Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Great Stalkers

Well, when you say stalker it really denotes a negative impact to all who hears, read and see those word. But for me, haha, I like being stalked, it means there is something in my life that is interesting for them. Hehe. In this post I will thank them not for stalking but for following and reading our blogs.

Thanks to Ate Gagail the woman behind Abigail's Joy and my sister-in-law.

 Salamat I<3pinkc00kies for reading our every post and sharing your views.  

To Algene, The Coffee Chic, gratitude. Davaonios really have a good and warm heart, ang gaan ng pakiramdam ko sa batang ito. 

Thanks to the three of you, our follower our commentator, our cyber friends. We love you all. Keep clicking the ads! :) Mwahhhz!

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