Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Veet Hair Removal Cream

One of my cousin was gifted of nice hair not only on her scalp but all around her body. When I saw her hair-free legs I quickly asked her if she shaved it off. She answered no and told me she used Veet and heard good reviews for a long time user. When I am at the right age, of course I bought Veet and uses to flaunt a sexier, no-hair legs. :) 

Every quarter of the year, I am sliding the Veet's spatula on my skin and on other months, I leave my hair a space to grow on. I used to go to waxing salons also and uses hot/cold waxes to take it off, but I really don't like how the hair grew. Very untidy and very messy. So I go back to my first love... Veet. 

The positive points of this cream, it leaves my skin whiter and for continuous use the speed of the growth of the hair lessens. No big ouch and pain and the whole application and hair removing time will ate only 6-10 minutes of your precious time.

My loyalty and leg's fate will be in Veet forever. The 100gm can last up to 3-4 sessions. Available to Watsons and now on discounted price of $10.30 (U.P $11.45). Grab your tube and spatula now!  


Anonymous said...

Does it grow back thicker ? And darker ?

A and W said...

For me, no. It grew back thinner and slower..