Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Peng Joon's Internet Income Intensive Singapore 2016 - Frankly Speaking

Peng Joon
Here ye! Here ye! Yes! I attended the Internet Income Intensive of Peng Joon that costs S$2136.72 in a three-day event that started January 2.

I never heard of him until I attended the Masters of Wealth last 2015. But because of Peng Joon's story (yes that captivate story) I was enticed to sign-up.

Let's cut to the chase. What I have learned and my comments on each.
* Peng Joon will teach you what niche market you need to tackle. <This is why some people stop before even starting because they do not know the niche they will be making>
* He will teach you what is the "pyramid" in creating your information product. <Good thing you can copy his blueprint>
* You will learn how to build a website, how to put an eBook and receive your first sale. <Too many tutorials now in YouTube will teach you how to do that for free>.
* On-Line Marketing  <To use free and paid marketing sites>
* Being confident on yourself specially in front of the camera. <I needed this>
* How to earn online? By your own product and by selling other's. <Be an affiliate>
* The workshop will mainly teach you and give you mindset that you need to be out there and HELP people. Yes! HELP! Not chase money.

Elisha Hong
So? Is the workshop worthy? Yes and no. Yes, if you are really cut-out to do an online selling. And you are eyeing to work your a$$ off in front of your laptop screen.

When the seminar ends, I realized that I am just a small speck of particle floating in a World Wide Web. Never opened our 90-day workbook and sent an email to my hosting site to cut-off the billing and refunded the full amount. Specially when I saw my cousin's website. She built it from the ground up just by watching YouTube. No. If you are a negative thinker. (D@mN! I'm overwhelmed with negative thoughts).  No, if you are already a pro.

After 3 months of battling with my mind that I can't do it and nobody will stumble on my website, the positive part of my mind kicked-in and ideas and good thoughts were produced. Now I am running things step by step and I know my own story and experiences can help people in sense of their relationships, money and traveling on budget in Singapore.

In conclusion, thanks Peng Joon! One day...

For those who want to attend his seminar but because of monetary constraints, you can register here for 2016 Online Money Making Program for the fraction I paid for III Program. 

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