Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Amazing Race: All Stars

Heart-stopping, hand-numbing episode. 

I am great fan of Amazing Race and now the tv series brought back the past participants that came too short on grabbing the US$1,000,000. And they tagged it "Amazing Race All-Stars".

When I saw Dave and Connor, I rooted on them from the start. I like their father-son team, as it reminds me of my father. They self-evicted themselves on last world race when Dave tore his Achilles tendon. "The Cowboys and Brenchel". This is a very good team, as in really good.

One by one teams were eliminated, until the final 3. Amazed that there is no such thing like a quiz on the last run which was held in Las Vegas. But having David Copperfield on that leg is awesome. 

Nice race guys! Congrats to the first father and son team and oldest man to win the Amazing Race. 

Waiting for another season. Please keep on surprising us. Please visit Singapore again. :)

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