Sunday, June 29, 2014 Singapore

Aren't you tired of buying a product and in once or second attempt in using it seems not affective or worst gave you allergies? Aren't you wishing a sample first for any thing that we buy? Well..well..well..Sample Store is a blessing from above! 

We signed-up for this platform.. Success!!! We are receiving samples of different merchandise. We already got some from Hada Labo, Hiruscar Post Acne, Nip and Fab. Guess what? Nando's gave vouchers for 1/4 chicken also. 

How it works? Sign-up, activate your account,  check the products you want for sampling and viola! Wait for 2-5 days for them to deliver the said order. You read it right it right, they will mail it for you. 

Check your cart summary ok? Some products need to deduct from your points (free when signed-up), or will bill you handling charge, and some are totally free. Accumulating points is so easy, just say something what do you think about the product. Every review will give 2 points. 

So what are you staring on this screen? Click the icon below, register now and get to try new products. :)

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