Thursday, June 15, 2017

Boss G Ventures: YES! We INVEST in here!

We met Kuya Michael. The brain and founder of Boss G Ventures.

Boss G Ventures comprises of Boss G Grocery & Rice, R.C. Tolosa Builders, Gallus Farm, Shiyomi, the newest is Boss G on Wheels, and the coming soon venture is Boss G PisoNet.

Firstly, we invested a meager amount at Gallus Farm. To my surprise, the payout deposited to our account days before the actual. Abbey and I re-invested and put the money into his other businesses. Now we have a total of hundreds of thousands under Michael's wings. He never fails to deposit our payout on time.

Now Abbey and I are celebrating more than a year in partnership in his endeavours. Trust and friendships were founded deeply over time. More ventures to come Kuya Michael!

If you wish to know more and invest with Boss G you can directly message him at his facebook account.


Oh! One more thing. Most of his investment platforms were sold out in a day. So keep an eye for RC Tolosa project. The team is on the verge of closing the deal for more than 100 houses to establish the roofing needs. :)

Happy Investing!

Note: This blogpost is not in any way sponsored by Boss G Ventures. Study before invest. Invest at your own risk