Saturday, April 9, 2016

5 Years Down --- FOREVER To Go!

Since the day I said "I do.", I could not help but to imagine that I was carrying a life in me. A life of the future. OUR LIFE that can be dearly in love or may hold a deep grudge and hate to each other. 

I am grateful that everyday in our lives we chose to be a two-man team to track the road to happiness, wisdom, respect and love. I am so blessed that I am together with a man that eyes the same horizon with me..the same goals. I am thankful that we knew where the lines are and to know our limits and potentials. I appreciate that I know I could trust him in guarding his own eyes and heart to any girls. My heart is joyful because he is patient, slow-angered and no vice man. 

For 5 years, my heart is jumping with joy each morning that I wake up. For 5 years, I still can't sleep without his arms around me. For 5 years I have no doubt in intensity of his love and passion to me. For 5 years, there is no jealousy, there is no hatred or encountered big fights. 

I will for sure re-marry this man again and again without second thought. 

To infinity and beyond baby! Cheers on our 5th! 

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