Monday, August 20, 2012

Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++ - Bio-Essence

I am away from my niece almost a year, and as many people changes overnight and so my niece is. When she saw me, she asked " Tita do you have a bb cream in your kit?" as always, I answer question with another question, "What is  bb cream?". My niece jaws dropped into a shock fact that now I know less than anything. She answer me, that it is like a foundation, with relief told her "I saw some of those and yet I do not buy because I do not use any powder or foundation into my face".

Then, I was awarded this Bio-essence BB creams and cleansing oils by Cosmopolitan Singapore. As my last month's regular cycle visited me without a hint of bruises but a lot of pimples on my forehead. This is the first time it happened for 29 years of my life. Darn. I stopped all the things I use on my face except the toner. Seems year was waited until all were dried and lucky it was before our company's appreciation night.

Hesitant but I use this Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream with SPF25/PA++. Before I put it on, I watched a lot of youtube videos how and even pm Ate Stella(the MUA). Haha! So as instructed by the experts in world of makeups, I put a small part of on my hand, then gently tapped the cream from my forehead to my neck. I don't want have the feature of foundation, sometimes it makes the people face unnatural and lighter than the neck. I let the cream to sink in the first layer, then after 15 mins I tapped one more layer to my forehead. Then, all the scars on my forehead were gone. :)

Now I know to conceal some flaws of my face. As the night goes by, it never melt. It doesn't affect the other beauty add-ons, such as the eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush on.

Thanks Bio-essence and Advance Happy 1st Birthday to Cosmopolitan Singapore. This 30g tube costs is on discounted price of $19.60(UP $28) in Watsons stores.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion (Non-rinse)

A sample was delivered and I almost forgot that I have this non-rinse make-up remover. I used before Shu Uemera Cleansing Oil but that product is way out of the budget. After We finished that oils, until now, we never buy another bottle. And due to that, I am so frantic to line-up my eyeliners again and I do not want to do a smoky eyes too.

It was our company appreciation night, I want to put some fierce and yet glimmered eyes together with my orange dress, anyway that was Saturday, no work for Sunday, if this cleansing lotion fails me, I have one more day to wash out the inks and colors of my eyeshadow.

After the party, I immediately got the vial, soaked my cotton pad with the lotion, put it on my eyes (as instructed). Yes! I am expecting that make up will be removed but not all and I am also expecting stains from my stubborn black eyeliner, but gosh, it was all gone. This is so awesome and yet so cheap.

This is only cost $4.90 in Watsons for 30ml bottle. Affordable. Very wallet friendly. Thanks Bifesta, can wear smoky eyes without blacked eyes the day after. :)