Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Commandment with Promise

OMG! When I was on my high school to college days, me and my parents do not have time to communicate. On teens, I am busy with my barkada and studies (kunwari nagaaral). Lakwatsa dito, aral, alis, practise, etc. My college life, I am really busy climbing way to the top and busy with my religious affair. Actually, minsan di alam nila nanay and tatay na nasa room na ako unless they will see some lights escaping my door. After college, I went for board exam and after passing it, I got job.

Most of my jobs ate all my time, even time for my bf. That was the phase of my life that career, money, and fame at the Bureau came first. Naalala ko pa si nanay, sabi nya, "di ngayon, pero sisingilin ka ng maaga ng katawan mo sa abusong ginagawa mo.". I am sleep-deprived back then.

Now...I am married, and staying here at Singapore, I am really missing them a lot. As I think, I have so many wasted time, sana pala I spent it wisely. Kesa yung ninunuood-nood ko ng TV sa room ko eh nakipagkwentuhan na lng ako sa kanila. Anyways hindi pa huli ang lahat. Hanggat makakagawa ako ng paraan to let them know how much I appreciate all the things they had done to me, lalo na ang strict rules they set sa aming magkakapatid, all the efforts to give us all the best things and all the love that they showered onto us.

I hope this blog will enlighten some of the readers how valuable the parents are. Make them feel  they are important. Make them feel they are special. Spend time with them.

Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; (Ephesians 6:2)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Great Stalkers

Well, when you say stalker it really denotes a negative impact to all who hears, read and see those word. But for me, haha, I like being stalked, it means there is something in my life that is interesting for them. Hehe. In this post I will thank them not for stalking but for following and reading our blogs.

Thanks to Ate Gagail the woman behind Abigail's Joy and my sister-in-law.

 Salamat I<3pinkc00kies for reading our every post and sharing your views.  

To Algene, The Coffee Chic, gratitude. Davaonios really have a good and warm heart, ang gaan ng pakiramdam ko sa batang ito. 

Thanks to the three of you, our follower our commentator, our cyber friends. We love you all. Keep clicking the ads! :) Mwahhhz!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What are you looking for?

How will you define happiness for yourself? How will you know if you really like something and it will suffice all your needs.

In life, many people are so sad because they are telling to themselves how unfortunate they are having such miserable life. They are always coming up and compare what they do not have to what others have.

As I always say to my friends, "you can't have it all". So why drowning yourself in a shadow of enviousness? Maybe you can't have it because the Almighty sees that you cannot be a good man if HE will give that things to you.

Stop comparing, work harder for what you want and be contented of what you have for now. Or you can do what I had done. You choose, give up one thing and ask for something you really dear to have. Then pray hard with all your heart and explicate. You might not get it as soon as you want or you might not get it at all. But at least you tried. Sacrifice one, then win one. As they say there three answers in a prayer... Yes, not now, and HE have a better idea.

But be careful what you wish for. There is no space for regrets. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Summer Sunshine by April Mae

Summer Sunshine Blog??? Why question marks? I am just thinking how I managed to find this blog and befriend the amazing woman behind this. Hmmmm. I think through ate Abigail, hayyyy, amnesia strikes again. Haha. But anyway, when I saw her blog for the first time, I am was so inspired to get my own and shout all through blogspot all the things running in my head.

Thank you ate April for such a wonderful award you have given to me and my husband! :) We are very flattered to be in number two spot. May nagbabasa pala ng mga kalokohan at mali-mali naming grammar/spelling na mga posts!

I hope someday, this blog we'll hit like yours ate. :) Salamat ulit for featuring me and my husband twice! Love it a lot! Guys, visit her blog. You will learn a lot of things not only with Ate April but also
to people who she features some of the posts. :)