Monday, April 23, 2012

SexyLook Mask

Me and my friend go gaga to masks. Hehe. Here are some things I observed about this SexyLook mask. 

1.I don't like the smell. It is like I am putting a sheet drenched in alcohol on my face
2. I had a hard time putting it on and making it secure to my face. It has an extra sheet assigned for the below of the chin that covers  half of my neck. Nice idea. Almost full eyelids were covered by the mask and and my eye bags area was hit also. No need of separate eye mask. Good point lei!
3. I need to lie on bed because it easily drops off. 
4. After peeling it off my skin is tighter. 
5. The next morning, my skin feels more supple but after taking a bath the feeling of moisturized face was already gone. :( 

We have a different skin type and our skin has different reaction with regards of the beauty products we put on. Try and see it for yourself, but for me, two sheets masks is enough. 

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