Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natio Heavenly Hand Cream

Hands are very essential part of our body, any jobs you can tell me that do not require of those? Well, I work in the office, a very cold office, actually the air-condition is just in front of me and the breeze directly hits my table and this made my hands dry. I don't want to put my big lotion bottle in our office and the solution, get the Natio's travel size hand cream.

If you do not want chemicals to worsen dryness of your hands, go for organic products and I will recommend Australia's premium organic brand...Natio. If you love the smell of the spa, this hand cream is very recommendable for you and the best is, this also helps soothe a tired hand.

Go to any SaSa branch and look for their beauty specialist and try to this product for yourself. 90g tube only costs $16.00.

A special thanks to SaSa Singapore, for letting me have a set of Natio Products and apologies for a late review, haha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fennel Sanitary Napkin

As I redeemed our sample size of Vaseline Lotion at CozyCot's hub at Orchard Central. As we expect to give us was the lotion alone, and yet the very accommodating staffs behind the counter gave me sanitary pads, and a lot of it. Hehe.

I once bought a napkin here but I don't like the icky feeling that I had when using it. Since then, I asked anyone going to Manila to buy me the regular pack I used to have. Once is enough for me, but who am I to resist this free offer. CozyCot's ladies told me that this lessens off a menstrual cramps, well, let's see.

As I knew from my history, I only had menstrual cramps once or twice a year, and this is not a big issue to me. Until...

September came and my monthly visitor was on board. On my first day I just go to my routine of every weekend, laundry and cooking, and half day sitting in front of tv or Mr. Mac. Suddenly, while tapping my fingers to the keyboard, a tingly sensation below my belly rises, from uncomfortable feeling to excruciating pain! Cramps hit me! Huhu, as I remembered, I immediately took off my Charmee napkin then replaced by Fennel. There is an immediate effect, from hot feeling down under to soothing. Relieved after a minute.

Now I do not need to import sanitary pads from my homeland. I know my brand now here in Singapore. Try this pad and believe for yourself. This costs $3.70 pack of 8.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula - AHA Facial Wash

I have a drawer of beauty of products I am very hesitant to use any of those since I have a problem. Pimples started to appear on my forehead and they love their overstaying phase on my face. Frustrated, I sat down in front of my samples drawer and read one by one with a high hope that one bottle can help me with this issue. 

Like an imaginary light formed above, I read "struggling with acne?", calmed down and I read the instructions how to use the product. Immediately I closed the drawer and went in front of our lavatory and washed my face with Therapeutic facial wash. I am not expecting for an instant remedy but this facial wash alone dry up my swelled pimples for only two days of use (morning & evening). Now its my 7th day of using this facial wash and all I am dealing now is the marks left behind. 

I am a living proof of this product. :) You can buy this product at any Guardian Health and Beauty branches. Ask their skin consultants for this range of miracle bottle.