Wednesday, December 25, 2013

There's Always a Reason Why You Love Someone

You probably can't fathom why you love a person, why you always want him beside you despite of the differences and hurt that he had given you. Am I so foolish to say that if you love someone there should be a reason behind it?

I am on a flight to Manila, an hour delayed. Damn it!  Abbey and I were apart for one week. I succeeded to live but that 7 days, I know from my heart I am incomplete.

1. I stayed for half an hour and so to office, why? Nothing to do at home. I remember myself when I was a single, now I know why I work literally for whole day back then and just go back home for a shower.

2. Eating alone. Dining out alone is bearable, but i miss eating Filipino cuisine every night, which Abbey cooked for me.

3. Watching. I was doing this thing for 27 years... but when Abbey and I moved in, watching tv series and movies with my husband is better than hugging a bag of chips while laughing at comedy shows alone

4. Packed lunch is Abbey's forte. I miss it a lot, great thing my colleagues were there to buy food
for me at hawkers.

5. Nothing beats a strong arms around me while I am on sleep. Oh baby I miss the breathtaking hug.

6. As almost all the gals is saying, guys hate it when girls were on shopping. Abbey loves to go with me, walk around the mall and look for the thingy I am hunting for. The best part is, he pays for it. 

7. I was always showered by compliments by my husband but it will be more appreciated if it comes with a peck on my forehead  or a slap on my butt.. Haha.

8. Surprises! Oh darling! 

I really miss my guy. But being apart is a blessing, it made me realize what are things I should be thankful for.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why I Bid Goodbye in Purchasing Belle de Jour Power Planner or Acquiring a Free Starbucks Planner

I am a great great fan of planners ever since I set my foot in the corporate world. From that time my boss gave me a Guess planner, I am really hooked up to the help it gave me for my day-to-day life.

Am I addicted to always have this kind of notebook? Yes! I feel so incomplete if I do not have a planner. I can't live without it but mid-year of 2013, I decided to shake off that feeling of emptiness and left my 2013 BDJ planner at home.  

Here are the reasons why I do not buy any planners from now on:
1. I realized that the Starbucks or coffee cafe free planner really costs me a lot of money, yes it is free but for me who is not fan of their coffees, it will take me about a thousand pesos to have that for free.

2. BDJ Planners is a very cute planner and a lot of vouchers inside. I saw the 2013 issue and I am really disappointed. Dati sa Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Ace Water Spa bawi mo na yung almost Php600.00 mo. Ngayon, di na ganun kaganda and valuable ang mga vouchers inside. 

3. Planners are so heavy inside my bag, taking it out made a big difference on the weight. Now, I just use the S Note for my doodles or save the links I need to remember in my phone.

4. The ultimate "why" I bid goodbye ay, now that I am already married, its my duty to let my husband know my schedules and vise versa. So instead to buy a pocket planner for him, I went back to my college days where I do not have money to buy those planner and yet need to have an organise myself to finish all my projects before the target date.
From June 2013, we use my own version of calendar. I usually use recycled paper  then use excel to create a table. No fuss, just spend for a small amount of ink in the printer and tadahhhhh! Two persons, in one piece of paper, can see all the events. We can give way to each other and not compromise any schedules.

Maybe this will help the couples out there. 

Oh, this is just above our light switch so we can see all the must-to-do before facing a new day!. :)