Sunday, February 26, 2012

Better than Me

I am so thankful to be Abbey's wife. As our love story that was told on our wedding page, this was really unexpected. All I know, I prayed for a kind husband, willing to strive hard to the provide our necessities.

I am so surprised to see him and keeps on calling me. We not ended well when we our in HS but a decade past, time erases all for me, as in all. Haha. Selective amnesia, forgive and forget.

Getting back. Abbey is a good cook. Almighty One is so great, HE really knew what I need to have for the rest of my life. Haha! Salamat po!

Abbey cooks, bakes and eager to try new one. He cooks well and why should I ruin it? Kanyang-kanya na ang kitchen. Ikaw na ang hari ng kusina, pero baby, remember, ako pa din ang kakain, ako ang huhusga. Haha. I am so blessed to be love by you Abbey. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Red Red Roses

Yes, I do not believe in Valentines' day. Why? I just don't want to. And why I accept flowers and chocolates from Abbey? Because he have his own beliefs and I respect him for that and in return he respects mine too.

Well, Abbey never fails to give me a bouquet of flowers or chocolates every February. Maybe this his way how to show off. Haha! Papansin lng sa akin. Joke! I appreciate the effort and the idea. Actually kinikilig pa din ako everytime he do surprises for me. :)

This year, he gave me 20 red roses and delivered by Angel Florists. They say this bouquet was called Pictures of Love. Hmmmm, this is Abbey's 2nd time to book for a delivery with them? Is it discounted? Hehe.

Thanks Abbey! Keep up the good work Angel Florists. Oh, send my regards to the one who delivered this flowers, he is so sweet and greets everyone in the office a happy hearts day. :)

Nice move Abbey, nauungusan mo na ako sa surprises. Arghhh! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Blinc Eyeliner

Thanks Blinc for this sample. Okay, Blinc eyeliner is the first make-up I will do for a review. Bwena-Mano.

Blinc is known for the "tube technology" for their mascara. Now, they have this liquid eyeliner. I am not a real user of liquid eyeliner, why? I am afraid it will smudge then it will get in to my eyes. But now, I am here to trust this Blinc. Quite hesitant but need to get out of my comfort zone.

I applied blinc and there some things that I noticed.
1. It has a real black-black color which is quite nice.
2. It dries easily, no need to for me to go and face the electric fan for 2 minutes. Haha.
3. Its outcome was like I undergone to a tattoo for a eyeliner (big OK for me).
4. It never fades for a whole day of wearing it.
5. I am a contact lenses user and sometimes I uses a dropper for extra moisture on my eyes. Safe for me as it never smudges.
6. And lastly, all I need to do is some water to peel off. Yes correct term is "peel off" as it like you rub a dead skin off your eyes. No residue after all. No zombie eyes after. Hehe.

Thanks Blinc and Ms. Michele :)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Deceiving ... Conceiving ...

Lahat ng makakakita sa akin eh nagsasabi na I have a better body now. My hips and butts became bigger omg, even my breasts. Lately I get dizzy almost everyday. As in two weeks akong hilo and on the verge to throw up everytime I move. 

And on that nausea that I felt, umabsent na ako and went for a check-up, doctor found out that I had a low blood pressure. Gave me some pills but the dizziness still continues to bother me. 
Oh, this is my first time to have a menstration that i just bleed up for only a day. And then I remembered my friend, she have this kind of situation tapos buntis pala sya. 

Then my husband excitedly bought this clearblue pregnancy test. And when he saw the result, sabi nya bibili pa daw sya. I don't know, pero I am not ready to bear a child, I am not ready for a great responsibility. Maybe not this day, maybe not this year. Anyway isa pa din ako sa mapalad, somehow. :) 

Lucas 23:29 Sapagka't narito, darating ang mga araw, na kanilang sasabihin, Mapapalad ang mga baog, at ang mga tiyang kailan ma'y hindi nangagdalang-tao, at ang mga dibdib na kailan man ay hindi nangagpapasuso. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Burning Bridges

No, I am not just talking about man-woman relationship, this is to regard on all the relationship we are having. Pero oo nga, medyo mas applicable ito sa mga mag-on tapos naghiwalay.

Burning bridges is to permanently and unpleasantly end your relationship with a person or organization.

So why burn all the communications and all the past? Bakit? Hmmm, am I acting weird if I will say that I am still talking with my exes? Not constant but still we can talk anything under the sun. Even big quarrels we had eh nakakatuwa na  napaguusapan. Mga kalokohan at gaano kamahal ang isa't-isa nuon. Siguro di lng tlga ako marunong o di ako sanay na bigla ko na lng di kakausapin ang mga dating nakarelasyon. 

Sa office, hmmm, customs or import/export business is not so big, and I am thinking gnun din sa ibang field. Bakit mo puputulin ang magandang relasyon sa mga ka-officemates mo nuon dahil lng sa pagreresign mo? Ahmm, unless you do a huge mistake with your jagorns. Well, I am just thinking, I resigned sa company but not as a good colleague. Sabi nga sa pier, maliit lng ang customs, magkikita kita pa din tyo sa lamesa ng mga customs officers. Haha! 

You will never know what will happen next, so do not burn bridges. Masarap kaya na madami kang masasabi na khit hndi matalik na kaibigan eh mga taong makakausap at kahit papano ay kapalagayan mo na ng loob at kilala ka bilang tunay na ikaw. Nakakatuwa!