Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Love SMRT (Singapore's MRT System)

If you can see the  situation of citizens of other countries when riding their trains you will surely give thanks to Singapore government and SMRT for the service they are doing for the public. But good performance is not enough for this people behind SMRT, they are aiming for excellence that is why even LTA and NUS entered the scene in studying how to de-congest the trains on peak hours.

NUS announced a behavioral study on public who uses mrt  in their way to work. And I am a so lucky registrant to be picked as a participant. So how this does work? 
1. $15 voucher or ezlink top-up. It seems that this is a welcome treat for participants
2. $40 -- and everytime you tap-out from mrt at 8:15 a 20cents will be deducted to that. 
3. $25 full participation incentive after the study. 

Why I chose to join? Well, I want to go to office 30 minutes earlier to increase more my points on my clients' grading system. Yes! My clients have DLV that I need to key-in as early as possible to get a high grade. Second to lessen the stress for me; less people in the train, lesser stress. A fantastic way for me to discipline myself. Third to help in decongesting the train and lastly to avail the 2 privileges that was promoted by LTA (Travel Early, Travel Free & INSINC). 

Now it ends, I only failed once and was deducted a 20cents on my $40. For sure I will continue what I have begin. It is more refreshing and more fulfilling to travel early in the morning. 

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