Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Mom, Our Family and The Alzheimer's

No! I will not inflict stress on me. But when I saw my mother's current state...I cried inside and burst out when nobody is around. 

Nanay is experiencing Alzheimer's disease. Her brain's age is 85 but her body is strong as 60. Her real age is only 68. 

Last year, we decided to go to Manila Doctors Hospital to see a geriatric doctor. We just want to solve her sleeping issues. Yep! Her kind of Alzheimer's is the one that can't sleep. She can be awake for 3 days straight and it cause headaches and gastric pain on her. After all the laboratory tests and CT scan, her doctor prescribed sleeping pills, vitamins and medicines. It all goes well, until my Ate (Older Sister) terrifyingly described our Nanay as "Nauupos na kandila" last September. 

That time changed everything. 

Being with a person who is suffering with this kind of disease is stressful. My Father and the rest of our family is exhausted in dealing with my mom. Then it came a time that exhaustion turned to be ferocious. I am guilty to that, I will not deny it and I regret that. Then my family back home saw my mom on the verge of death, reality stroked each one of us and we started to see a new point of view. We saw my mom's state on her own perspective. 

As suggested by the doctor, we tried a new medicine called Cerebrolysin. As observed by my Ate, she told me that Nanay responded well in that medicine but then after few days my mom cannot walk, stand or sit. Medicine reacts violently in my mom's body. Wrecking not only her but also us. 

Sometimes she speaks softer than whisper, that even putting my ear near her mouth is futile. She cries every other hour and while on her tears she is praying. She always giving thanks to Apo. (God in Kapampangan Dialect). When she is crying, my dad will go out of our house, do not want to see my mom's reality. There are times that she forces herself to remember our names and every time she tries...she fails. There are days that she only do is cry, day that she is a snob and to my surprise, one day she enumerated names of people that borrowed money to her. 

The doctor explains the causes of this disease; primarily it's in our genes and secondarily my mom's brain is very tired. My mom work way too hard for our family to enjoy what life we have now. Nanay is one of the helping hand not only in our clan but also in our community. While on her check-up the doctor look into her and brags "Ang sipag mo Nanay nung kabataan mo". 

No. I won't chase miracle through drugs. After all, my mom is the third woman I saw that the medical case was worsened by taking such kind of western medicine. All I want now is to give comfort not only for my mom but also for my dad. And pray to GOD to remember all my mom's kindness and good actions not only for our family but also to her friends. I am trusting my mother's life into HIS hands.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FarmOn Philippines: Best Crop or Livestock to Invest In

After my family, friends and readers read our blog post about investing in, without hesitation they adhere on the crusade to flourish again the industry of farming in the Philippines. Anyways, who will not join this kind of campaign? They will help the farmers by providing money and they will get a beautiful pay-out from their investments.

Registration was done and then the usual second question we are getting is "What is the best crop/livestock should I invest in?" Frankly, I am pretty obsessive in many things I do. I want things to be handy. And on that, we made an excel file of Farmon's crop and livestock. Each has corresponding best month to invest and its season. Duration is the amount you need to shell-out per plot and ROI given last time by FarmOn was also stated in below chart.

We are now sharing this file to all of our readers. We do hope that this will help you make a decision on what will be the best crop/livestock to invest your hard earned money.

Best Crop or Livestock to Invest in FarmOn Philippines

How to use this chart? Always eye for the green highlighted data. Those will give you the fastest return. Once you have chosen, look on the Season and Best Month to Invest this may give you a hefty profit (but I am not guaranteeing it..ok? hehe!).

Kindly indicate or (that our friends' account) as your referral. :) Please take note that FarmOn will spare the referrer a 1% out of their share. Thank you in advance.

If you have questions, you can message Farmon at their facebook page :).

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by Study before invest. Invest at your own risk

Let the money work for us :)


 ***To confirm your status with FarmOn: Drop us a message at our facebook page. TIA!***


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Difference of Successful and Unsuccessful People's Crying Behaviour

Successful people cry too but... inevitable action due to an overwhelming emotion that people is experiencing. 

Successful people do cry. A lot of times, I bet. Along the path of success they surely meet failures, unforeseen events and all kinds of people. People that may cost them failure, debt or worst...bankruptcy. Imagine, how hard it is that you and your company failed not because of you but because of the people around you. Whose tears will not drop to this kind of situation? 

So what's the difference? Successful and unsuccessful crying pattern. 

Successful people cry and wipe their tears. They create new opportunities for themselves and build another road armoured with the lessons from the past failures and problems. They attract new team consisted of right people with right attitude and same goal that they have. 

While the unsuccessful ones keeps on crying. They do drama in front of people who have the same wavelength they have, to venture out pity from them. They inculcate in their brain that they do not have a mistake and it was all other's fault. They play the blame game. Yes, they have a team too! A team that the main goal is to remain on the situation they are currently in. They will keep you comfortable staying in that circle and will keep on telling you that people are bad and you are the good one. They celebrate a "pity party". 

And on that, they are willingly not taking a chance to change themselves for betterment. They just stay at the mud that keeps on swallowing their whole being. 

While the successful people already moved-on on their crying moments, here they are miring people who have goals in life. While the successful people already working on their way up, this losers are working to spread gossips. While these successful people envisions how to help others, these unsuccessful group thinks what is in it for me. While the successful people are eyeing for a prosperous future, here they are still staring at the past and keeps murmuring to themselves how poor, unlucky and how tough life is. Oooh! They are fond of getting negative vibes. 

Difference of Successful and Unsuccessful People

STOP THE DRAMA! You are not paid nor your life can't be better when you cry! STOP crying just to get sympathy from others. STOP IT AND MOVE ON!