my money. Ha! Hey!, they are richer than me. :) Truly, my set of friends is a gem to cherish. It seems that we knew each other since birth. Love you all! 

Education: I am an ordinary student constantly in Section 1, until I came to the point to see what subject I will excel, and that is Physics... The subject that almost everyone hates. For the first time, I joined a quiz bee and won the first price. I garnered the Best in Science Award & Mercury Drug Awardee. In college, I took up the Bachelor of Science in Customs Administrations for 3 1/2 years. With tears, I passed the board exam with an average of 81%.

Career: At the age of 26, I became the supervisor of a certain company, went to Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia for procuring. Be known in the Bureau of Customs. The latest is that here in Singapore, after sending my particulars at 3PM, 5PM on the same day the Ministry approved my application. Now I am working happily with in my current company for more than a year, with great boss, great colleagues and very cooperative clients.

Finances: As my usual when I am working back in Philippines, 50% is directly going to my other account as my savings. Now it is not 50%, now I can save for 80% of my earnings, (achievement indeed). Now you know why I want all to be free, haha!  Me and my husband have some investments also, getting ready and wishing for an early retirement.

Love Life: When I am counting my blessings, I count Abbey twice. Actually, I do not need to explicate why. Every person me and my husband knew always told me that I am lucky to have Abbey. Always replying them, "I am not lucky, I am BLESSED."

In past 30 years, I had gone many trials; some told me that it is a failure but for me that is only a lesson to ponder and to get ready for another challenge for me to succeed. 

Prayers is my only armor for the future and I am hoping that we can use all the lessons of the past to jump over the hurdle of trials.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Influenced Not Controlled

I don't need to explain anything about my choice who to be with after my parents met Abraham. No words can define how good my man is. He never changed his nice qualities and altered some for better. Isn't it good?

My family and specially my mom is totally happy on my transformation. They are telling that my attitude really was modified. They say, now I learned how to express my feelings. Maybe! Haha!

I think Abbey and I influenced each other... a lot! When there's differences we are taking a deep breath then lay it on our center for us to solve it. Every decision, every move; in everything we both decide. We influenced each other but not controlled.

Thank you baby for very peaceful years with you.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

FreshKon® Colors Fusion

It is so amazing that a very small piece of plastics will give your eyes a 20-20 vision again, that you will get the eye color you always dreamt of, and the added feature of by Freshkon is that you can dress your eyes up!

I wore only one brand of contacts since my college days and this is my first time to try new one.

Well as I opened the lids and do the first wash, I felt this pair is softer and more delicate. So I mustered an extra care while putting it on.

This gives me a new spark in my eyes, new color and and a bigger pupil. Indeed this Freshkon contacts added beauty to every wearer. You can get a free trial here and see it for yourself.

Thanks Freshkon for this pair. Please click to locate their stores.

Friday, March 1, 2013

7 out of 10 Marital Break Ups Are Caused By Money Problems

Yes, you read it right 7 out of 10 couples breakup is due to money. So, are you one of those who broke their vows? Are you just a couple for better and not for worse? Well, this is not limited to legally married, boyfrien-girlfriend relationship is not exempted with these.

A lot of girls jumping out once they saw a wealthier man that they can be with. Now love is not so important unlike the last decades, how much someone is earning is more valuable in finding a partner now. The common term for this is "practicality".

Couple finances is a big issue as of today. Who will handle one's money, who will do the budgeting and how much they will help to each other's family. Me and my hubby never talked about this before tying the knot. Unspoken words is better than setting many rules.

Me and husband have different accounts, we handle our own salaries. We shares our blessings with our own pockets. But everything we do regarding money was placed before the scrutiny of each before we do the dealings.

As I can say, the key thing here is communication. Let your partner know how much you both earn, how much you spend. Transparency will never be a hindrance for a clearer future as husband and wife.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

GNC LAC Taut® Collagen Mask

When you will go to beauty shops, they have arrays of masks, some made from flowers, some from wines, green tea, etc...etc. I am quite hesitant to try some of those as the others agitates my face.

I am a proud member of GNC and I trusted all the products they are offering. When I renewed my membership, I redeemed my points and got some of their products and one of those is LAC Taut Collagen Infusion Mask.

After our vacation in a land with a temperature of 14degrees , I felt so tired and my skin, face and even my hair is so dry.

Eagerly to have a solution for this fiasco, I took a shower, scrub my face, dry up and immediately put in the collagen infusion mask to hydrate my face.

The mask texture is different from the other, its like a cloth unlike the other thats like made from simple cotton. After 10 minutes, I feel that my face really absorbed the moisture.

Thanks to GNC. Love this product. This costs $49.50 per box.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miles Away

Isn't nice to see all your siblings, hug them, sing along with them, play jokes, laugh and reminisce together and I am really glad to see the big smiles and grins from my husband's face when he saw his sisters, brother and parents. He really did missed them a lot.

Sis Abi is staying at Chicago, Sis Beth at Bulacan and RJ works at Abu Dhabi, now Mama and Papa's Visa for America is out and now getting ready for their flight. Abbey's happiness faded and the sky of Singapore cries with him from early morning until night of 19th of January '13.

I can say that messengers and photos helps cure homesickness but cannot deeply suffice the space in our hearts.

Now, I appreciate more that my parents and siblings are just only 3 hours plane ride, that anytime I can or they can visit us here in Dover.

All the best Ate Abigail, Kuya Victor, RJ, and Jhen. We'll see you soon Ate Beth, Kuya Bong and DomDom. Everything will be okay Mama Sweet and Papa RS. We are looking to be with all of you, in HIS perfect time.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lactacyd White Intimate

Only weeks away and we will say hello to summer again. Are you ready for it?

Are your swimsuits ready? Many people accepts the beauty of a voluptuous women nowadays, so wear that love handles on the shores with heads-up girls. But some of the ladies have problems with their v-zone area, uneven skintone,  and that is why they don't want to flaunt flesh even they have amazing curves.

Amazingly, Lactacyd come up with an idea for the V-Zone whitening. An intimate wash that refreshes and whitens. This costs only $13 for 250ml.

Happy Bikini season ladies.