Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rexona Spray Deodorant Shower Clean For Women

Do you remember the time when a news broke-out that told the people in the cyberworld that primary cause of breast cancer is the anti-perspirant? I will divulge a secret here in my post, haha, I do not use any deodorant for my armpit.  Since when? Since birth I think? My closest friends and of course my family knew that.

Why? I am not comfortable of the sticky feeling, I think roll-ons are unhygienic, and I have this belief that I need to perspire to that area so the toxin from my body will be flushed out. Do I worry about a map of perspiration under my sleeves, well, yes. I perspire a lot in that area and I tried every product that seems to be effective but all failed to the first test. So I stop trying and wear things that will give me less stress!

I wore a red dress last Rejoice's D&D. Yes I want to be a sweat free on that time and remembered that Rexona send me a trial pack for its new spray deodorant . After shower, shake it and sprayed it on, after my make-up, I check if with my fingertips if it is sticky, well, good to say it is not and has no strong smell that will indicate that I used that product. 2 good points. After the party, I am still sweat-free. Rexona Shower Clean will never bring you down. Haha!

I will continue to use this product on a very important occasion. Try for your self or maybe you have a nicer product than this, please let me know, send me email or just leave a comment below.  

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