Friday, May 24, 2013

The Power of Giving

Do you want to receive more?, then give more. I am not saying that you must only give to people you wish to receive something, well where is the wisdom and holiness in that?

You want to be loved? Learned to give more love unto others?

You want to receive a ton of blessings? Be a blessings to others.

You want your business to be successful? Give the right benefits for your employees.

You want to acquire a great knowledge? Teach what you already know.

You want to be respected? Respect even a child.

You want to be happy? Be happy for your enemy's achievements.

You want to be successful in every aspect of life? Pray to Holy Above and take care of your parents.

Be a generous giver and you will be a great receiver.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paulo Lapuz Design

Do you need logo for your blog, company, wedding or birthday?Do you need people who will design your articles in magazines or newspapers?

Well many of our readers astounded when we decided to create a facebook page for our blogs, they are not shocked by the idea of creating a fb page but the logo I posted as a display photo.

As they were really happy to see the new logo as Abbey and I called it, inquiries also poured in. Maybe they are thinking that me or hubby designed it, haha. Well they are all wrong, we both do not have an imaginative mind to think about that and also we do not have an artistic hand to portray it.

It was designed by Paulo of Paulo Lapuz Design. He is one of Abbey's cousin based in Long Beach, CA. Some people asked how much we pay him, well he crafted this logo for us free.

Please do send this kind guy an email at Hmm, maybe he can give also free service. Haha!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Girls, girls, girls!

Once hormones kicked-in we are craving for some kind of taste, right? So last April, I am craving for ice cream and cheesecake.

When we are doing our weekly grocery at FairPrice at Clementi Mall, I saw a non-familiar flavor of Ben Jerry's in its fridge, its the Strawberry Cheesecake. So lucky, it's on a promotion $19.90 for two.

I am quite hesitant for this will be my first time to get into it. But, OMG! This really excites my taste buds. It is my favorite taste of strawberry gelato bind by the cheesecake crust.

After I finished it all, I ask Abbey to buy one more, but this time for both of us.

Thanks to Ben & Jerry's for this concoction.