Monday, December 3, 2012

Clairol Herbal Essences Conditioners

I saw this last 2009. I think if I am not wrong that was my first time to but my toiletries as a single lady. Haha. Packaging is a really big factor for every product, and Clairol is a really eye-catchy one. As if i was tied in a rope, I went  to the stand and one by one smelled and read the labels. I ended up buying shampoo and conditioner of Long Term Relationship.

The aroma is so amazing, perfect silky, soft and manageable strands were achieved. From then, clairol conditioners were never out on my list. Every time there's a promo I always see to it to stacked up.

This is available at Watsons, Guardians and even at Giant. Usual Price is $7.90 per bottle. In constant use, you are not the only one will touch your hair, haha, why?, my colleagues keep touching my hair too.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Make or Break

Social networks will either make or break you. The primary vision of this sites is to you unite and connect each people we want to, but some of us abused the functions of those.

I heard a lot of story how a long lost people saw and talk each other again, many people got their love story through facebook and many news and discoveries were read due to daily updates on their walls. But all those good things have an opposite and dark side of this facebook. Many people's heart was broken up, many studies was failed, many friends separated their ways, families on angst, many identity theft was done, many lies, and so on.

There are few times that I want to delete my account, why?,  all I see on people's update are their rants about their siblings, parents, studies, job and most specially about their relationship to opposite sex. Even the TV patrol and 24 Oras pages were unliked due to almost every hour updating about negative things in Philippines.

Several times I asked my husband but he opposed the idea of deleting the account, this is the easiest way to connect and have the fresh updates from our siblings and families and to propagate what happening in our blogs. So the solution we took was to unchecked all the news feeds that coming from unnecessary people in our accounts.

I hope many people will use networking sites correctly. Think hard before posting guys. ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boudoir: Makeup by Allets and Photography by Mella Tan

It was just a year and look at her now, she is one of the known Filipino make-up artist here in Singapore. I saw her how she started this passion, the love of making herself and others feel confident and beautiful. That industry she chose was packed with oldies on that business but due to persistent and constant pushing of her friends, she reached her goal. Ate (sister in English) Allets is a mom of two and supervises people in a banking industry at Changi.

How I met her? She was our housemate for three years. OMG, this photoshoot was long planned but because of our busy schedule due to work and family that was the only time we had dealt to clear up out schedule just for this daring/holloween snaps.

At first I thought she will do a make up for me and she will be the one also doing the camera clicking, when I got home, her friend Ate Mella is there, another OMG, working for two professionals made me thinking if I can do exactly what I want. I took a shower to lower down the tension brewing inside me. Haha. Now they know the reason why I done that. Sorry for keeping you waiting for another minute. ;)

After I wore my small clothes, I paved my way to them and sat down in front of Ate Allets to wave her magic hands on me. 25minutes passed she asked me to go their room and we will start the session. Haha, maybe Ate Mella saw that I quite stressed to that idea, she asked me to relax. Then one hour of snapping filled with laughter was done. Thankie.

Those were the photos taken by Ate Mella.

They are not only for models, they had done also some weddings. You can see some of their works at their facebook page and wall.

I am simple girl but they bring out the confidence out of me. I hope sisters this will not be the last.

Makeup by Allets
HP: 98008490

Mella Tan

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clio's Killer Black Waterproof Pen Liner

First and foremost thank you Clio for selecting me to be your weekly winner. Now I have the very famous Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner from Korea. =)

As I saw the pen, damn, it really suits its name, the tip can really kill, very sharp indeed. At first its difficult for me to slide it on, I am very used to brushes, but after a month, oh I am a master. Ha!

As it is designed like a pen, it can be use and slide on my lid without failing a small spot. The ink dries up easily. I trusted this eyeliner that I used this when me and my husband went to the F1 race, a whole day activity under the sun and soak on sweat, on this I tried how far this Kill Black will go. The eyeliner never fades and give me a killer look whole day. Nice isn't it?

Clio liners are available at Watsons islandwide.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marks & Spencer's Freesia and Honey Lotion

We never set a rule, we never talked about it, and never ask to each other, but I keep an eye on his belongings and his to mine. I always account what he needs, his deodorants, perfumes, foot powders, toothbrush, and even his facial wash for the month.

As he is to mine, he knew when will be the last bottle of my lotion. I am always surprised to see a bag of my body moisturizer, but among of those variants, this Marks & Spencer's Freesia and Honey is the best as of now. The thickness of the fluid is perfect for my skin and the softness and moisturizing effect last for a whole day. The scent?, until bedtime I can smell its fresh scent.

This costs $18.90. Every woman deserves this kind of lotion. Below are the Marks & Spencers' branches here in Singapore.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blessed To Have An Options

Luck? No! I am blessed... So blessed to have an outstanding parents, a very hardworking mom and dad.

To tell all my readers, I have three siblings and they were given each a lumber store to manage. Well I am thankful for that family business that was from my grandparents, from there we grew up and exposed in managing people and money but as the saying goes, mother knows best, and here I am, stressing all my effort to work for a company that I didn't own. In short, they don't gave me a store to manage. Haha. It's okay, doing business is not my forte. :)

So yes, I work for different companies, yes all the success and yes, all difficulties from it was seen by my parents. They knew how I tried my limits up to the extent that I can be jailed from it. Haha.

So when I went here in Singapore, as I told to my last post, I had culture-shock and tried for months to cope up, but my grip on the happenings is not enough, and when I knew that I am totally burned out, I called my parents, tears flowing non-stop and all I can say was "Can i resign?"; they answered, calmed as ever, "You can. Go back here. Rest. Still we have a living to support you." When I am breaking up to my firm stand. my parents are always there to catch me. Now,  I am married, the Almighty added another person to take care of me. That time when Abbey entered our room, saw me talking with my parents and clearing all the tears, he just looked at me with soft eyes and before I hang up the phone, he asked me to hand it over and  talked with my mom and dad. He wrapped his arms around me tight and say, "We can live here even you don't have a work. Print a resignation letter. Take your time to rest. It is okay for me if you do or do not have a job. I will do everything to provide all your needs." After hearing that, water flows again on cheeks and I felt the security from my ever loving husband.

I am really blessed to have an options, work or not to work, but after 4 months staying at home, I felt so idle, so dumb and then when offer came last December, I immediately grabbed with Abbey's approval.

Prayed to have kind boss and easy-to-get-along colleagues. Answered prayer. Another experience to ponder. Truly blessed, my life... my career, my love and my family.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natio Heavenly Hand Cream

Hands are very essential part of our body, any jobs you can tell me that do not require of those? Well, I work in the office, a very cold office, actually the air-condition is just in front of me and the breeze directly hits my table and this made my hands dry. I don't want to put my big lotion bottle in our office and the solution, get the Natio's travel size hand cream.

If you do not want chemicals to worsen dryness of your hands, go for organic products and I will recommend Australia's premium organic brand...Natio. If you love the smell of the spa, this hand cream is very recommendable for you and the best is, this also helps soothe a tired hand.

Go to any SaSa branch and look for their beauty specialist and try to this product for yourself. 90g tube only costs $16.00.

A special thanks to SaSa Singapore, for letting me have a set of Natio Products and apologies for a late review, haha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fennel Sanitary Napkin

As I redeemed our sample size of Vaseline Lotion at CozyCot's hub at Orchard Central. As we expect to give us was the lotion alone, and yet the very accommodating staffs behind the counter gave me sanitary pads, and a lot of it. Hehe.

I once bought a napkin here but I don't like the icky feeling that I had when using it. Since then, I asked anyone going to Manila to buy me the regular pack I used to have. Once is enough for me, but who am I to resist this free offer. CozyCot's ladies told me that this lessens off a menstrual cramps, well, let's see.

As I knew from my history, I only had menstrual cramps once or twice a year, and this is not a big issue to me. Until...

September came and my monthly visitor was on board. On my first day I just go to my routine of every weekend, laundry and cooking, and half day sitting in front of tv or Mr. Mac. Suddenly, while tapping my fingers to the keyboard, a tingly sensation below my belly rises, from uncomfortable feeling to excruciating pain! Cramps hit me! Huhu, as I remembered, I immediately took off my Charmee napkin then replaced by Fennel. There is an immediate effect, from hot feeling down under to soothing. Relieved after a minute.

Now I do not need to import sanitary pads from my homeland. I know my brand now here in Singapore. Try this pad and believe for yourself. This costs $3.70 pack of 8.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula - AHA Facial Wash

I have a drawer of beauty of products I am very hesitant to use any of those since I have a problem. Pimples started to appear on my forehead and they love their overstaying phase on my face. Frustrated, I sat down in front of my samples drawer and read one by one with a high hope that one bottle can help me with this issue. 

Like an imaginary light formed above, I read "struggling with acne?", calmed down and I read the instructions how to use the product. Immediately I closed the drawer and went in front of our lavatory and washed my face with Therapeutic facial wash. I am not expecting for an instant remedy but this facial wash alone dry up my swelled pimples for only two days of use (morning & evening). Now its my 7th day of using this facial wash and all I am dealing now is the marks left behind. 

I am a living proof of this product. :) You can buy this product at any Guardian Health and Beauty branches. Ask their skin consultants for this range of miracle bottle. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++ - Bio-Essence

I am away from my niece almost a year, and as many people changes overnight and so my niece is. When she saw me, she asked " Tita do you have a bb cream in your kit?" as always, I answer question with another question, "What is  bb cream?". My niece jaws dropped into a shock fact that now I know less than anything. She answer me, that it is like a foundation, with relief told her "I saw some of those and yet I do not buy because I do not use any powder or foundation into my face".

Then, I was awarded this Bio-essence BB creams and cleansing oils by Cosmopolitan Singapore. As my last month's regular cycle visited me without a hint of bruises but a lot of pimples on my forehead. This is the first time it happened for 29 years of my life. Darn. I stopped all the things I use on my face except the toner. Seems year was waited until all were dried and lucky it was before our company's appreciation night.

Hesitant but I use this Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream with SPF25/PA++. Before I put it on, I watched a lot of youtube videos how and even pm Ate Stella(the MUA). Haha! So as instructed by the experts in world of makeups, I put a small part of on my hand, then gently tapped the cream from my forehead to my neck. I don't want have the feature of foundation, sometimes it makes the people face unnatural and lighter than the neck. I let the cream to sink in the first layer, then after 15 mins I tapped one more layer to my forehead. Then, all the scars on my forehead were gone. :)

Now I know to conceal some flaws of my face. As the night goes by, it never melt. It doesn't affect the other beauty add-ons, such as the eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush on.

Thanks Bio-essence and Advance Happy 1st Birthday to Cosmopolitan Singapore. This 30g tube costs is on discounted price of $19.60(UP $28) in Watsons stores.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion (Non-rinse)

A sample was delivered and I almost forgot that I have this non-rinse make-up remover. I used before Shu Uemera Cleansing Oil but that product is way out of the budget. After We finished that oils, until now, we never buy another bottle. And due to that, I am so frantic to line-up my eyeliners again and I do not want to do a smoky eyes too.

It was our company appreciation night, I want to put some fierce and yet glimmered eyes together with my orange dress, anyway that was Saturday, no work for Sunday, if this cleansing lotion fails me, I have one more day to wash out the inks and colors of my eyeshadow.

After the party, I immediately got the vial, soaked my cotton pad with the lotion, put it on my eyes (as instructed). Yes! I am expecting that make up will be removed but not all and I am also expecting stains from my stubborn black eyeliner, but gosh, it was all gone. This is so awesome and yet so cheap.

This is only cost $4.90 in Watsons for 30ml bottle. Affordable. Very wallet friendly. Thanks Bifesta, can wear smoky eyes without blacked eyes the day after. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kérastase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche

I am not a fond of taking an extra care of my hair unlike my big sister, when we are both single she keeps on dragging me to get hair relax/hot oil & that's for free, haha! She always telling me, "If only I could have your hair..."

Well, all I do is shower everyday and recharge daily a conditioner. Oh, I only use shampoo every other day, so if you will see my stack of sachets and bottles, Shampoo is so left behind cause I am a conditioner addict. 

Once in a year, I go to salon for some dose of hair coloring not only for fashion but to cover up my hereditary gray hairs. I went to Bench Fix at Trinoma to get it done and too glad that the guy behind me is not too pushy to buy those product, but Abbey was persuaded to buy for me this Kerastase Reflection Bain Chrome Riche set. It consisted of Shampoo, Masque and a Leave-on. I uses the shampoo and masque every sunday only the leave-on truly I cannot leave our home without it. :)

From January till now this pacakge is my constant companion for my weekly me-time routine. Half a year of applying these three awesome product really gives my hair an istant rejuvination. My hair strands is a lot thicker even of my treatments  through. It really nourised my hair. The color really stands out in every strand. Love it!

This can be buy at salons, ask your hair consultants what is suitable Kérastase product for you. But at Fix Bench this pack costs Php5000. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aesop Singapore

Thanks for Spa Esprit for bringing the pampering session set in our house. I am literally walking Aesop this day 9/7, from head to toe I am wearing their product. And I am loving it.

I woke up earlier than usual in a Monday morning to try this Aesop products. I brought in our shower the following sachets: Sage Scalp Cleansing Shampoo, Geranium Leaf Body Cleansing Gel, Geranium Leaf Body Scrub. The shampoo?, it really feels that it cleaned not only my hair but also my scalp. It took out all the unnecessary oils out of my scalp. Good point! Be sure to apply your daily conditioner to rejuvenate the moisture back in your hair. Oh, their body gel, not that bubbly but like the shampoo, it will cleanse your skin. The most lovable... their body scrub. I will surely buy this one. The scrubs has this fine particles that will exfoliates the smallest pore your you ever have. Haha!

After that bathroom session for 30mins, this is time to dry up and try the Rejuvenate Aromatique Body Balm,  Sage and Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream, and Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. What is different of body balm and lotions? Balm is more concentrated and more effective to moisturize for the people who have that extra dry skins. And yes, my skin just sipped the body balm, my skin absored them all, and don't leave my skin a sticky feeling that other lotions do to our body. The facial cream, it really penetrates, but the aroma of it is not good, it has a strong oil aroma and may be I am allergic to some of the ingredients, big pimples appeared on that night. Its either I will use a hand sanitizer or wash my hands to clean my hands and yes I knew that frequent doing it will make my hands dried up of its own moisture, so the hand balm is a great time to apply. Well, my skin absorb that balm so fast and yet never leave a sticky feeling once I started working on papers and tapping my keyboard. 

Overall, this product gave me a delight. You can find their branches at Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk #01-43 and at Ngee Ann City 391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #B1-50. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Veet Hair Removal Cream

One of my cousin was gifted of nice hair not only on her scalp but all around her body. When I saw her hair-free legs I quickly asked her if she shaved it off. She answered no and told me she used Veet and heard good reviews for a long time user. When I am at the right age, of course I bought Veet and uses to flaunt a sexier, no-hair legs. :) 

Every quarter of the year, I am sliding the Veet's spatula on my skin and on other months, I leave my hair a space to grow on. I used to go to waxing salons also and uses hot/cold waxes to take it off, but I really don't like how the hair grew. Very untidy and very messy. So I go back to my first love... Veet. 

The positive points of this cream, it leaves my skin whiter and for continuous use the speed of the growth of the hair lessens. No big ouch and pain and the whole application and hair removing time will ate only 6-10 minutes of your precious time.

My loyalty and leg's fate will be in Veet forever. The 100gm can last up to 3-4 sessions. Available to Watsons and now on discounted price of $10.30 (U.P $11.45). Grab your tube and spatula now!  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

Wind, sun, dehydration and beverages are not only the factors of dry/chapped lips. Blame it also to the oral products we are using, mouthwash and toothpaste have chemicals that irritates the lips and results to dryness. This is what concerns me now.

After brushing teeth automatically I gargle for mouthwash, and it really leaves my lips dry. I am not fond using of any products on my lips, unless there is a special date to go, I will put on my brick red lipstick. But currently, I am so alarmed how my lips dries a lot this past few days. I have so many lip balm from different manufacturers but I chose to use Kiehl's first. Thank you to Cosmopolitan Singapore's "The Cosmo Caption Contest", there I got this product. 

I decided to put it on regularly every morning before going to office. Colorless, good point. I want to look as natural as I can in office. No blush on, no eyeliners and obviously lipstick is a big NO for me.

When I opened the tube, it make me think how to use it. After a small pinch, the gel will come out, am baffled what to use to get it from that tube. Should I use my fingers?, unsanitary. Put directly it on my lips?, the bacteria may develop to the opening itself. The greatest way is to use cotton buds... for me. 

For one week of using it, I really see the difference. No flaky lips in the afternoon, lesser dryness after my mouthwash routine, and my lips is softer than before. I never used petroleum jelly on any part of my body, why?, because it reminds me of the smell of my niece and nephews butts. Haha! But this lip balm with petroleum is odorless, nice one!  

Very recommendable to people who lives in a dry, hot place like Singapore or with snows. You can buy this lip balm with SPF4 for $17.

Kiehl’s Singapore Branches:
Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street, #01-13,
Bugis Junction

ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-54, ION Orchard

Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road, #01-K2

Robinsons Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave, #B2-09

Robinsons Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road, #03-01

Takashimaya S.C.
391 Orchard Road, #B1-33, Ngee Ann City

Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5, #01-29 
Tampines Mall

1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity, #01-11/12

Monday, July 2, 2012

Domino's Pizza Singapore iPhone App - Delivery and Take Away

I am a great lover of pizza. One month will never pass that I won't eat a delicious dough with different toppings and oozing with melted cheese.

I am a follower of Yvonne and a subscriber too, and of course I know every posts she have. Oh, when I saw her post regarding the launch of Domino's Singapore iPhone app, my heart really frozen with envy. I really wish I am also there, experiencing the Singapore Flyer's flight while indulging at my slice of pizza. Haha.

I  downloaded the app and in an instant we connected their Kovan branch.

Until 18th of August they are offering 50% off on every pizza you ordered. I used their app to redeem the promotion(you can also use their webpage), and darl, it so easy to use, you can choose from delivery or take-away.  A XL (15") new york crust simply cheese for $17.90 with a free breadsticks is what we decided to take home. Just key in the promocode: BLG19.

After confirming, we immediately saw our order placed to their monitor. No hassles.. No queues.. Just some tap and slides on iPhone the order was immediately received.

This is a great app for Dominos' fan. Install it, it's for free.  :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flexwear Contact Lenses

"My goodness! Wilma! You look like a spinster! Stop using that." That's my professor in Customs Administration blurted out when he saw me wearing my first eyeglasses. I just smirk but deep inside I want to throw my glasses out of the faculty room.

When I got home, I begged my older sister to buy a contact lenses for me, since I can't asked my parents, because they just cash out for the glasses. Well, my sister bought it for me, then I have my first blue colored contact lenses on my second year of college. 

Since it was offered by Executive Optical, I know this lenses would not affect my eyesight or will be a reason for blindness. This costs not more than Php700 and can be used for 6 months. If you are lucky enough, they are giving a promotion of Php1200 for two pairs.

Some asked me, how was it wearing a small piece of plastic on my eyes, Flexwear really doing its job, giving me a clear vision and making my eyes sparkle. I have this dry eyes so I really need an eyedropper to lubricate the lenses against my eyeballs, or else it will irritates me or the contact lenses will just fall off. Haha! 

This is affordable and safe rather buying on some unregistered online shops. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's Talk About "EX"

Worst comes to worst, if we need to separate our ways and end our marriage do you think we still can be friends? Abbey blurted immediately "YES"..

As what I say to my post, I am not used to burning bridges, and my boyfriends and ex-fiance is not exception to that. I keep my line open to them and even to their new linking, until..

I cannot get it, why the new girls wants me to explain why I ended up my relationship to their boys. This occurred to me twice. The first one, the girl phoned me and asking anything about her boy, she is quite nice to me and I am too to her. How she got my number, that I don't have an idea. This time, its quite amusing, miles away then she reached me through messenger, yahoo ID popped in and all along I thought that was ex-fiance but a wrong choice of words were done and caught her up.

I really cannot understand why this lady keep on asking why me and her boy ended a 10 year relationship. Is there any enough reason that can suffice all the mingling thought she have in her mind. Even hurtful sentences were slammed to me, all I replied to her is... "Just believe all the things told to you by your partner regarding to our past.". But queries still keep on coming, then all I can do is bid goodbye and end that conversation.

Well, for me, she should be thankful enough for the things that happened to me and her boy and by this, she have him as her own. Me, I am thankful for all the past of my husband.

Past really makes you stronger and you will learn a lot from it. If you just accept all the misdoings done.

Unless... the heart is still dwelling in that past and not ready to move on...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Lost My Center

Silence of suffering thumping my head, every movement is a misery. A meter walk path seems one mile, each steps gave a buzzing headache and gigantic dizziness.

It was my first ladies night out at Clarke Quay and and I literally drunk all cocktail that I can, I think I have more than 7 servings. I drunk a lot because it seems that concoction do not have enough alcohol to persuade my center, but I am wrong. As I walked my way out from Aquanova, dizziness dawned on. Alcohol targeted my balance and nothing I can do but to clung and trust my husband's arm.

In MRT, there, I totally lost my composure and throw up. Mint candy didn't help. Luckily, I have this plastic bag where even myself can be fitted in. Since it almost midnight, few people is in the train, I threw up but no one seems to see me, no one seems to care. I am pretty wasted.

Alighting at MRT and the 3 minutes walk to our flat seems forever.  My husband attempted to carry me but I insisted to walk my way to our building. In our sanctuary, I threw up again and passed out. Then my brain shut down.

I woke with new shirt, my make up was removed and plenty of mints in my bag. Shyness was all I felt towards Abbey and vowed to myself that would be the last intoxication in my life.

At work, I hurriedly rang Abbey's handphone every now then asking for forgiveness. Even he got to his office, conscience bugging me and I want to cover the anxiety that I felt for myself.  He asked me to stop and he told me that everything was fine. Nothing changed. But I know, that was really a big turn-off.

When I got home from the worst day ever I had in my career(not due to stress but from hangover), I saw the flowers and a note on our table. Very touching and sincere. I am the worst and most wasted girl I can ever think of that night, but my huband's missive lifted me up. His letter says if it will happen again, we will take a cab rather than a train. Haha! Ooops, he even cooked pork nilaga for me. :)

Sorry, this will not happen again. Right hand up!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bijinsenmon Face Slimming Mask

I am one of the winners of Bijinsenmon Face Slimming Mask facebook contest held by Confirm Trading, and I am so excited.

As my brothers told me, I have this very prime jaw line, the feature that gives me a fierce look.  Its not that I want to change it, but why not try to slim it down somehow. Ha!

Before the Slimming Mask - 13cm

I measured my jawline then my husband took a photo, its 13cm each side. As instructed, I put the mask on. There is feeling of stings and from there I know the fluid trying to penetrate now through my pores. After 20 mins and with clean hands, I took off the mask and start to massage it. OMG, I felt burning sensation on that area, but do not get me wrong, its not hurtful but found it relaxing. I rinse it off and measured it again. 13cm still. Maybe if I will use this not just once, I can have the v-shape face. Maybe more samples instead of 1, kidding Bijinsenmon. :)

Slimming Mask in Action
Steps to Use 
After that mask, I do not use anything on my face. But after bed and even after bathing, when I touched my jawline, it feels so soft and supple. It feels tighter than other parts of my face. No rashes developed or even zits.

Thanks guys of Bijinsenmon for making me a part this campaign and to try it for free. More power.

After the Slimming Mask - 13cm