Thursday, February 1, 2018

Integrity in the Midst of Instability

Blockchain/bitcoin was built entirely because of Satoshi Nakamoto's frustration in our banking system and the society that evolves on it. Now that his advocacy is a wild craze, people from all walks of life are jumping in to join the party. Yes all! Even the bad guys!

Last week, Coincheck was compromised and hit the record-high hack for the blockchain industry. Cryptonauts expected that there will be chaos and another massive suicide watch list but Coincheck surprised them all with their decision. Koichiro Wada announced early this week that they will pay off the platform users who were affected by that incident. That is the first time in the entire history of blockchain that someone stood up to return their missing coins. That's integrity! Thanks Coincheck.

Then we go to questioning NEM's decision.

Aren't you tired to obey rules and laws? Tired of banks asking you question why are you withdrawing your chunk of savings or just a mere scenario of teller asking what is your source of income when depositing a huge amount. Well, this is for them to comply in many regulations they need to follow as bank. The banks do not want to be tagged as non-compliant or accepting funds from illicit businesses.

Imagine, a good neighbourhood was attacked by an intruder, forced to take one of your valuables and settled in one of the nearby houses. What are you going to do? Nothing? Really?

No! It is either all the villagers will march to the occupied house and take their valuables again, or just remember that address and intruder's face and never help or do business with him.

transparent, safe, secure and compliant ecosystem of NEM

I saw that NEM proves that blockchain can build a transparent, safe, secure and a compliant ecosystem. That move from NEM (flagged the address and taint those hacked XEMs) is not only to comply on laws and clamors of its members and stakeholders but it is a moral obligation for its community.

Now, because of tainted XEMs no one wants to get involved with the hacker’s address. Why? It will affect the POI (Proof of Importance) of Nano wallet addresses who will do transactions with it.

Transparency solves the problems in preventing the dirty money (AML/CTF) to get involved in this new technology. Good job NEM! 

Coincheck thanks for the integrity in this business. Thank you both for making this blockchain world a better place

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Yolé Singapore - New Frozen Yogurt Shop

Without bidding a formal goodbye, llaollao left the stage to make way with Yolé

Abbey bought me a large cup with natural frozen yogurt flavor for $6.90 and it was consisted of two toppings and a syrup. 

So how was it? The taste of yogurt is more natural than the predecessor. You exactly knew that llaollao  twitched their yogurts by putting sweetener and or cream. Yolé? More sour (natural taste of a yogurt) and feels healthier to consume. Of course the biscuit syrup will not leave my cup of frozen yogurt. 

Have you tried their different flavored yogurts offered by Yolé

Yolé Singapore

(A) 83 Punggol Central Waterway Point #01-63

Friday, December 1, 2017

NEM (XEM) Awakening the Giant

Enormous count of people was looking forward for the bursting of the "cryptocurrency bubble". They are comparing it to the dotcom mania that lead many investors into bankruptcy.  So what you should do to avoid this? Look at the intrinsic value of the companies, their projects, and platforms.

I discussed two big coins... Bitcoin and Ether, now let's wake-up the giant, XEM.

The opportunity clock is set-up to ring for NEM this 2018. And before the giant gets off on his bed, Abbey and I is already investing with XEM, greatly (time and money).

So here’s why:
1. As you can see, NEM is consistent in top coin Market Cap.

2. They have this NEM:Helpdesk that you can connect 24/7.

3. They are conditioned in marketing their platform not in marketing their coin. Main reason why XEM was not "hyped". But don't get me wrong that you cannot make money in NEM. If you invested last November, your money gained 4500%+ up to this date.

4. ICOs are now testing NEM's blockchain. Some ICOs built on it this 2017 are LoyalCoin, Bankera, Comsa, Qchain.

5. We all know how Japan is playing a big part in world's future technology and how Korea is doing pumping funds in crypto world. They are the two biggest supporters of NEM. This is a tip. You are welcome.

6. What are the features that some blockchains do not have.
-- Smart Assets. This is like Ethereum's Smart Contract but of course way better. Why? It can be customized. This is to prevent bugs,  hacks or you just want to edit its protocols.

-- Multi-Signature. This is a good service that will benefit the companies or even couples. Imagine, you cannot facilitate any transactions with your spouse keys! Haha!

-- Mijin, a well-known private blockchain in Japan is Nem's sister company. Nem (public) and Mijin (private) can network with no hassles.

-- Do you want to take part in saving the world? Do not mine bitcoin and waste electrical resources. Go on and harvest at NEM blockchain, even your computer is off, your supernodes will do the work for you. Proof of Importance. Means? Well, be a VIP! Instead of buying hardwares to solve puzzles in Bitcoin's blockchain, buy XEM and prove your importance in the community. How important are you? It depends on how many Xem you have, how long you have those, and the number of transactions you have to sustain healthy economy within NEM community.

-- Catapult is already running in Mijin blockchain and do you know catapult can process more than 3,000 transaction per second... it is faster than Visa! :)

-- Do you remember the time when all listed companies can just print and print stocks certificates? It is a free money for companies. Right? Now, it is illegal. Well, don't expect it with NEM. XEMs are all out! So no giving birth of new coin under this blockchain. Expect that your coin is a complete representation of your share with NEM.

-- Their wallet can run voting system. NEM community enjoys this poll. It just like voting in a board meeting. Oh! We as NEMbers really can feel our participation and voice bring heard by NEM frontliners.

Many more projects were lined up to take effect this 2018! That is why all XEM holders are so excited for next year!

Yes! In 2018, the opportunity clock of NEM the Giant is set to alarm and it will be awakened!

Why will I buy and run after bitcoin or ether's expensive coin... I will buy and HODL more xem. :)

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Note: Virtual currencies are very volatile. Study before invest. Invest at your own risk. 

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