Thursday, July 23, 2015

To Taylor, Love Jealous Wife

24th of July my husband went berserk when he got to know that you will visit again Singapore and he was delighted more that the concert was dated days before his 32nd birthday. My husband assumes and feels that you knew his birthday and this came in no coincidence... that you planned it.

How crazy my husband to your angelic face and your songs? Well, when he proposed to me he always sing your “Love Story” and until we got married it resonates in my head. He plays your album in iMac, watches your mtvs in your vevo, and every time he got to listen in a store that is playing your music, he will stop awhile and stays until your song finishes. 

Do you know Taylor that my 3 siblings will be going here in Singapore to visit me and we arranged to go to Kuala Lumpur on the exact date of your concert? But when my husband and my siblings got to know about your concert they scrapped the KL plan and chose to see you perform. Gosh! All the time I spent in studying our itinerary was wasted. I obliged as majority voted for you. 

We waited for the ticket came on sale last June 30, at 10AM, me and my officemate tried to access the site but all our efforts were futile. We tried and tried to the extent that another colleague joined and help me to go through the ticketing sytem. Until on the night, I gave up. My husband told me that he is also trying and the sadness settled in his face.

Do not get me wrong that I am happy that we never got your ticket. 

Actually I fell in love to your music when you launched your 1989 album. It made me swing my hips and sing your song. Maybe someday, my husband will see you. In HIS perfect and sweet time.

Bless you more girl. A lot of people looking up for you as an inspiration and you put a lot of smiles in many people's face including mine.

Jealous BUT Happy Wife

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