Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Difference of Successful and Unsuccessful People's Crying Behaviour

Successful people cry too but... inevitable action due to an overwhelming emotion that people is experiencing. 

Successful people do cry. A lot of times, I bet. Along the path of success they surely meet failures, unforeseen events and all kinds of people. People that may cost them failure, debt or worst...bankruptcy. Imagine, how hard it is that you and your company failed not because of you but because of the people around you. Whose tears will not drop to this kind of situation? 

So what's the difference? Successful and unsuccessful crying pattern. 

Successful people cry and wipe their tears. They create new opportunities for themselves and build another road armoured with the lessons from the past failures and problems. They attract new team consisted of right people with right attitude and same goal that they have. 

While the unsuccessful ones keeps on crying. They do drama in front of people who have the same wavelength they have, to venture out pity from them. They inculcate in their brain that they do not have a mistake and it was all other's fault. They play the blame game. Yes, they have a team too! A team that the main goal is to remain on the situation they are currently in. They will keep you comfortable staying in that circle and will keep on telling you that people are bad and you are the good one. They celebrate a "pity party". 

And on that, they are willingly not taking a chance to change themselves for betterment. They just stay at the mud that keeps on swallowing their whole being. 

While the successful people already moved-on on their crying moments, here they are miring people who have goals in life. While the successful people already working on their way up, this losers are working to spread gossips. While these successful people envisions how to help others, these unsuccessful group thinks what is in it for me. While the successful people are eyeing for a prosperous future, here they are still staring at the past and keeps murmuring to themselves how poor, unlucky and how tough life is. Oooh! They are fond of getting negative vibes. 

Difference of Successful and Unsuccessful People

STOP THE DRAMA! You are not paid nor your life can't be better when you cry! STOP crying just to get sympathy from others. STOP IT AND MOVE ON!