Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Card ... Our Best Friend

I know guys that you know that credit cards really create magic. Just a simple swipe all things you want will be instantly yours. But do you know many people now suffer because of using of those plastics and many are maximizing and enjoying having it? 

I am BDO credit card holder for I think almost 8 years but my credit limit never increased. I can feel their fury on me and I am loving it  haha. Every time I swipe my card, I see to it that I have already the money in my bank account. Why? I want the amount to stay there until end of month to increase the deposit and could make more savings interest. Then I
will pay it in full. No balances is equal to no interest, no extra charges and fees. I also demanded to waive off their annual fee, and they agreed. 

Here in Singapore, my husband have Citibank SMRT card. Since it is his first time to use one, I educate him how to manage it. With a good credit background many banks now offering him to get a loan which we always refused. We also received great points that we can redeemed for dining and grocery vouchers.

I treat my card as my best friend. Never borrow money unless really necessary and always pay all your debt or else the friendship will be torn and wasted. 

You? How do you treat your credit cards? If you don't want your life a living nightmare do not use your credit card to spend today your tomorrow's money.

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