Friday, December 5, 2014

Kiyosaki's Cash Flow : The Missing Sector

A lot of people know the famous cash flow quadrant illustrated and made popular by Robert Kiyosaki. But if you do not know what is the meaning of the diagram above I will explain to you in the most simple way I can do.

Let’s start with the left side of the quadrant.. The Poor Side

E = Employee
We were trained in our schools to be a good employee. Am I right? I know I am right. Parents always tell their children to go to school, get high grades and you will land in a good job with high pay. I do not despise being an employee. I am also an employee until now. I love being in this sector. With ups and downs of the business I am still here and getting my monthly salary. But I need to sit in the office for 200 hours a month; take the commands of my boss, please the customers, cooperate with colleagues, beat deadlines, etc.. etc.. For me this is a challenge to conquer every day. And I am happy for the current company I am with.

But in this quadrant the earnings are restricted. Almost all time of your day was occupied by your job. You must work so you can earn.

What if you cannot work anymore?

S = Self-employed
This is where my siblings were trained for. They have their businesses. They are their own boss. Their income depends on how hard they work.

Multi-Level Marketing is definitely in this sector.

I tried to be like them and because I saw there is a lot of money to be harvested in there but in 6 months I surrendered. I had my own computer shop back then and even it is generating money I chose to close it down because I am not happy to be in there; totally tied up and doing all the necessary paper works and thinking how to get the business going. Stressful!

I will repeat my question from employee's group. What if you cannot work anymore?

Now, let's jump to the right side... To Rich and Financially Free Side

B = Business Owner
So what's the difference between self-employed and Business Owner? You are a self-employed if your business cannot run without you. Business Owner is a person whose business keeps going even without his direct supervision.

Sounds relaxing right? It is not hard to jump from the left side to this quadrant. It is so easy. You just need the proper knowledge in the business and get the most trusted people you know. Utilize their time and pay them for the work they have done for you and your industry.

How do I know it is simple. Me and my husband have rental apartment business in the Philippines. I asked my dad to work for me and pay him for every project we build. He supervises the construction and thinks how to lessen the expenses building them. My sister does the necessary paperworks in city hall, Meralco and Maynilad. My sister-in-law is hands-on when choosing the tenants, checking their monthly rentals, and getting all the problems that arises in the compound. All we do is sit here and wait for their monthly rental report. No stress! You help to give a living for others. Nice, right? To own a system?

I = Investor
In this sector, money is working for you. The best! Isn’t it? These are the people where compound interest is their best friend. Today it is easier to invest in real estate, stock market and bonds. Nowadays, many companies also offer mutual funds. But please be careful as a lot of scams ride the hype of investing. In this quadrant, you have more time to spend with your family. This is definitely a freedom we are looking for.

The cash flow quadrant is not just representing the flow of money coming in and out from the person, it also represents someone’s financial status. So I learned that there is a sector that Kiyosaki might missed out or just totally ignored it. Haha. It is the “U”.

U = Unemployed
Maybe Kiyosaki never include this sector because there is no inflow of money in this ring. But I want to highlight this status. Some are really unlucky and picky to land a job and some are very lazy to have one. And as my father always tells, if the people really wants to earn a living, there will always be a way. Unemployment is equal to laziness.

So please people! Wake up and work your a$$ off! Do not be a big liability to others.

Before the year ends, take some time to think over and start looking for opportunities for you and your family to go to the right side of the quadrant!  We can all do this! Pray and work hard!

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