Sunday, March 18, 2018

Wax Diva's Brazilian Wax at Far East Plaza

I admit that I am frugal. I am always want it to be cheap without compromising the quality. That is why I am ditching out my loyalty with Pink Parlour. They are expensive and nothing bad to look for new alternative. Right? So, I browse on FAVE! This app will greatly help my quest. Wink-wink. 

My latest voucher I got from fave is 3-Sessions Brazilian Waxing for $60 at Wax Diva. 

Wax Diva
Wax Diva
Session Bed

Wax Diva's
at Far East Plaza
If you will go to waxing salons, the service all depends on your attendants. Is it less painful, more hygienic or they won't stop until all unwanted hair was plucked. Well, with Wax Diva's lady boss, Margaret, he make sure that the customer's experience will meet with excellence. She do the waxing personally and meticulously. She will not let any client walk out of her salon unsatisfied. Well, I am not surprised when there's a queue whenever I visited the salon. Her repeat customer is astonishing. 

This is not your international flag for waxing, this is totally local! Support Local Businesses! Hope Wax Diva will flourish and branch out with other outlets.

Wax Diva
(A) 14 Scotts Road #04-37A Far East Plaza 

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