Sunday, March 17, 2013

FreshKon® Colors Fusion

It is so amazing that a very small piece of plastics will give your eyes a 20-20 vision again, that you will get the eye color you always dreamt of, and the added feature of by Freshkon is that you can dress your eyes up!

I wore only one brand of contacts since my college days and this is my first time to try new one.

Well as I opened the lids and do the first wash, I felt this pair is softer and more delicate. So I mustered an extra care while putting it on.

This gives me a new spark in my eyes, new color and and a bigger pupil. Indeed this Freshkon contacts added beauty to every wearer. You can get a free trial here and see it for yourself.

Thanks Freshkon for this pair. Please click to locate their stores.


Anonymous said...

Hi A&W,

How do you get a free trial?


A and W said...

Hi A! Try that link! =)