Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile, Chicago

It was 3 years ago when Abbey confessed that he is into a big surprise for me. He wanted to buy me lingeries from Victoria's Secret. And he was shocked when he saw the tremendous array of brassieres and panties to choose from. He surrendered that idea immediately and just laughed it out.

My husband doesn't forget. When we went to Magnificent Mile of Chicago, he reminded me to check out Victoria's Secret.

When we entered the store, Nikeisha smilingly greeted us. She asked me about my size and I told her that I am 10B and she looked me into my eye and told me that I better be checked. Haha.

Victoria's Secret - Bra Recommendation Sheet 
My NEW Victoria's Secret Bra

Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Bra Salon

Victoria's Secret - Fitting Room Aisle 
Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Fitting Room and Shirt

Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Perfumes 
Victoria's Secret at Magnificent Mile - Waiting Area 
While on our way to their exquisite fitting rooms she handed me a pink card and set of bras to try on. Hesitantly, I told her that cup "C" may be way too big for me. She shook her head and explained me that most of the girls assumes and uses a wrong size of underwear.

To my delight it is more comfortable and well cover my boobs. Nikeisha knocked to my door, and yes she barged in and taught me how to tighten up the strap. She asked me from where I am from, because my body is too slim. Gosh! It feels that I am a child and that was my first time to wear a bra! Hahaha!

After getting the perfect size for me, we roamed around at Victoria's Secret store to get the design I want. I chose nude and black for US$50+ each. Abbey with a lustful smile glanced at me and told me to get what I want and it will be on his tab. Naks!

I ended up buying 2 bras and one perfume. I got a free bag, lotion and lipgloss. :)

Thanks Victoria's Secret for making us look and feel sexy and thank you Nikeisha for treating me not just a customer but a queen. :)

Victoria's Secret Magnificent Mile
(A) 734 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA
(P) +1 312-280-1050
(H) 10AM – 9PM

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