Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Yolé Singapore - New Frozen Yogurt Shop

Without bidding a formal goodbye, llaollao left the stage to make way with Yolé

Abbey bought me a large cup with natural frozen yogurt flavor for $6.90 and it was consisted of two toppings and a syrup. 

So how was it? The taste of yogurt is more natural than the predecessor. You exactly knew that llaollao  twitched their yogurts by putting sweetener and or cream. Yolé? More sour (natural taste of a yogurt) and feels healthier to consume. Of course the biscuit syrup will not leave my cup of frozen yogurt. 

Have you tried their different flavored yogurts offered by Yolé

Yolé Singapore

(A) 83 Punggol Central Waterway Point #01-63

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