Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's Talk About "EX"

Worst comes to worst, if we need to separate our ways and end our marriage do you think we still can be friends? Abbey blurted immediately "YES"..

As what I say to my post, I am not used to burning bridges, and my boyfriends and ex-fiance is not exception to that. I keep my line open to them and even to their new linking, until..

I cannot get it, why the new girls wants me to explain why I ended up my relationship to their boys. This occurred to me twice. The first one, the girl phoned me and asking anything about her boy, she is quite nice to me and I am too to her. How she got my number, that I don't have an idea. This time, its quite amusing, miles away then she reached me through messenger, yahoo ID popped in and all along I thought that was ex-fiance but a wrong choice of words were done and caught her up.

I really cannot understand why this lady keep on asking why me and her boy ended a 10 year relationship. Is there any enough reason that can suffice all the mingling thought she have in her mind. Even hurtful sentences were slammed to me, all I replied to her is... "Just believe all the things told to you by your partner regarding to our past.". But queries still keep on coming, then all I can do is bid goodbye and end that conversation.

Well, for me, she should be thankful enough for the things that happened to me and her boy and by this, she have him as her own. Me, I am thankful for all the past of my husband.

Past really makes you stronger and you will learn a lot from it. If you just accept all the misdoings done.

Unless... the heart is still dwelling in that past and not ready to move on...


abigauk said...

i love this part "Unless... the heart is still dwelling in that past and not ready to move on..."

AandW said...

Glad there's a phrase that caught your attention :)