Friday, October 23, 2015

Make Money Online: Vopinions - Legit and Trustworthy Paying Survey Site

Received Payment from PayPal

Do you know that companies are willing to pay a hefty amount of money just to get the opinions of people about their products and services. But how the companies can do that if Singapore people do not want to be chase off? So most of them go to online sites like Vopinions.

This a survey site that caters banks, baby products, car dealers, oil companies, financial institutions and more to get the views of their avid and potential customers in exchange of points. Every 100points = US$1. Minimum payout is 1000 points. It is so easy. Just answer the surveys with full honesty. Minimum points in a survey that I saw is 200. And do not worry if you do not qualified sometimes. As long as you logged to their surveys, they will still give some points (I think a small thanks for your time to check it out). 

I screenshot my first payout of $40. I waited for it to reach that amount but next time I will take once it hits the minimum amount. 

This is a more productive thing to spend a little time than facebook and Twitter. Click here to register.


Anonymous said...

I have tried this site but redemption is slow, frequency of survey is low and no reply from they when I enquire about the redemption. It has been 2 months since my redemption. I suggest to stop wasting our time. There are better survey site out there.

A and W said...

Hi! Would you care sharing the better site you are referring to? This is to help our readers.