Monday, December 3, 2012

Clairol Herbal Essences Conditioners

I saw this last 2009. I think if I am not wrong that was my first time to but my toiletries as a single lady. Haha. Packaging is a really big factor for every product, and Clairol is a really eye-catchy one. As if i was tied in a rope, I went  to the stand and one by one smelled and read the labels. I ended up buying shampoo and conditioner of Long Term Relationship.

The aroma is so amazing, perfect silky, soft and manageable strands were achieved. From then, clairol conditioners were never out on my list. Every time there's a promo I always see to it to stacked up.

This is available at Watsons, Guardians and even at Giant. Usual Price is $7.90 per bottle. In constant use, you are not the only one will touch your hair, haha, why?, my colleagues keep touching my hair too.

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