Sunday, May 13, 2012

sOmang Cosmetics - Ecopure Moisture Fore Essential Skin Care Gift Set

I am envious to Koreans' skin...their white complexion, the small pores and the tight feature of their face. The cold weather and healthy food plays a big role of what they have now, but they are also known to manufacture and distribute many beauty products and one of the them is sOmang Cosmetics. I only heard this product when I got here in Singapore, and thanks to Plus Big Deal, I am one of the lucky winner to get this product.

I redeemed at sOmang NEX branch, the Danahan Ecopure Fore Moisture Essential Skin Care Set. I do not use anything on my face religiously, all I know is to make it clean, and thats it. But I am frantic once there some zit on it, hehe. Once I got this set, I immediately cleansed my face with water and Abbey's facial wash, shaked the toner for the oil and and essences to be mixed, put 3-4 drops at a cotton then tapped gently on my face. Toner was absorbed after 5mins then I put on the emulsion cream, just a few drops, then leave. Oh I used this before going to bed. 

Noticed the following:
1. The smell of emulsion cream do not smell good, its is not that bad, but not enticing. The first time I used it, I really want to wash it off. 
2. This 30ml can last up to 1 month of daily use. 
3. As promised, my face looks nourished and really glowing. 
4. In continues use, zits starts to appear most specially on my forehead area. 
5. I do hope they have an english translation on every box. 

Overall... I just like it. Try it for yourself. Please visit their page. ;) This pack cost $39.90. 

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