Sunday, April 22, 2012

Singapore Maritime Week 2012

I practiced my profession as a licensed customs broker in my homeland, Philippines, and our country is known for graft and corruption in the Bureau of Customs. I tried to change but I proved that was not a possible task to do. One man is not enough to do the change I want it to be. I am easily fed-up to that phase of my career so I decided to leave the port and be one of the brain inside one company. I supervised men, yes men, but clean and new brokers were also eaten up by the money-first mentality. This is not lower down ego and status of Philippines' BOC but this is the loud scream of pain that I felt for our country.

When I got here in Singapore, I was astounded. Finally I see the reality that I was hoping before for Philippines' port and customs process. Firstly I am culture shocked due to the fast-phase of every days work. But every now and then I see the difference, I saw the reason why many investors came here to put up their trading company and how kind the people behind the ports operations and Singapore Customs.

The import and export processing here is as easy as 1-2-3. No need to go to customs house just to file documents. No need to go the bank just to pay duties and taxes and most specially you can track your containers because all trailers and prime movers have their own GPS devices. Safe, fast as one click from our PCs and specially no red-tape. I am happy for Singapore and I am hoping in the near future this will happen too to Philippines' BOC.

Now that is Maritime Week were celebrated I am so glad when I saw the exhibit at VivoCity. The more I read facts on every zone the more I am thankful that I am here and experiencing the way that I want to work and be part of the import-export trading of a country. More containers to come MPA! Congratulations and thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your internal feeling on Singapore and customs procedure. Hope you will make Philippines a Maritime hub!

AandW said...

I hope so Eric.. I hope!