Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miles Away

Isn't nice to see all your siblings, hug them, sing along with them, play jokes, laugh and reminisce together and I am really glad to see the big smiles and grins from my husband's face when he saw his sisters, brother and parents. He really did missed them a lot.

Sis Abi is staying at Chicago, Sis Beth at Bulacan and RJ works at Abu Dhabi, now Mama and Papa's Visa for America is out and now getting ready for their flight. Abbey's happiness faded and the sky of Singapore cries with him from early morning until night of 19th of January '13.

I can say that messengers and photos helps cure homesickness but cannot deeply suffice the space in our hearts.

Now, I appreciate more that my parents and siblings are just only 3 hours plane ride, that anytime I can or they can visit us here in Dover.

All the best Ate Abigail, Kuya Victor, RJ, and Jhen. We'll see you soon Ate Beth, Kuya Bong and DomDom. Everything will be okay Mama Sweet and Papa RS. We are looking to be with all of you, in HIS perfect time.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lactacyd White Intimate

Only weeks away and we will say hello to summer again. Are you ready for it?

Are your swimsuits ready? Many people accepts the beauty of a voluptuous women nowadays, so wear that love handles on the shores with heads-up girls. But some of the ladies have problems with their v-zone area, uneven skintone,  and that is why they don't want to flaunt flesh even they have amazing curves.

Amazingly, Lactacyd come up with an idea for the V-Zone whitening. An intimate wash that refreshes and whitens. This costs only $13 for 250ml.

Happy Bikini season ladies.