Thursday, May 3, 2018

5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Yep! It is time to cut the misery off and quit your job! 

Now, on this day counts my 3rd month of sabbatical leave. 

Because I am free and open for communication right now, haha, people are sending me congratulatory messages that I have an opportunity to rest for a while. But others just ranted away! Of course, I listen to what they say. And now I am compiling it. This will help you to DECIDE why you should leave your job NOW! 

Below are some of the reasons you are burnt out or everyday you ask yourself why you are still staying on that company. 
  1. You feel lightheaded every time you're on your way to office.
- You feel the stress welcoming you every time you punch-in. Your blood pressure strikes on top of your head. Aha! You are starting to be physically sick because of the anxiety inside the office. 

  1. Your personality transforms automatically when you open the glass door! 
- From always smile to always grumpy! You become defensive and a lot of F*** word accommodating your brain and spilling it out from your mouth. Lunch break and 5PM bells, you will come back to your best and original you!

  1. No growth. 
-Some people felt stuck because there is no development happening for their skills or knowledge. You should quit now if your department head wants you to sit there and do your job and no plans to have an improvement for you. 

  1. Disrespect is all over the room. 
-Your boss disrespects you and you give a hell back to him. Your manager do not show empathy on you. Your supervisors always point finger. You do not feel secured and appreciated. Shouting is the "only" communication you know to be heard. 

  1. Politics is in all time high! 
-Gossiping is your favorite dessert on your tea time and your boss plays favoritism. 
Please have respect and dignity to yourself.
Just quit! 
Well, that's it! Now it is time for you to think.

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