Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lay Bare Waxing Salon -- Yey! or Nay!

Lay Bare Waxing Salon
Lay Bare Waxing Salon - SM North EDSA The Block
Where do I got started my brazilian waxing journery? Well, it all started with Lay Bare. 

So why Lay Bare? Because they have a descent discount coupon from my Belle de Jour Power Planner and they have a walking distance branch from my Makati office. 

Lay Bare Waxing Salon
Waxing Area

The first session is still vivid. I have a high pain tolerance that time maybe because of the stress of lovelife and job I have that time, so the cold wax really works for me. And that is the only brazilian wax I know that is affordable to redeem and I have nothing to compare to. 

After, around 8 years visiting only hot wax salons, I made my way to LayBare again and now I know the difference. With cold honey wax, it is more painful, because..maybe, the pores were close and it gives more shocking sting of pain. For only 3 days, I saw some hairs already popping out. Oh, and there are 4 ingrown bumps I saw. 

Ahm, after this session, I will surely come back to hot waxing. Hehe. Before I forgot! Kuddos to their brow threading. Attendant, shaped my brow perfectly! Lovvve it! 

Be aware of the packages they are offering. You will save a lot! 

Till next time LayBare for my brow threading!

Lay Bare Waxing Salon
SM North EDSA The Block
Contact Details

Lay Bare Waxing Salon
(W) https://lay-bare.com/

Sunday, July 1, 2018

National Museum of Natural History Philippines

Tita Duty!!! 

Ok! Together with my nephew and nieces, we went to National Museum of Natural History. This is the newly renovated museum in the City of Manila. We went there to see what is the buzz and we were surprised of what we witnessed inside. 

Inside is like a wet market! The noise is all over and you will definitely cannot concentrate to what you are reading. It is annoyingly noisy! It seems that the youth went there just to take photo and talk non-stop with their friends. 

National Museum of Natural History Philippines

National Museum of Natural History Philippines

National Museum of Natural History Philippines

National Museum of Natural History Philippines
Entrance for Senior Citizen

National Museum of Natural History Philippines

National Museum of Natural History Philippines
Ok, to the museum. The architecture, specially the space where Lolong's replica rests is white and astonishing. The crisscrossing and elevator in the middle is a good idea. The direct sunlight brings natural light in and reflects nicely throughout the museum. 

They have Lolong's skeletons hanging at one room. They have a video of the beauty of Philippine marine life. Most of the collection is taxidermy birds. The washroom is clean and well maintained. 

Looking forward to see more at the museum on the next few years. For sure, it will be developed and be aligned with intenational museums!

National Museum of Natural History
(H) 10AM - 5PM
(A) Ermita, Manila, Luzon 1000, Philippines

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Let Me LOVE You A Little More!

Nanay's air-conditioned room. 
1:52 AM (24 June 2018) and my Nanay is still awake. Murmuring words that I cannot understand. Crying but I do not know where the pain is coming from. I held her hand, arranged her foot pillow and rubbed my palm on her head to pacify her. But those actions brought no difference. 

While looking at her, I can't help but cry. All the memories flashed back onto me. 

All the happy memories and the lessons I have learnt from her. How she helped people and her "pusong mamon" to "pusong bato" moment. I remembered the time my father carried me and Nanay was running in the middle of the night to go to my "suking" doctor. 

While staring at her hand, I asked her, "Nanay, ilang milyon binilang ng kamay na ito?". She just stared at me. But all I can do is cry. The next statement blurted from my mouth are words of gratefulness. "Nanay, salamat po sa lahat ng pagod mo sa akin. Salamat sa lahat ng pasenya at pagmamahal. Salamat sa lahat pag-aalaga. Nay, kulang pa ang ginagawa ko ngayon para mapantayan lahat ng pagod mo para sa amin na pamilya mo."

Last few nights, every move she makes, made me jumped out of my bed just to check her. I always have a “heart attack”. But I do not mind. I told myself, this is my time to watch you sleep. Watch you snore and keep on check if your diaper is full or not. This is my only time to return the favor, but sometimes I felt that it is not enough. 

Alzheimer's is a painful disease not only for the patient but also to the children specially for the spouse. Be careful with your brain. They need proper rest and nutrition. 

Just now, I turned off the light and waiting and hoping that this action will make her feel sleepy or better. 

... Around 3AM she fell asleep.