Sunday, September 2, 2012

Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula - AHA Facial Wash

I have a drawer of beauty of products I am very hesitant to use any of those since I have a problem. Pimples started to appear on my forehead and they love their overstaying phase on my face. Frustrated, I sat down in front of my samples drawer and read one by one with a high hope that one bottle can help me with this issue. 

Like an imaginary light formed above, I read "struggling with acne?", calmed down and I read the instructions how to use the product. Immediately I closed the drawer and went in front of our lavatory and washed my face with Therapeutic facial wash. I am not expecting for an instant remedy but this facial wash alone dry up my swelled pimples for only two days of use (morning & evening). Now its my 7th day of using this facial wash and all I am dealing now is the marks left behind. 

I am a living proof of this product. :) You can buy this product at any Guardian Health and Beauty branches. Ask their skin consultants for this range of miracle bottle. 

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