Saturday, June 14, 2014

To Shift or Not "Two" Shifts? That is the Question.

Just recently, we faced a battle and we succumbed by the fact that Abbey can't sustain the 1week rotating schedule. Officially announced this month the 2-week shifting for my husband. After almost 5 years staying in his company, the change came. I was shocked and the gloomy cloud of reality get in to my bubble of comfort. As always, I need to check the brighter side of this event. 

Good points I pondered:
1. As I hate my husband having a 10-day night shift, it is an extra money for us.. Hello to night differential. Kaching-kaching!

2. I called it dreaded EMEA shift. Why? I will go to office while Abbey is sleeping and he will be coming home too late and all he can see is me.. In my deep slumber. Brighter side? I can do a "me time".  Clean the room, kitchen, cabinets, etc. Oh, hello to Saturday dates.

3. For APAC, we will be going to office together and dinner date at nights. :) 

4. "I miss you" sms flooding both of our inboxes. 

If you will delve in all negative thoughts that succumbing life gives us there will be no good outcome we can treasure. Accept the facts, always look at the brighter side and focus more on the things you can control. You'll see life is more easier and more fun to handle with.

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Abigail said...

Well said sistah!