Monday, July 2, 2012

Domino's Pizza Singapore iPhone App - Delivery and Take Away

I am a great lover of pizza. One month will never pass that I won't eat a delicious dough with different toppings and oozing with melted cheese.

I am a follower of Yvonne and a subscriber too, and of course I know every posts she have. Oh, when I saw her post regarding the launch of Domino's Singapore iPhone app, my heart really frozen with envy. I really wish I am also there, experiencing the Singapore Flyer's flight while indulging at my slice of pizza. Haha.

I  downloaded the app and in an instant we connected their Kovan branch.

Until 18th of August they are offering 50% off on every pizza you ordered. I used their app to redeem the promotion(you can also use their webpage), and darl, it so easy to use, you can choose from delivery or take-away.  A XL (15") new york crust simply cheese for $17.90 with a free breadsticks is what we decided to take home. Just key in the promocode: BLG19.

After confirming, we immediately saw our order placed to their monitor. No hassles.. No queues.. Just some tap and slides on iPhone the order was immediately received.

This is a great app for Dominos' fan. Install it, it's for free.  :)

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