Friday, July 21, 2017

Amber Beila's - 6 SESSIONS: Brazilian IPL with E Frost Machine Treatment and Mask

Going to waxing salon is a must for me and sometimes that routine is quite tiring. While browsing the Groupon (Now Fave) webpage, I stumbled upon a very low and reasonable price of Brazilian IPL at Amber Beila. The location is quite near at my office so I bought a package for 6 sessions for only S$80.00

E Frost Light Machine
Italia Belleza
When me and my colleague arrived, as usual, they are introducing another product...pain is lesser and the effect as they claimed is “instant”. We waived that off and go on as per our voucher. 

To my surprise, there’s no cooling agent applied and directly lasered the area. It was painful at first (unlike the Strip). In less than 10mins our first session is over. 

Only on our second meeting, they put a mask on my sensitive area after the laser session. It stayed on for 10mins. It smoothens the skin. 

On 5th session, the attendant is very pushy for me to get another 10 sessions. Frankly, I told her that I am not satisfied with my 6 months of stay there.

Amber Beila's IPL with E Frost Machine Treatment and Mask
1. The inner part hair didn’t receded. It grew back as normal. The texture seems no difference. 
2. I am not sure if they changed the towels used inside their cubicle for each customer. 
3. In my first time with them, they charged me off $20++ for not shaving off. That is insane amount! 
4. The attendant is kind but they are as I said pretty expressive in selling their products.

You can check their packages at their website or at FAVE.  

Amber Beila
(A) One Raffles Place #05-19A

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