Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Wish Came True

I have seen few countries here in Asia and I am very awed on the their differences. I think back then when can my siblings experience what I have felt being a tourist in a foreign land.

So when I landed a job, married and pretty stable, Abbey and I planned to bring all our siblings to be a tourist here in Singapore... for free.

Usapan namin, each year one kapatid plus one, its up to them who they will choose. That will be an all-expense paid, I will be in-charge in all even for their pasalubongs for our parents and other siblings. Personal things and pasalubong to other people, that one they must bear.

Before they go here, I asked them what are the main sights they want to see or events they want to attend, well, this proved that we, every child of my parents, have different interests in life. Read on and see for yourself, haha! 

My first visitors: Ate Sol and Baste. This is the luckiest pair, why?, because I do not have work back then, so I am with them, see how lucky they were! Haha! 3 days in total of jam-packed schedule. 

They experience The Flyer, Night Safari, Universal Studios, Fountain of Wealth, of course the Merlion Park, Orchard Road, The Marina Bay SkyPark and The Songs of the Sea.

Second: Our eldest, Kuya Ric with his only son Joshua P. Mangila, (buong-buo diba?) haha! As per request, Kuya want to stay for a week.. granted! He wants to see the parks, granted! So they visited to Istana and Jurong Bird Park, MacRitchie Reservoir, My Waterways @ Punggol, Punggol Promenade, Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre, Punggol Reservoir, Marina Barrage, Mt. Faber National Park. 

We even went out Singapore to see Melaka Malaysia, Singapore Flyer and  got the chance to visit the Singapore's National Library. They ate at Lau Pa Sat. They also have the opportunity to buy our weekly grocery at Sheng Siong. One day of USS, saw a movie at the newly built JCube back then, and visited IKEA.

The last but not the least, Kuya Laleng with his wife. F1 race even outside the fence was all he wants. He told me he just like to hear the revving engines, well, his wish was given to him and upgraded it to BayStand ticket. 

They saw the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Bukit Batok Nature Park, a tour at Marina Barrage, they check-out the Ulu Pandan Connector Park, experienced the Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure, we raced on Luge and went up, up and away with Skyride. 

They walked at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes and even experienced a free movie premiere of The Rush. They dined at hawkers and had a lunch buffet at Bay Hotel.

Actually, this is my wish... my wish for my siblings. Wish that came true. I am so thankful to The Almighty One for giving me this opportunity to share the blessings with my siblings! 

Love you mga Kuya and Ate ko! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strip Singapore: Ministry of Waxing - IPL Brazilian @ $58

I tried hot and cold wax and even the soft one for my brazilian and it was my first time to have an IPL down there. 
First time indeed, I don't know the process but I know that they will use a machine that will emits laser.. :) haha! Oh dear, I do not even know that IPL stands for Intensed Pulse Light. 
So the process:
1. They will shave all the hair and they definitely left it bare. OMG, I am quite furious that time, because I know that the hair will grow back 2-3 days once shaved off. 
2. They will put a gel, actually a cooling gel to mimimize the heat that will emit by the machine.
3. The light was applied by the attendant using a wand-like device, its soothing as it warms the cold gel.

The result.
1. 3 days after my session, the hair starts to grow and because it was shaved it made me feel the irritating itchiness. 
2. One week aftet the treatment,  whenever I take a shower, using my gloves to exfoliate the IPLed part, the hair starts to come-off. And now it is bare again.

My anxiety grew and heard the voice of attendant that I will regret that I don't take their 50% off offer for 5 sessions. 

Yeah regret it.. Haha! Anyways, I still have package from other beauty salon for brazilian wax, after that sessions, maybe I will rethink if I should pursue to have some IPL with Strip ;)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Yes! I am a monster.

I am a strict and all-must-know girlfriend. He do not have any privacy on me and I have the "I am the only right attitude". I nagged him, even our neighbors heard I am cursing him.

No-secrets policy. Before he does anything he must ask for my permission. If I cannot go to an event or place he should stay home too. I want phone calls before he sleeps and a ring before he could open his eyes from slumber. I want a date weekly, monthsary letters and surprises. I am super sensitive. 

I am not a touchy person, public display of affection is a big NO. I am not a pleaser. I want all my commands will be executed in a second. Everything should be done for me and only me.. I want to be his center of love and attention.. No other people must penetrate our space. 

...And I met Abbey, again. A self-made monster!.. A sensitive, "us" policy person, must know all, he wants all of my attention and time, loves surprises, missives are overflowing, respect is a must. He never went to a place or event without me, communication is compulsory, pleaser, fond of PDA, he wants to be always prioritized. A commander. 

Yes we are both monsters... monsters united in love.