Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rabadaba: Scam or Legit?

Rabadaba is an app (now caters desktop usage too) that revolutionize the social media. Imagine, you are slaying so much time (precious time) in Facebook, twitter and Instagram and we all get nothing! Argh! Why not we all hugged our friends to join at Rabada, there at least owners shares some of their profits! Kaching-Kaching! How generous! :)

How we earn at Rabadaba?
In Rabadaba you can earn by voting (upvote or downvote) other people’s post! You can earn Rab points too if someone upvotes your contents or your comments. Do not be afraid of downvoting posts that is not appealing for you, it will not affect their points.

You want a win-win thing? Press the star (favourite button) and the person will be alerted that you have visited their site. In most of the time we return favor by checking your wall too..

Do not feel sharing something but still want to join? You can still earn, just "redab" (sharing) some of the contents you really fell in love with and if someone upvote for it, you will earn Rab Points from that. 

One more thing, if you really generous and kind, you can tip other members. Just press the “jar” icon and key in your desired points to tip off.

RabaDaba Social Media Rewards Program Do's and Don'ts
How to add your content at Rabada? What should I post?
Press the “+” button, from there you can choose what you want to share to Rabadaba world. Text, photo, audio or video are welcome! Just make it sure that is all from you and not from internet. You could be banned for life! Hehe! Just make it clean guys!

Rab Points to Money Ratio:
1 = $0.0001
100 = $0.01 
1,000 = $0.10 
10,000 = $1.00
100,000 = $10.00

How will I be paid at Rabadaba?
You can choose your minimum payout and the least amount is $10.00. Just go to Menu and look for Payment Settings and key-in your paypal account in there.

Does Rabadada a SCAM?
Nope! Here is my #paymentproof
Payment Proof

See you at RABADABA guys! Love to check out your photos, videos and updates in your life! 

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