Friday, April 15, 2016

Make Money Online: FarmOn - Virtual Farming in the Philippines

 ***To confirm your status with FarmOn: Drop us a message at our facebook page. TIA!***

My journey to financial freedom is not a secret. My husband and I started to look for other ways where to put our money aside from saving it in a bank. Year 2012, little by little we learned how to deal with Philippine Stock Exchange. Yes! We are now holding shares of big companies and I am proud to say that despite of the low business economy around the globe my portfolio is still green. Bonds, International Fund of Funds, angel investments, and more. They are asking me how to do those but the usual reply I am getting are "Ang hirap pala." or "Naku wala akong oras para mag-aral."

So when FarmOn opened up to public, my friends jumped in and tried if it is real or scam. After 6 cycles, I joined at 7th. I waited until I saw some progress..some earnings. And after I experienced that FarmOn is profitable indeed, I called my family to join.

Early this year, I logged-in to my account to invest on the 10th cycle. Lo and behold, I was astounded that friends I referred is gaining that time! I am so ecstatic to see the digits and I posted it to my facebook account. That week, my message box is always popping up for inquiries on how to join. I am happy considering that I will not only help them to earn some extra bucks but to help also the dying agricultural industry of Philippines.

How to join? Sorry for a very long introduction. Hehe. If there is a new cycle, you can register at

Below are list of crops or livestock you can invest in and the projected profit percentage on each.
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How the profit were divided?
- FarmOner and FarmOn's farmers will receive a 50-50 profit sharing.

These are the first crops I have invested. The planting is last September 2015 and got the following return by February 2016.

Cycle 7 Investment

FarmOn Philippines
FarmOn Philippines Referral Profits
On my referrals, I am so glad I helped them to start investing. I am deeply grateful to them because I earned too out of their profits. (Now FarmOn is accepting new accounts without referrer. .) 

You do not need to be great to start on FarmOn you just need to start to be great..naks! As low as Php100.00 (1 chicken) you can start investing and helping the farmers.

If you have questions, you can message them at their facebook page :).

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by Study before invest. Invest at your own risk

Let the money work for us :)

Best Crop or Livestock to Invest in FarmOn? Click HERE for details! 

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