Thursday, February 20, 2014

Money Can't Buy

Yes money can buy happiness. Now money can buy almost everything. Oh, even falling in love can be influenced by money.

But after my insanely awesome mother-in-law died, I just realized that time is one of the things money can't buy.

Do you know the feeling that your back is against the wall. No space to move, no other options to take but to wait and pray? In Mama Vangie's last minute I am just wishing that I bought a ticket back to Philippines a day earlier. In that my husband can hug and kiss her until her last breath. That we have more time to spend with her.

I know she understands us why we work here in Singapore but our heart is still longing for her, that we wish we can spend more minutes with her.

And on that event, we decided to work hard and invest harder. We want to go back in Philippines earlier than our targeted year of retirement. We want to see all our loved ones, we want to maximize all the seconds with them. We are hoping this plan will prosper... In His time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gift of Death

Once I was astounded when the most sensible preacher I known told us while he is on the pulpit that death is a gift. All I know from my childhood it's a curse due to non-compliance of Adam and Eve. But Bro. Eli explains that its a gift from above, for the Almighty cut the suffering of the imperfect flesh. Flesh once perfect to be in Paradise forever.

Mama Sweet was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer last 2007 and doctor told them that maybe she can only live for a couple of years. Hey, she was given more time to spend with her family!

Last May 2013 the cancer attacked with a greater force. She was in California that time and received all the possible treatment she can get. After all the radiation and intravenous meds, again the doctor pronounced that maybe she can't make it going back to Bulacan.

She was picked up by an ambulance at Mommy's home. Thanks to PAL for accommodating out the request for my mom-in-law to travel on stretcher. Plane arrived at NAIA 2 and ambulance was there to transport her to Meycauayan.

Mama Sweet is back with glow of hope in her eyes. We spend days and nights looking after her. Taking care of her needs. We know its not that far, we must stretch all our time to be with her.

Feb 7, after 3 months of battle against the pain, she bid goodbye.

When Ate Rizbeth broke the news all I can do is sob. Even though I know it will come.. but there's still a pain that struck me. I pat my tears dry and Abbey hold my hand for a prayer.

As I told my husband, we need to let go of her. This is just the beginning of forever for her. There is no pain, no suffering, no cancer in the hands of Almighty.

Til we meet again, to the sweetest mama in law in the whole wide world.