Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pink Parlour

I was introduced to this regime when I saw a 50% discount of Lay Bare on my Belle de Jour PowerPlanner. Since then, I got addicted to the pain it gives me or should I say I really have a great tolerance of this act. Haha. 

Nail Polishes 
When I came here in Singapore, of course unlike Philippines' rate of Php350 per session, their  brazilian waxing is pretty costly. I went to different salons and even the vouchers seems so expensive. But I don't have a choice, maybe I used to it that it is always hair-free, I went to Pink Parlour at NEX mall to take the unwanted hair off. It costs me $55.64. I am quite nervous, as Lay Bare uses only a cold wax, that will be the 2nd time I will ask someone to put hot wax on my private part. I have unhappy experience with hot waxes. So okay, trust Pink Parlour and the lady's hand. Hehe.

In their room, it will gives you a comfy feeling not only because of its girly design but because with their friendly staff. Of course before going here, I scouted and research, here in Pink Parlour, they follow strictly the "no double-dipping rule" and will leave the part totally hairless. Hehe. Sexy like a baby! ;)
Pink Parlour Room 
After that, I swear to my self  go back here for another session, but too lucky month passed, they open a branch at Tampines1 last June 25, 2011. Ha! For only $8 I am hair free and a discounted package  of $260 for my next ten visit. Oh, they gave me a goodie bag. Hehe. Lovely isn't? I also bought their bump eraiser to prevent ingrowns.

Very recommendable to all first timers and an avid fan of waxing. This is a great venue for sparty too. Below are their branches. Don't think twice, feel the sexiness of being hair-free, download their iPhone App now. Ooopps compliments to Ms. Alma.

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