Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clio's Killer Black Waterproof Pen Liner

First and foremost thank you Clio for selecting me to be your weekly winner. Now I have the very famous Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner from Korea. =)

As I saw the pen, damn, it really suits its name, the tip can really kill, very sharp indeed. At first its difficult for me to slide it on, I am very used to brushes, but after a month, oh I am a master. Ha!

As it is designed like a pen, it can be use and slide on my lid without failing a small spot. The ink dries up easily. I trusted this eyeliner that I used this when me and my husband went to the F1 race, a whole day activity under the sun and soak on sweat, on this I tried how far this Kill Black will go. The eyeliner never fades and give me a killer look whole day. Nice isn't it?

Clio liners are available at Watsons islandwide.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marks & Spencer's Freesia and Honey Lotion

We never set a rule, we never talked about it, and never ask to each other, but I keep an eye on his belongings and his to mine. I always account what he needs, his deodorants, perfumes, foot powders, toothbrush, and even his facial wash for the month.

As he is to mine, he knew when will be the last bottle of my lotion. I am always surprised to see a bag of my body moisturizer, but among of those variants, this Marks & Spencer's Freesia and Honey is the best as of now. The thickness of the fluid is perfect for my skin and the softness and moisturizing effect last for a whole day. The scent?, until bedtime I can smell its fresh scent.

This costs $18.90. Every woman deserves this kind of lotion. Below are the Marks & Spencers' branches here in Singapore.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blessed To Have An Options

Luck? No! I am blessed... So blessed to have an outstanding parents, a very hardworking mom and dad.

To tell all my readers, I have three siblings and they were given each a lumber store to manage. Well I am thankful for that family business that was from my grandparents, from there we grew up and exposed in managing people and money but as the saying goes, mother knows best, and here I am, stressing all my effort to work for a company that I didn't own. In short, they don't gave me a store to manage. Haha. It's okay, doing business is not my forte. :)

So yes, I work for different companies, yes all the success and yes, all difficulties from it was seen by my parents. They knew how I tried my limits up to the extent that I can be jailed from it. Haha.

So when I went here in Singapore, as I told to my last post, I had culture-shock and tried for months to cope up, but my grip on the happenings is not enough, and when I knew that I am totally burned out, I called my parents, tears flowing non-stop and all I can say was "Can i resign?"; they answered, calmed as ever, "You can. Go back here. Rest. Still we have a living to support you." When I am breaking up to my firm stand. my parents are always there to catch me. Now,  I am married, the Almighty added another person to take care of me. That time when Abbey entered our room, saw me talking with my parents and clearing all the tears, he just looked at me with soft eyes and before I hang up the phone, he asked me to hand it over and  talked with my mom and dad. He wrapped his arms around me tight and say, "We can live here even you don't have a work. Print a resignation letter. Take your time to rest. It is okay for me if you do or do not have a job. I will do everything to provide all your needs." After hearing that, water flows again on cheeks and I felt the security from my ever loving husband.

I am really blessed to have an options, work or not to work, but after 4 months staying at home, I felt so idle, so dumb and then when offer came last December, I immediately grabbed with Abbey's approval.

Prayed to have kind boss and easy-to-get-along colleagues. Answered prayer. Another experience to ponder. Truly blessed, my life... my career, my love and my family.